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Glenda Kenner
Mar 2, 2023   9:04 PM

WHEN will we see acceptable redistricting lines drawn? Approved initially in 2015. How is this legal? A clear majority of Ohioans, from both parties voted for fair lines of redistricting. Why can this not be forced by courts?

Audrey Kukwa
Mar 2, 2023   3:30 PM

Ohioans voted twice for non-gerrymandered maps which were ignored with no consequences for those who drug their feet or just didn't do their jobs. They should be held accountable, fired and never again to be allowed to hold political office. Isn't it illegal to ignore the vote of the ppl.

Rob Schneider
Feb 23, 2023   1:05 PM

Proposed S.71

1. We need to insist that the 2 letters proposed to be mailed to voters (that are suspected of fraud) and only have 60 days to reply to SOS/BOE inquiry, be CONSPICUOUSLY marked to avoid being thrown out. Under the new proposal, Voters have to verify info provided on their Voter reg form matches State/Fed data, before being escalated to OH Attorney General for fraud investigation after 60 days (waste of AG time and resources).
2. We must have a receipt of voter registration, a tear off at bottom to prevent rogue workers from discarding registrations, while providing a receipt for the voter.
3. We must have poll workers remain anonymous to protect their safety. S.71 leaves that opt out up to the poll worker. The burden to protect poll workers must fall on BOE/SOS. Poll workers info must be hidden and an opt-in option is safer than opt-out.
5. Voters who are removed, must also be retained for that period.
Smelly=40% D 49% R, OH Senate D 7 vs. seats R 26.

Carol Sadewasser
Feb 2, 2023   8:35 AM

There should be an amendment to appoint an independent commission to draw the districts similar to what has been done in other states. There should not be elected officials on the commission. Rather, it should be comprised of a commission answerable to the parameters set in place by the existing laws and standards. The Supreme Court of Ohio should retain the authority to determine if the districts meet the law and standards.

Julia Cattaneo
Jan 26, 2023   2:14 PM

Will there be any meetings/hearing in 2023 to draw legal and fair maps?

Lynda Shadeuck
Nov 25, 2022   11:54 AM

I honestly feel it doesnt matter if I vote ir not. My vote doesn't count.

Joshua Lastname
Nov 25, 2022   9:09 AM

You republicans are a bunch of cheaters, liars, crooks, racists, and election thieves. You do not represent Ohio.

Lauren Spavelko
Nov 19, 2022   7:16 PM

How could we possibly have a fair election with a map this rigged? These results shouldn't even be valid because our Ohio Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional, and the GOP have done all these shenanigans to prevent a fairly drawn map from being in place.

Nov 13, 2022   10:49 AM

Until the Commission is reconfigured to be non-partisan, this farce will continue. At best, it'll keep wasting of tax-payer dollars. At worst, it'll continue to disenfranchise a large swath of Ohioans.

Adam Smith
Nov 10, 2022   3:56 PM

If it was unclear to anyone before, there should be no doubt after the election this past Tuesday: this commission is a farce and an embarrassment to our state. The Republican members have conducted themselves in contravention of the clear wishes of Ohioans and in violation of Ohio Supreme Court rulings, and they did it because Republicans know they can only win if they cheat. Ohio is now a national laughingstock, and rightfully so. Shame on this commission.

Kristin Cao
Nov 9, 2022   7:19 AM

The Ohio Redistricting Committee should be jailed. The map we used for our election yesterday is a disgusting breech of power. Anyone who has knowledge of ours and another state's population that had a fair map drawn can compare, and clearly witness the districts on our map were of a deeply disproportionate creation. WE SEE YOU. The re-elected GOP pushed a map that ensures they can continue to repress Ohioans with their neofascist, misogynist, and blantantly racist agenda. We deserve a fair election and as an Ohio citizen, I REJECT the re-elected GOP that are ready to exploit everyone who isn't a white male for a quick and lucrative buck. Get ready for the real fight Ohio, it has just begun.

Chad Roper
Nov 7, 2022   12:17 PM

The clock is ticking on republican power. The voters of the future aren't interested in the blatant moral hypocrisy, the denial of science and truth and the adoption of neofascist agendas displayed by both state and national republican politicians. Their popularity has the same trajectory as cigarettes with the obvious exception being that republicans are far worse for your health and the health of the planet than cigarettes ever were. Don't worry- the future will see this generation for what it has done and failed to do and hold it accountable.

Oct 31, 2022   2:55 PM

When are we going to see new, non-gerrymandered district maps? Your commission is in contempt of the law of Ohio and in contempt of its citizens. We deserve better. People like Jim Jordan who are so severely unpopular would not be poorly representing Ohio for so long with fair maps. We will not drop this; can jail time be imposed for this contempt?
That is what would happen to most Ohioans if they were in contempt of the court as you all are.
Mary Dawson
Washington County Ohio

David Thompson
Oct 29, 2022   3:39 PM

I will make it a point to vote against every Republican on this commission until they fulfill their oaths of office and submit a non-patrician redistricting map.

thomas stoll
Oct 26, 2022   1:59 PM

There is no legitimate election in Ohio.
The GOP has completely corrupted our democracy with this blatantly obvious gerrymandering.ih and under section three of the fourteenth amendment Jim Jordan should not be in office as he supports the big lie and trumos Jan 6 coup attemp!

Joseph Cheslik
Oct 12, 2022   7:22 PM

Well the Republicans succeeded in getting 3 more gerrymandered elections while playing games with these maps. It's funny how they keep talking about rigged elections, when they are so blatantly dragging their feet to ensure the elections are fair. As citizens, do we have any legal recourse to force this worthless committee to do what we voted for? DeWime and LaRose need to be booted out of office. We put them in to do what we, as voters wanted done, not to do what they want to.. Disgusting.

Jonathan Berry
Oct 10, 2022   4:43 PM

These maps are an embarrassment. Russo and Sykes worked hard to make these as fair as possible, but their malicious, anti-democracy "colleagues" from the ironically-named Republican party have butchered any way that these maps could be fair. All members of the ORC other than Russo and Sykes must resign both their position on the ORC and their elected offices. They clearly are not fit for either role.

Jonathan Berry
Oct 10, 2022   4:43 PM

These maps are an embarrassment. Russo and Sykes worked hard to make these as fair as possible, but their malicious, anti-democracy "colleagues" from the ironically-named Republican party have butchered any way that these maps could be fair. All members of the ORC other than Russo and Sykes must resign both their position on the ORC and their elected offices. They clearly are not fit for either role.

Sharon Donaghue
Sep 15, 2022   3:27 PM

Ohioans voted for fair maps. The commission needs to follow the Ohio Constitution and put fair maps in place, or they should be found in contempt of court. This refusal to meet and the delay tactics have not gone unnoticed. Voters should be able to choose their representatives instead of representatives choosing their voters. Ohioans will remember this at the ballot box. The GOP gerrymandering just shows how corrupt Ohio politicians are and how easily they discard the will of the people they are supposed to represent in order to cheat and keep their jobs.

Matthew Kliot
Sep 15, 2022   9:50 AM

I don't understand why the GOP members of the commission refuse to follow the Ohio Constitution or the orders of the Supreme Court of Ohio to present fair maps.

This ongoing GOP gerrymandering & then thumbing their noses at the court while they hide behind the robes of 2 federal judges appointed by Trump who don't actually have jurisdiction in an Ohio constitutional matter smacks of the partisanship they love to claim only Democrats peddle.

As an Ohio citizen I deserve a fair district where my representative in the state houses & federal Congress aren't pre-ordained by Paduch & the rest of these FirstEnergy bribe takers in Columbus.

Follow the law, not corporate America & criminal Trump's desires.

Scott Edwards
Sep 15, 2022   9:41 AM

The Guarantee Clause: Art. IV, Section IV of the Constitution of the United States of America

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

Michelle Heym
Sep 15, 2022   6:42 AM

My guess would be to follow the money. The only way we may be able to get our heads above water in this redistricting debacle is to VOTE OUT the corrupt politicians! Elections are coming up so Get Engaged in our democracy, support voter registration, canvas, write postcards, phonebank for Democratic minded candidates, and VOTE like your life depended on it!

Leslie Bond
Sep 9, 2022   2:34 PM

It's disgustingly fascist to ignore the will of the people of this State who want and have voted not once, but TWICE for fair voting maps. The fact that this Commission is sitting on it hands ignoring an order of the Court makes me wonder who is in charge of enforcing this order and why no one is in jail for violating our State Constitution. Have we already lost our Democracy without me knowing it? Is the Christofascist fix already in? I'm so disgusted by our current Ohio government for acting the part of dictatorship.

Leslie Bond
Sep 9, 2022   2:34 PM

It's disgustingly fascist to ignore the will of the people of this State who want and have voted not once, but TWICE for fair voting maps. The fact that this Commission is sitting on it hands ignoring an order of the Court makes me wonder who is in charge of enforcing this order and why no one is in jail for violating our State Constitution. Have we already lost our Democracy without me knowing it? Is the Christofascist fix already in? I'm so disgusted by our current Ohio government for acting the part of dictatorship.

Dave Rolland
May 8, 2022   12:12 PM

Gov DeWine... Asking why you can't fulfill this mandate is myopic. We realize it's due to political expedience. My question is "who". WHO is forcing you to continue to violate the law in this way? WHO controls you?

Brenda Heeg
May 7, 2022   1:46 PM

What is democracy without representation. This commission keeps denying Ohioans who are democrats the right to representation. Ohioans have voted twice for fair maps equal to our voting preferences. Voting in a map of your choice every 4 years isn't a deterrent. We have seen enough corruption in the Ohio Capitol, it's time to stop the cheating and do what is right for all Ohioans.

The Ohio Supreme Court shouldn't accept Republican gerrymandered maps no matter how close it is to the elections. Republicans are sitting on their hands waiting for it to get close to election time to get another gerrymandered map approved. If you don't care about all Ohioans you shouldn't be there.

Rich C.
May 6, 2022   3:12 PM

You republicans are an embarrassment. Each failure to simply follow the court's ruling highlights how desperate you are to rig the system. That you just resubmitted a previously rejected map is insulting.
Honestly, I don't know why you (republicans) aren't found in contempt and meaningfully, individually fined. That you just wasted $20 million with your infantile behavior makes a mockery of "fiscal conservatism."
I, for one, will be voting against every republican, every election, for the indefinite future. Just on principle.

Connie Stout
May 6, 2022   3:11 PM

I feel like I live in a corrupt state. I've been watching the coverage of the redistricting commission and I'm so angry and frustrated. The republicans refuse to work with the democrats. The Ohio
Supreme Court has instructed them to create a fair and legitimate map. The 4 maps submitted have been determined to be unconstitutional but yet the republicans, including our governor, have just dug their heels in and refuse to change them. An outside commission has presented fair maps that the tax payers paid for but the republicans refuse to submit them. I feel like they have no shame and think they're above the law and do not have to comply. They've had plenty of time to
work with the outside commission and Democrats to make a fair map. I feel the supreme court should strike down their map that has already been decided to be unconstitutional and they should not be rewarded by allowing them to use that map but to use the one the taxpayers paid for. Represent ALL voters!!

Vanessa Furrey
May 6, 2022   2:24 PM

I am embarrassed and enraged at the prolonged and painful redistricting map fiasco we're experiencing here in Ohio. This is a prime example of why Americans have such negative views of politicians and our political system in general. Too much time and public money has been wasted on this. Stop all the talking, do the right thing, and get this job done!

Michael Crossland
May 6, 2022   2:21 PM

What a joke. This entire committee should be ashamed of themselves for failing in their duties time and time again. The lies of some members that they are not doing this for their benefit and the benefit and entrenchment of the Republican party through dishonest means is laughable. Congrats to those on the committee that played dumb for long enough to silence the will of the voters all over Ohio. You've continued to erode democracy in this state again this decade for your own petty goals.

Charles Mellors
May 6, 2022   8:46 AM

We, the people of Ohio, voted to fix the broken maps.
The Ohio Redistricting Commission JUSTGAVE US THE FINGER!

Roy Passarelli
May 5, 2022   10:45 PM

I suggest that the redistricting be formed through the a completely non-gerrymandering effort via a straight forward
computer program. Highlights follow:
>>Each district will be constructed from current whole, contiguous TOWNSHIPS using the most recent census
population of each.
Note: the traditional boundaries of no-longer existing townships due to incorporation into cities, villages, etc
will be used for this purpose.
>>The computer program will require that: (1) no district shall be not longer than 1.5X its width. (2) contiguous townships used to establish the new district must share a border on not less than 2 miles with at least one other township making up the new district. (3) all districts must be within 10% equal population.
I understand that there will be additional restrictions, instruction to establish an apolitical map. I encourage any questions for clarification from the commission or courts.

Greg Higgins
May 5, 2022   6:30 PM

I look forward to the Ohio Supreme Court's immediate action on holding all current and former Republican members of THIS Ohio Redistricting Commission in contempt of The Courts order x 4. LaRe, McColley, Mike DeWine, Cupp, LaRose and Huffman must ALL be charged and jailed immediately. Ohio Supreme Court DO YOUR DUTY FOR OHIOANS.

Deborah Cooper
May 5, 2022   5:30 PM

I'm listening, once again, to this pointless Redistricting Commission meeting (4/5/22), during which Sec. LaRose is selling us the idea that the previous maps proposed were lawful. They were not, which is why the Supreme Court struck them down, time and again. Even if Republican members of the Commission decry Chief Justice O'Connor's "defection" from the Republican Party, they should recognize that she has no reason to strike down maps for political purposes. She is not running, after all. There is NO loophole to ignore the Supreme Court's directions, as Leader Russo has explained. Objections to a constitutionally compliant map on the basis of difficulty in implementation (which could have been avoided had Republican commissioners done their job and worked WITH minority members to create a constitutional map when there was plenty of time to resolve implementation issues) is bogus. Ohioans voted to end gerrymandering by a large majority. DO YOUR JOB!

Julia Cattaneo
May 5, 2022   3:32 PM

If the Republican members of the Commission are so sure they represent what Ohio Voters want. WHY ARE THEY AFRAID OF FAIR MAPS. If what they believe is the truth then they have nothing to fear. They will be reelected, their legislation will continue to be passed. The only difference would be the respect for the Ohio Constitution, the Ohio Voters, and our Supreme Court. Bonuses - Federal Court would not be overturning the Ohio Voters' wants and voiding the Ohio Constitution. AND we would save tax dollars and all would be happy.

Eli Corp
May 5, 2022   12:58 PM

I was born in Appalachia, and live in a small town in Southeast Ohio. I'm simply a voter who wants their voice heard. Safe districts mean that politicians don't have to be held accountable to the voters. If the Primary is the only place to hold our representatives accountable, it will only going to make our politics more extreme. Voters should pick their politicians, not the other way around.
The process has been an embarrassment to the state of Ohio.
It shouldn't take 5 attempts to follow the constitutional requirements. They were put in place by 70% of voters in our state. No meaningful attempt at bipartisanship has been made. Maps were literally provided just minutes before a vote on them on March 28th without any review or input. That's not due diligence, it's a dereliction of duty, and the opposite of what Ohio voters wanted.
The Constitution and the Ohio Supreme Court are clear. No map shall favor one political party over another. That's in the Constitution. It's not optional.

Paul Helbling
May 5, 2022   9:38 AM

Ohio's Redistricting Commissioners have legislative district maps in front of them that were drawn by a Democratic mapmaker and a Republican mapmaker working together.

These bipartisan maps are fair, representative, and reflect how Ohio actually votes. They are not perfect, but they are a good compromise that captures the spirit of bipartisanship and prioritizes the preferences of Ohio's communities.

Email the Ohio Redistricting Commission " Tell them end this constitutional crisis and vote for the independent mapmakers' unity plan.

Stop wasting tax payer money and do the right thing to enhance our democracy

Anthony Sopko
May 4, 2022   11:54 PM

Why am I not surprised with the majority on this commission. I hope the court finds you in contempt. Thank you Senator Sykes and Leader Russo for being advocates for the will of the voters in Ohio. Ohioans voted, law was passed, but yet the majority is yet again steamrolling this process and tweaking it to fit their narrative. Get your act together, be moral, be realistic, do your job.

Jeffrey Curling
May 4, 2022   11:17 PM

I 100% agree with Ronald Burkholder except that Venezuela is a whole lot better than this.

Steve Piehler
May 4, 2022   10:52 PM

A commission that disrespects voters and all Ohioans. You should be ashamed.

Ronald Burkholder
May 4, 2022   9:01 PM

Has Russia invaded Ohio? Only one group gets equal voting rights and the rest of the society are second-class citizens? This is America. It's a republic. Ohio has a constitution you are trampling on. You guys are more than welcome to move to Russia and become some regional czar of municipal trash disposal. I always thought Ohio politicians were reasonable but it seems like they've become authoritarian. The repub redistricting will hand 80% of the political seats to 55% of the population. That has to be nearing Putin's fake election numbers. Wow, Ohio is going to be it's very own Venezuelan style dictatorship.

jennifer gibson
May 4, 2022   7:09 PM

I DON'T PAY YOU BOZOS FOR THIS!! GET YOUR BUTTS TO WORK!! Everyone knows the current maps are unfairly gerrymandered. Here's an idea-- STOP GERRYMANDERING!!!
An independent group offered a set of maps that is agreed upon as fair. DO IT!!
Speaking as a Republican--YOU REPUBLICANS SHOULD BE ASHAMED!! I don't know how you sleep at night. Fair is fair.

Jessica Haines
May 4, 2022   3:56 PM

Why not use the maps, drawn by the independent map makers? Election integrity, begins with fair maps.

As a non-partisan voter, I won't forget and will use my vote against those who are supporting the unfair maps.

Deborah Cooper
May 4, 2022   3:21 PM

The Redistricting Commission has now been "working" for about two hours (meeting on 5/4/22). Republicans are spending a ridiculous amount of time complaining about the Court's decision(s) rather than getting to work on a constitutional map, which is NOT impossible. They simply don't want to do it. If they did, they would have welcomed the chance to work WITH ALL Commission members to resolve points of disagreement. That was always an option, but Republicans chose to ignore repeated requests to work together. Stop whining and DO YOUR JOB!

Kathy Strong
May 4, 2022   3:17 PM

The Republicans on this commission are master stallers. This redistricting hearing is being completely and totally manipulated. LaRose and cronies using deadlines NOW is an insult to Ohio voters. Any election that is done with an unconstitutional map is unconstitutional.

Deborah Cooper
May 4, 2022   2:57 PM

I'm listening to the Redistricting Commission hearing now (5/4/22). Suddenly, two commissioners (Huffman and Cupp) have handed off to two other substitute commissioners. I wonder why? In this meeting, Sen. McColley spent more than half an hour grilling Leader Russo about bills, which she explained repeatedly. This business could have been resolved outside this meeting (which, once again, was called at nearly the last minute when maps are due this Friday). Further, SOS LaRose spent quite a bit of time complaining about election deadlines and associated difficulties, which could have been avoided if commissioners had worked TOGETHER to pass a constitutional map months ago. The foot-dragging has been painful to watch, and it is clear that Republican commissioners have NO intention of drawing a constitutional map. Rather, it appears they are happy to wait until May 28 and default to an unconstitutional map. Ohioans VOTED for FAIR MAPS!!!!!

Kristen Sellgren
May 3, 2022   3:50 PM

You should all be fired for not getting a map done before the May 3 election. The poll workers couldn't even tell me what Congressional district I would be in, yet I was asked to vote for someone in my new super-secret surprise Congressional district.

Whatever you do, please make the district boundaries compact. Ten years ago the resdistricting map crossed my street multiple times within a block to include or exclude specific households from a district. The voters made it clear recently that they didn't want a repeat of extreme gerrymandering.

The fact that you have waited Williamson
May 3, 2022   1:27 AM

You have once again waited until the last minute. This is an insult to the voters that showed up en masse to affirm that they wanted fair representation and districts that made sense and looked like they made sense geographically as well.

First you should schedule one additional meeting so there are two this weekend. And get the maps that you ordered and pick one.

If you cannot come up with a solution on the maps from those. At least adopt the Democrats since they fairly give each party strong seats lean seats and swing seats which allows public mood to be reflected in district voting instead of overly gerrymandered districts. Proportional representation.

If not then I suggest the supreme Court should decide on a set of maps for us.

For the Republicans to so blatantly try to hold on to power when they don't deserve the proportions they're getting is disgusting and is clearly undemocratic and unconstitutional.

Antoinette Freter
Apr 29, 2022   1:07 PM

Dear Members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission,

It surprises me that you have not completed your assigned task, perhaps it should not. You have had ample time, and if everyone was function in good faith to steward the will of the people, I believe we would have a new and fair map by now. We voted, the people were clear. What is the holdup? To those who continue to present maps that are not appropriate I would like to remind you, your job here has nothing to do with what is right or wrong for your party, but what is fair for the people. We are entitled to fair representation under the framework set up through The Constitution. Stop playing games and get to work. It's bad enough that you are now impacting the 2022 primary election, please do your work as prescribed, and in good faith. There is no good reason for this to take so long. Continued failure to accomplish this task serves only to undermine our trust in our governing body. Please do the right thing.

-Antoinette Freter

Matthew Baron-Chapman
Apr 28, 2022   8:54 PM

Republican constituents in Ohio who want to complain that states like New York are gerrymandered; well, let's see - 1) New York's map was thrown out as a gerrymander 2) New York Democrats are not trying to impeach the state appeals court judges for throwing out the map 3) Gerrymandering is wrong whether it is by Democrats or Republicans 4) this could have all been avoided across the entire country if REPUBLICAN SENATORS like Rob Portman did not filibuster the Freedom to Vote Act, authored by a CONSERVATIVE Democrat (Joe Manchin). That act would have secured elections by requiring voter ID and would have outlawed Gerrymandering. Democrats voted for it. Republicans voted against it. So yes, Republicans are MORE culpable in the current state of Gerrymandering across the country than Democrats are.

Christopher Buchanan
Apr 28, 2022   4:10 PM

Your scheduling a meeting on May 4th is yet another in a long calculated series of shameful acts not very artfully designed to pretend that you care about the Constitution and the state Supreme Court, when in fact all you care about is keeping a lopsided majority in both houses of the General Assembly by any devious and, frankly, unconstitutional means available to you. Using the May 3rd Primary as an excuse to delay your work until two days before the deadline -- when you could have already met and approved a Constitutional map -- reminds me of a four-year-old waiting to clean his room until its his bedtime. "Mommy, I've run out of time." One day you will run out of time -- when the voters of Ohio finally pass REAL redistricting reforms, and remove partisan office holders from the process.

Lawrence Boros
Apr 28, 2022   10:29 AM

If you really want to see gerrymandering take a look at Democrat controlled States like New York. In particular look at the districts for Representatives Nydia Velazquez, Hakeem Jeffries, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Jerry Nadler. They are true art forms. We seem to be operating with double standards again. A non critical one for Democrats and a super critical one for Republicans.

Debra Moy
Apr 27, 2022   1:55 PM

My Facebook post says it all:

As you vote in the first Ohio primary on May 3, keep in mind that
submitted FOUR UNCONSTITUTIONAL DISTRICT MAPS to prevent ALL Ohio votes to be counted equally, resulting in two primary elections this spring at an additional cost of $25 million.

They are currently refusing to meet to develop a map that is constitutional.

If this matters to you vote for another candidate to represent your party in the general election.

Nancy Tapocsi
Apr 27, 2022   1:46 PM

"Doors locked at Redistricting Commission meeting room" reads the front page of my local newspaper. We keep asking does the present day Republican party have no morals, no sense of shame? obviously, they do not. If this were a novel or a movie people would say it's too ridiculous to be believable. Unfortunately it is reality. It is playing with our lives. It is costing us money. We can say "shame on you" until we die, but you have no shame or even a sense of embarrassment. How sad for Ohio.

Deborah Cooper
Apr 27, 2022   9:57 AM

Even FOUR strikes have not yet brought consequences for Redistricting Commission members who have repeatedly insisted on pushing through unconstitutional maps that ignored both the will of more than 70 percent of voters AND our Ohio Supreme Court. And now, thanks to a recent federal court ruling, there is NO incentive for Republican members of the Commission to actually work on finally producing a constitutional map before May 28. The two minority members of the Commission said they would show up to begin work again on new maps, only to find that they had been locked out of the building. The behavior of Republican Commission members has been beyond shameful, and I have to wonder how they look themselves in the mirror or sleep well at night. What pitiful excuses must they be giving themselves?

Nora Mary Redway
Apr 27, 2022   9:19 AM

What is being done with these maps with the full knowledge the courts will not rule in these despicable as well as desperate. Desperate enough to disregard the will of the residents of Ohio. Shame on you. Didn't any of your parents teach you not to cheat? How about your church? Do they encourage that behavior? All of you can thump on your Bible but not follow it. I'm just shaking my head.

Jacqueline Sandman
Apr 26, 2022   12:33 PM

No wonder why people are moving out of this state. It is deplorable. The Republican Corruption and the blatant defiance of the rule of law, and NOT doing your job!! We all should not paid state taxes until this job was completed. There obviously needs an independent commission. Ohio Supreme Court judges need to be exposed, Patrick DeWine and Pat Fischer, vote them out!!! Ohio GOP Seditionists; Jim Jordan, Bob Gibbs, Warren Davidson, Bill Johnson, Steve Chabat REMOVE FROM BALLOT

Susan Altherr
Apr 26, 2022   10:48 AM

Ohio citizens voted for FAIR maps! It is a disgrace that the redistricting committee has not even made plans to finish the job and give the voters balanced constitutional maps! I am deeply ashamed that we have corrupt legislators who only care about staying in power, to heck with democracy and fairness. I don't know why anyone would want to move to Ohio anymore with the corrupt politics. NO MORE GERRYMANDERED MAPS , WE VOTED TO END THEM!!!

Karen Croker
Apr 26, 2022   8:12 AM

To say I am disappointed and disgusted with this Commission is putting it mildly. As public servants you have an obligation to follow the will of the voters. Why hasn't this Commission met to again after your fourth gerrymandered map was rejected? The Democrats on the Commission have put forth a good effort to meet with the Republicans on the Commission, yet all of you feel it's ok to ignore them! The corruption of the Republican Party is rampant, and you are proving it every day you do not hold a meeting. Certainly the maps created by the mapmakers can be tweaked, and if not finished, finished in the time the Ohio Supreme Court has given you. This delay tactic so that one of your gerrymandered maps is chosen by a Federal Court is appalling. That is not what Ohioans voted for. Please do your job!

Timothy O'Hanlon
Apr 21, 2022   4:13 PM

In sustaining their goal of sustaining the Republican's veto proof majorities in the Ohio Senate and House, Commissioners Huffman and Cupp had to get around the will of Ohio Voters, the text of Chapter XI of the Ohio Constitution and four adverse decisions by the Ohio Supreme Court. The key to overcoming all of these democratic obstacles has always been delay, foot dragging, obfuscation. And now with 2 to 1 decision by the federal district court to impose previously rejected unconstitutional legislative maps if the Commission doesn't produce a fair map by May 28, the way is now clear. Look for Republican Commissioner Faber to join Huffman and Cupp in voicing an endless stream of objections and revisions to the proportional, largely constitutional map created by the two experts hired by the Commission that was never submitted.

Noah Veres
Apr 21, 2022   12:34 PM

I'm deeply disappointed. If maps that are not fair and representative it will definitely be time for a new constitutional amendment for map drawing WITHOUT THE LEGISLATURE. I am especially disappointed with Secretary LaRose and Governor DeWine. This brings shame to all Ohioans and people who love democracy.

Connie McCann
Apr 20, 2022   6:55 AM

I am appalled at how the redistricting has gone. The Republicans are not doing their job and it is time to vote them out. How dare you defy the will of the people.

Steve Herminghausen
Apr 19, 2022   10:45 PM

So when is your first meeting scheduled? Given how concerned Republicans were last session with not having enough time it seems like you should be getting right on this.

Christopher Buchanan
Apr 19, 2022   9:38 PM

I respectfully beseech at least one of the five Republican members of the commission to join the two Democratic Party members in calling for a meeting. You should have done that the day after the Ohio Supreme Court ruled yet another of your maps to be unconstitutional. Drs. Johnson and McDonald could fix any remaining issues in a day (given what they accomplished in 4 days in March) ... and you could have passed a map by the April 20 deadline imposed by the federal court. It's time to stop this foolishness and game playing and follow the state's Constitution -- as approved by the state's voters!

Floyd Anible
Apr 18, 2022   3:33 PM

I am deeply disappointed by the continued bald-faced gerrymandering of Ohio's districts. Ohio and the nation will NOT be well-served by a one-party system " BALANCE IS NECESSARY. History is littered with the wreckage of single-party authoritarian governments. America's 232-year old Constitution WORKS, including checks and balances. The Ohio Supreme Court is trying to do its job by providing balance. Despite this, the legislative branch-dominated redistricting commission just continues to throw back gerrymandered maps and wastes time talking about firing the judicial branch for doing their job. Maybe the Republican strategy is to run out the clock in an attempt to force reusing the old deeply flawed maps, depriving citizens of the effects of their votes. BALANCE is the foundation of this radical experiment we call "America".

Douglas Cobb
Apr 18, 2022   2:27 PM

I think you should put Henry County back to District 9 like the map had the first time.

Ceanna Burnheimer
Apr 14, 2022   3:43 PM

The redistricting commission must create and approve a map that is truly representative of the population of Ohio and is not gerrymandered. It is ridiculous and shameful that your commission has drafted 4 maps that are obviously and illegally gerrymandered in favor of Republicans. All Ohioans have the right to have their vote matter. If republicans can only win a district through illegal and immoral districting, then they should not win that district. The millions of dollars that these redistricting fails and pushing back our primaries is wasting could go to many projects that benefit Ohioans. If Republicans want to have a better chance at winning, fairly, they could have used this money for supporting schools, people in medical debt, or our farmers and laborers. Instead this money is being wasted on a shameful attempt to cheat Ohioans out of their fair representation. I urge you and the rest of the redistricting commission to adopt one of the maps drawn by non-partisan groups.

Patricia Wood
Apr 14, 2022   3:26 PM


Al Allen
Apr 11, 2022   1:02 PM

Beyond disappointed with the republican side of this commission. Redistricting requirements are the law voted by the citizens of Ohio.
If any of us law abiding citizens tried to do what you are doing, we would be held accountable.
Why do you think you are above the law?
If you have it in you; do the right thing.
Al Allen

Jill Grubb
Apr 10, 2022   10:10 AM

Beyond disappointed, I am ASHAMED of your delays and failure to do what we asked: come up with fair districts. You blame everyone else for your own failure, caused by self-interest. It is you who are ruining democracy and sticking us with mediocrities who win safe seats. How undemocratic! Please look hard for your best selves and fix this situation.
Thank you.
Jill R. Grubb

Kathleen Mack
Apr 10, 2022   9:25 AM

Ohio voters have made it clear twice that we want to end gerrymandering yet you blatantly continue the practice. You have failed in your job and I hope Ohio's voters wake up and fire each member who ignored the court orders. I commend Judge Maureen O'Conner for following the law rather than partisan politics; and shame on the Republicans who attacked her for doing the right thing!

Nancy Larson
Apr 9, 2022   11:28 PM

I have not read ALL of these comments, but a fair amount. Not one is in support of the criminal activity that the Republicans on the commission have perpetrated. I guess we can feel some joy in that.

Patricia Wood
Apr 9, 2022   9:11 AM

First I agree with many of the comments already made. So sad to see that 7 people can't do their job. In my world they would be fired. Now, with my complaint I have an idea. Since you can't get the job done and have spent money that should not have been used for lots of reasons why not have students from OSU and Capital University put one together. I know they would follow directions and do an honest job. Think about it!

Ole Hagen
Apr 6, 2022   9:32 PM

I wanted to register our displeasure and disgust as Ohio Voters over the manner in which this commission has disregarded the will of the people and ignored their duty to obey the law and the constitution.
We can not believe we are witness to this blatant misuse of power.
Please level up, accept what must be done and do it.
Thank you,
O. & T. Hagen

Jarrod Austere
Apr 6, 2022   5:31 PM

The members of this commission that continue to vote to pass maps that they know are not constitutional should be ashamed. You represent us, the citizens of Ohio, and we passed a law stating that a fair map would be passed. This charade that you continue is reminiscent of a 5 year olds temper tantrum for not getting their way. This has now gained national attention. You are building a bad reputation for the Ohio legislature. This must be what you want. Your actions speak louder than words.

Debbie Schaffner
Apr 6, 2022   1:56 PM

Ohioans. Voted.
By a clear majority, Ohioans have made it clear that they want an end to the partisan process for drawing congressional districts. The stunts being pulled by the Republicans on this commission illustrate a glaring disrespect for Ohioans and their votes. It is blatantly contemptuous and corrupt, with an apparent intent to draw us into a constitutional crisis. And the voters are watching.

Republican commission members, if you can't allow yourself to provide what the voters voted for, please get out of the way and allow someone in the door who can.

Paul Helbling
Apr 6, 2022   1:54 PM

April 6, 2022

Dear Members of the Ohio Redistricting Committee,

Senator Sykes was kind in his use of the adjective, arrogance majority. I have a list but will not use them because the bottom line is that the arrogance majority doesn't care about anything except to retain their power and control.

History has not been good to people who have bought into the illusion of power and control. Fear become their constant companion and their actions because of fear are their down fall.

You have shown nothing but lack of respect for Ohioans and the rule of law.

Peace, Paul

Cc: Rep. Hoops and Senator McColly

Teresa Browning
Apr 4, 2022   2:56 PM

The Republicans on this commission are completely lacking in honesty, courage, ethics, etc. There is nothing on this earth that could shame any of them. They really are the lowest form of political animal. Afraid of the citizens of this state, afraid of their own shadows. They all really deserve to rot in hell for eternity.

Eliza Phinney
Apr 2, 2022   2:12 PM

This is such a disappointing and flagrant disregard for the constitution and your constituents. We want fair maps that accurately reflect the politics of Ohio residents.

Alexa Spiegel
Apr 1, 2022   9:57 PM

Constitutional Ohio House and Senate maps were clearly within reach with several hours to go before today's midnight deadline. But rather than allow the independent mapmakers to finish up the process, Huffman announced that the Republicans would instruct their staff to make adjustments to the General Assembly maps that were struck down by the Ohio Supreme Court on Feb 24.

Gary Paoletto
Mar 31, 2022   8:29 PM

1) The new maps involve a 100% GOP Rural County - Geauga with Cuyohoga County, a highly urbanized Democrat district. Why? You screw over your own supporters? is not that the answer. You just don't care.
2) Geauga County has Tim and Diane Grendell.
3) Judge Grendell got in a sniff with Geaga Auditor Chuck Walder that went to court over the Judges spending habits.
4) Diane Grendell voted for the bill that allowed ohio Judges to have greater "ease" in spending Our tax dollars.
5) The Bill passed and Chuck Walder lost the court case that was trying to Save Geauga Taxpayers Money.
6) That takes a large amount of audacity for a State goverment to bail out the judge like that.
7) That's why the courts should start issuing Warrants for the Arrest of Representatives if they do not produce a Map that works.
8)The Grendells seem to wield power to influence change at State level, but who did that Benifit?

Joseph Kosch
Mar 31, 2022   11:28 AM

I don't understand how, if I was to not do what the court told me to do, that I'd go to jail. But the redistricting commission has not done what the courts have told them to do and they receive no consequences whatsoever.

Please do better for the people of Ohio.

Matt Jacobs
Mar 31, 2022   10:49 AM

Asshats! A Message from our next Governor.

Ashley Millholland
Mar 31, 2022   12:39 AM

I am extremely disappointed with GOP members of the redistricting commission. I would like to point out that a non-partisan 3rd party independent map drawing duo is really as close to perfect and neutral as one can get. The abuse in power here is extremely transparent; I wish the average Ohioan knew the extent of the corruption taking place. The GOP members are refusing to budge from their own maps which gives them more power and authority over the outcomes of elections. The people don't realize how at stake our democracy truly is when one party wishes to play a game with rules they chose for themselves that only they can possibly win. I will not stand for this. I WILL NOT.

Isaac Dippold
Mar 30, 2022   6:22 PM

As elected officials, it is your responsibility to reflect the will of Ohioans, support fair elections, and abide by the state's constitution. The Ohio Supreme Court has already rejected three redistricted maps for being gerrymandered and unconstitutional. This has become a partisan issue, but it should not be. Gerrymandering should be prevented in any state in which it occurs. How can any Ohio voter accept gerrymandered maps as fair, when they clearly do not reflect the interests of the whole? Please do the elected duty of your office and abide by the constitution and Ohio Supreme Court's rulings. Ohioans deserve fair maps for fair elections.

Lisa Butler
Mar 29, 2022   9:08 PM

You are supposed to protect and serve all the people of Ohio, not just the Republican Party. Your blatant disregard of the Supreme Court shows your lack of respect for the rule of law. You make me embarrassed to say I'm from Ohio.

Matt Spurlock
Mar 29, 2022   8:50 PM

I will admit it was encouraging watching the independent map makers doing their job, working with the staff and each other, however it soon became apparent that some of the commission members have little integrity and no respect for the constitution or Ohio voters. Their primary objective is their own self-interest and to maintain a super majority. The approval of the previously rejected, slightly tweaked map, completed in PRIVATE, is an insult. You have wasted taxpayer's money on consultants you ignored and will likely waste more with multiple primaries. Oh, but I did hear you express concern for those who had already filed for office or were currently in office and may have to change districts. Please don't blame the constitutional requirements, you had more than enough time to do this right, but you chose not to.

Amy Grubbe
Mar 29, 2022   7:27 PM

As a former assoc justictice to Ohio Supreme Court, Cupp knows exactly what he is doing: Attempting to blame Ohio Supreme Court for the primary chaos. The chief justice and justices are upholding the constitution, law and will of Ohioans. Cupp, DeWine, LaRose, Faber and Huffman have turned their backs to the Constitution, law, Ohioans and have broken their oath of office. Each of you should be held in contempt. Ohioans voted overwhelmingly for #FairDistricts and we expect #FairMaps. Do your job or get out of the way. We won't forget.

David Vrabel
Mar 29, 2022   5:47 PM

So, after being rebuffed 3 times by the Supreme Court for extreme gerrymandering, basically, the Republicans on the Redistricting Commission are saying "Screw you, Democrats", "Kiss my A**, Ohio Supreme Court, and F*** Off, all you citizens who overwhelmingly voted in favor of establishing a fairer way to determine voting outcomes in Ohio. I'll vote against the Republicans on the commission, except my vote won't matter due to gerrymandering.

Carl McNair
Mar 29, 2022   4:22 PM

Once again the Repugnantcan party refuses to follow the constitutional amendment approved by the majority of Ohio voters. I pray that the Ohio Supreme Court again rejects these gerrymandered district maps.

Patrick Casey
Mar 29, 2022   12:56 PM

While several commenters have decried the fact that the commissioners have ignored the will of the people, I would submit that their continued assault on fair election policies and practices are perfectly aligned with the political will of many of their constituents in Ohio. The Republican Party has jumped on the former president's false claims about the 2020 state governments throughout the country, legislators are arriving at unseemly, but creative, solutions to a problem that doesn't exist to appease the "base" that is key to their continued dominance in state and national politics. The antics of our redistricting commissioners in Ohio are consistent with the continuing assault on democracy.

Nancy Stephani
Mar 29, 2022   12:17 PM

Your blatant disregard for the wishes of the people is telling. Just who do you think you are that you are above the law? The Ohio Supreme Court may well hold you in contempt, as many of us hope they will. You have had plenty of time and 4 chances to get it right. Why won't you do the right thing? Ohio voters want to know.

Thomas Moyer
Mar 29, 2022   10:58 AM

In baseball, a hitter gets three strikes and he's out. This will be the fourth strike for the Redistricting Commission after the Ohio Supreme Court issues its fourth decision declaring the newest maps unconstitutional. All to run out the clock and get the three GOP lapdogs on the court, Kennedy, DeWine, and Fischer, to claim that because there is no time to approve new constitutional districts by the May primary, we are relegated to use the prior, unconstitutional maps. They argued this in today's dissenting opinion to the court's scheduling order. Their ringleader, Chief Justice-wannabe Kennedy, who is so incompetent that she can't even sit for a candidate interview from the Ohio Bar Association or the American Bar Association, must be defeated this November if we do not want these unconstitutional maps to be approved in the future, rubber-stamped by partisan hacks like Kennedy, DeWine, and Fischer. It's way past time to hold the GOP members of the commission in contempt.

Elizabeth Oldendorp
Mar 29, 2022   10:36 AM

What the Republican member on the Commission did last night constituted flagrant disregard for the voters of Ohio and the Ohio Supreme Court, which directed that NEW maps must be drawn. The deliberate delay in hiring independent mapmakers was instrumental in engineering this fiasco. The decision to approve maps that were previously thrown out by the Court, albeit with a few tweaks, reeks of blatant partisanship. It is my fervent hope that these maps will also get thrown out by the Court, the GOP members will be charged with contempt, and that the primary will be delayed. And, by the way, the taxpayers should get a rebate on the fees paid to the independent mapmakers. The GOP members of the commission should be ordered to pay their fees instead. I am totally disgusted!

Jane Penwell
Mar 29, 2022   8:47 AM

The fact that Ohioans cannot get a fair redistricting map in time for the election is truly disgusting. We elect members of the House and Senate to go to Columbus and work to resolve problems not cause them. Shame on you for ignoring the people who sent you to Columbus believing that you would make a difference in a positive way, as an adult"someone who is committed to making Ohio a better place rather than a national laughingstock. Stop acting like bad children and instead become responsible adults and solve this redistricting problem.

Maureen Welch
Mar 29, 2022   8:42 AM

It was disgusting on March 28, before the court deadline, as Republican members of the ORD flouted the rulings of the Ohio Supreme Court and pushed through at the last moment a map already ruled unconstitutional A map tweaked in private and presented without detail or opportunity for amendments or input from minority members of the commission and certainly without any public input. We watched, yet again, members of the commissions drag their feet during the independent mapmaking process and ignore the will of Ohio voters in 2015 and 2018. On live video feed we saw mapmakers stand by as equipment was delayed and set up, meetings were delayed, guidance was refused, data was delayed, and Republicans continually stated this process will not work. On live feed we observed two diligent and professional map makers paid almost $50,000 each, working to develop fair and constitutional maps. Ohio has yet again been ill served and led in this folly by Huffman and Cupp.

Walter Goldschmidt
Mar 29, 2022   7:50 AM

I never thought for a second that the Republicans were genuine in drawing a fair map. I thought from the get go they were only pretending to try and come up with a fair map. I'll never vote for another Republican. They really don't care about our country. They only care about maintaining their power and even increasing it if possible. Until the vast majority of Ohioan citizens wake up and understand how these poiticians stand in front of the camera and outright lie to us nothing will ever change. I'm so angry right now I need a chill pill!

Chris Caventer
Mar 29, 2022   2:13 AM

This is outrageous; where are the armed men to come in and take the protesters away? Where are they? This kind of behavior is... is... never tolerated in real countries. You shout like that, they put you in jail. Right Away. Blow deadlines? Jail. Right away, no trial no nothing. Commission Presidents we have a special jail just for Commissioners. Playing music too loud? right to jail, right away. Charging too high prices for, uh, mapmakers... yes right to jail.

I wish the five of them could feel the shame. Perhaps Ohio had a democracy, once - but never again in my lifetime.


John Njau
Mar 29, 2022   1:06 AM

The most infuriating part in this whole charade has been the blatant & utter disrespect flouted towards the public. That's the only way to describe the ruse that was shamelessly stuffed down our throats tonight.

The introduction of the GOP's secret bunker drawn maps, in the last few hours before the deadline, are the perfect showcase of their disrespect towards Ohioans. B/c what was the point of hiring independent map makers in the first place? Map makers who were paid, by Ohio tax payers, $400+ an hour for maps that the GOP commissioners voted down MOMENTS after they were complete.

Why subject us to theater? Why not cut out the spectacles & games? Save us time by just passing the gerrymandered maps that you were going to pass anyway, during the first meeting after the court's orders. I'd have more respect for people who stand proud in their disregard for the constituents they serve, than people who try to veil their shame & utter disrespect of the law by blaming it on "tHe pRoCeSS

Barbara Ashley
Mar 29, 2022   12:31 AM

All the voters, you remember them..requested of the Republican redistricting map makers was truth, honesty and integrity.. and it's impossible for you to deliver.. You are an embarrassment to Ohioans as well as America..