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Carol Manda
Mar 28, 2022   9:17 PM

If this group persists in its refusal to comply with the State Constitution and Supreme Court directives, they need to be held in contempt, and spend some time in jail. At the very least, they should be removed from office/made ineligible to run for any other state office. You all took oaths of office to uphold both the state and US Constitutions. Now do it.

Heidi McDougall
Mar 28, 2022   9:14 PM

Okay, ladies and gentlemen. It is time to stop playing your political games. Draw the maps, draw them fairly, and keep our children's future in mind. To divide school districts between 2 representatives is a recipe for disaster. It should not be this difficult. Put on your Nikes and just do it.

Carol Manda
Mar 28, 2022   9:13 PM

Please stop wasting people's time and money by dragging your heels on the redistricting maps. We all do not have time for your nonsense. You all have been told three times by the Ohio Supreme Court that your maps do not pass constitutional muster. You had all LAST YEAR to set up public meetings and get set up before the Census data came in, you KNEW the existing maps were gerrymandered, prompting the constitutional amendments, so updating the existing maps with new data and tweaking them a bit was never going to fly. You now have a set of compliant maps produced by a bipartisan mapping team, as DIRECTED by the Ohio Supreme Court. Tweak THOSE if you need to, but for the love of God stop acting like a pack of 8-year-olds trying to get out of cleaning their rooms.
p.s. The change from a gerrymandered to a fair map aways meant that some incumbents would lose their seats. So, they run in a new district. Maybe they will win, but they will have earned it this time.

Christy Galioto
Mar 28, 2022   9:10 PM

Please consider the maps from the experts. You are wasting the taxpayers time. The Democrats gave you maps that were made from the amendments. Please use those, you are still the majority & they are legal based on the amendments!

John Gray
Mar 28, 2022   9:09 PM

The proposal to swap in a new map at the last minute which has apparently been created in a backroom outside of public sight is absolutely outrageous.

It is an affront to both the Ohio Supreme Court and the voters of Ohio to swap in a last minute map created in violation of the Ohio Supreme Court's order to create a map by the full commission and in public view.

The maps created by the independent map makers appear to be fully constitutional and should be adopted.

You do not deserve to hold office if you support this effort.

I will encourage the Ohio Supreme Court to hold you in contempt if you do.

Joseph Mosyjowski
Mar 28, 2022   9:03 PM

GOP Ohio once again proves to be cowards, afraid of fairness, the law and voters.
I sincerely hope the Ohio Supreme Court cites all of you for contempt and immediately jails the five Repugnican members. (no typo intended). You should be released only when you've complied with the voter-approved Ohio Redistricting statutes.
Power corrupts absolutely.

John Gatiss
Mar 28, 2022   9:02 PM

I have been encouraged over the past several days that the Ohio Redistricting Commission had finally adopted a transparent, collaborative map-making process, with mapmakers and a mediator involved in helping along decisions.

I was horrified to learn this evening that once again Senator Huffman has hijacked the process. Instead of getting collaborative maps made with input from members of the entire commission, we look to be on a course to get a set of tweaks to the map that was previously found to be unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court.

This is ridiculous. I hope that if this one-party, backroom map passes tonight that the Ohio Supreme Court comes down hard on all of you. You should all be sentenced to jail and left there until you can collaboratively pass a map without the nonstop game playing.

Let the process that we have been on continue and work with the mediator and mapmakers to pass a collaborative map.

John Gatiss
Mar 28, 2022   9:02 PM

I have been encouraged over the past several days that the Ohio Redistricting Commission had finally adopted a transparent, collaborative map-making process, with mapmakers and a mediator involved in helping along decisions.

I was horrified to learn this evening that once again Senator Huffman has hijacked the process. Instead of getting collaborative maps made with input from members of the entire commission, we look to be on a course to get a set of tweaks to the map that was previously found to be unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court.

This is ridiculous. I hope that if this one-party, backroom map passes tonight that the Ohio Supreme Court comes down hard on all of you. You should all be sentenced to jail and left there until you can collaboratively pass a map without the nonstop game playing.

Let the process that we have been on continue and work with the mediator and mapmakers to pass a collaborative map.

Jeanne Boeke
Mar 28, 2022   8:50 PM

2 men were hired to make fair and constitutional maps for Ohio. They were working to do this and seemed to be getting close. It appears they were getting too close. Their work was discarded and the decision made to return to maps ruled to be unconstitutional with small changes.
Arrogant and shameful and unconstitutional.

Audry Alabiso
Mar 28, 2022   8:48 PM

Ohioans voted to have fair districts. Running out the clock like this is absolutely reprehensible. You wasted taxpayers money for this charade.

Lis Regula
Mar 28, 2022   8:33 PM

This reversion to previously rejected maps by the Republicans on the Ohio Redistricting Commission is reprehensible. We know these maps are unconstitutional. Tweaking them goes against what the Ohio Supreme Court has ordered be done. This is not what Ohioans voted for TWICE to amend the constitution and address.

Janet Zydney
Mar 28, 2022   8:29 PM

The Ohio voters deserve fair maps that follow the Ohio Constitution. This is what the voters wanted and the commission is obligated to follow the rules laid out in our constitution. The objective of the maps is not to help incumbents but to make sure that voters are represented fairly. This is what is necessary for us to have a democracy.

Kathleen Brinkman
Mar 28, 2022   8:12 PM

Taking mapmakers off the work of finishing compliant maps to focus instead on modifying maps that the OSC has already struck down is an unbelievable move, even for the Republicans on this commission who have shown themselves unwilling to listen to Ohio voters and the courts. I echo House Minority Russo's statement: This is a classic, keep a map in the can and bring it out at the last minute.

Rita Haider
Mar 28, 2022   8:01 PM

You can't successfully draw maps per the Ohio constitution and yet you expect us to believe you can do the job you were elected to do! We are suppose to entrust you to make the laws for our state? Do your duty, that is what you get paid to do. Fix the maps now! You have already wasted too much of our time and tax dollars trying to cheat the system.

Emily Ohara
Mar 28, 2022   7:46 PM

Please do your jobs. We are watching. The entire country is watching. Ohio should be ashamed of itself by the blatant cheating of Huffman and Cupp. Do the right thing.

Marcia Waller
Mar 28, 2022   7:28 PM

Let the independent mapmakers do their work! You have no authority to protect incumbents.

Steve Herminghausen
Mar 28, 2022   6:51 PM

The newer maps look much better than the first three sets that were drawn in private by the GOP. However, the process is infuriating. I watched for hours on Sunday as the independent map makers literally begged for guidance and at least two GOP members kept stalling and complaining they couldn't see the small maps. A quick and easy solution was offered, but the leader opted to delay the process for another couple hours. Then there seemed to be a lot of unnecessary concern about incumbents who have their seats by virtue of gerrymandered maps from 10-12 years ago. The main goal of the commission should be to draw fair maps that benefit the voters of Ohio, not to ensure that incumbents retain their seats.

Deborah Cooper
Mar 28, 2022   6:48 PM

Redistricting Commission members have an obligation to follow the Ohio Supreme Court's order and the state's constitution! I am appalled by the efforts to circumvent the will of Ohio voters in order to push through yet another set of illegal maps. Ohioans deserve better.

Deborah slovut
Mar 28, 2022   6:07 PM

Just watched another session (til 6pm) and continue to be hopeful that this commission can agree on a map that is fair for all of us in the state. 54% Republican 46% Democrat as the Ohio supreme Court directed.

The minority party on the commission are working in good faith and are only trying to get their reasonable 46% representation and not more than that, unlike the majority.

Treat us Ohio voters with respect. 70% of voters wanted a constitutionally fair map.

Peter Petto
Mar 28, 2022   6:00 PM

If various Commissioners are truly interested in "landing the plane," then they should bring minor errors to the attention of the independent mapmaker as they discover them. Doing this, they can as a Commission, construct the most Constitutional map of all.

I encourage you all, to work together.

Anne Malone
Mar 28, 2022   5:41 PM

I am watching the live feed of the 3/28 meeting and must say that it is appalling that the Republican super majority is suggesting that they have a new map that should be voted upon. Who drew this map? Was the public part of the process? This is an insult to the voters of Ohio and shows contempt for the Supreme Court order. Shame on you all; you are not the leaders that the people of Ohio deserve.

Peter Petto
Mar 28, 2022   5:33 PM

It's appalling to me to see what the Commission is about to do. Leader Huffman talks on and on with what authority?...about so many maps being Constitutional or not be Constitutional, someone who is 0/3 on producing maps that our Supreme Court considers Constitutional.

If you find a misplaced precinct on some map, fix it. Don't switch it out for another bad map.

Peter Petto
Mar 28, 2022   5:31 PM

It's appalling to me to see what the Commission is about to do. Leader Huffman talks on and on with what authority?...about so many maps being Constitutional or not be Constitutional, someone who is 0/3 on producing maps that our Supreme Court considers Constitutional.

If you find a misplaced precinct on some map, fix it. Don't switch it out for another bad map.

Gillian Solem
Mar 28, 2022   5:30 PM

I am completely dismayed by the current effort to subvert the direction of the Ohio Supreme Court and the will of the Ohio voters. The map of the Independent Map Makers needs to be completed and submitted - NOT the map of the supermajority

Julia Cattaneo
Mar 28, 2022   5:28 PM

Unbelievable, now Hoffman is concerned about the court and time. Wants to waste more tax dollars, throw out the map makers maps and work from GOP failed maps. Shame on you!!!!!

Karen Croker
Mar 28, 2022   5:06 PM

You have hired two independent mapmakers. Let them do their job! Republicans have produced gerrymandered maps three times! Are you going to make it a fourth map? Ohio voters want FAIR maps! You know there is a time crunch. You should not have wasted so much time when they first arrived. We see what you are doing! Delay, delay, delay!

Julia Cattaneo
Mar 28, 2022   4:38 PM

Sen. Huffman states he wants to protect incumbent seats (won through gerrymandering) because that is what voters want. Yet he forgets that what voters really want and voted into our constitution, is FAIR MAPS, not protecting his coworkers.

Janis Baker
Mar 28, 2022   4:15 PM

I am most interested in symmetry for our Ohio districts so that each voter can be assured that their vote counts. I would like to pick my Senator and Representative rather than have them pick their voters. The incumbent agreement is of much lesser importance due to the fact that the incumbents were voted in when there was no symmetry of Republican vs. Democrats vs. Independents. Email is my best contact at because my phone is for my outgoing calls and known callers only so other calls are not answered or monitored.

David Guran
Mar 28, 2022   3:36 PM

Don't allow map drawer, Dr. Mike McDonald, to leave until the work is done completely! Presently, Dr. McDonald is planning to leave at 4:45 pm for 6 pm flight to Florida.

Lynn Pooley
Mar 28, 2022   1:59 PM

Get a conscience and do the right thing.

Jill Savin
Mar 28, 2022   11:58 AM

This map will divide our neighborhood in the same school district into different districts. Please rethink this.

Mar 28, 2022   11:42 AM

I agree that the new draft maps are far superior to any put forth by the Commission to date. I commend the co-chairs for how they are moving this along. Please keep at it.

John Gray
Mar 28, 2022   11:15 AM

The new draft maps are far superior to anything presented so far and should be adopted today.

John Higgins
Mar 28, 2022   11:13 AM

I do not even understand what all of the various colors stand for

Russell Dern
Mar 28, 2022   10:52 AM

I live in Greene County. The McDonald maps from 03/27/2022 make better sense to me than anything else I have seen, based on what I know about Greene County and surrounding communities.

Shelly Lewis
Mar 28, 2022   10:46 AM

To aid your drawing of districts, the League of Women Voters of Geauga has submitted a county map of our school districts by precinct. In both proposed maps our county, and especially our schools, are split in non-sensical ways. The McDonald Map's 75th district spans portions of Geauga, Portage and Summit counties and is an especially egregious example of unnaturally combining unrelated communities.

Kindly reconsider.

Tommie Radd
Mar 28, 2022   7:29 AM

The marathon Redistricting meeting yesterday demonstrates how the Majority is dragging their feet and only interested in ways to protect their political power. Fair maps with representative fairness as directed by the Ohio Supreme Court are essential. Incumbency protection only promotes continued gerrymandering! Majority, stop requiring incumbency protection that blocks the mission of Fair Districts for Ohioans per the Ohio Supreme Court!

Gahanna is better represented in the Johnson map. Please use that map for Gahanna. Public comments and community maps are needed. However, public comments and community interest issues weren't considered throughout this process due to the intentional delays from the majority and no inclusion of that information to the mapmakers! Perhaps mediation with help get acceptable maps as demanded by Ohioans.

Ohioans and others are watching! This is the last day to DO YOUR JOB per the Ohio Constitution and orders from the OS Court!

Matthew Kelleher
Mar 28, 2022   7:00 AM

As someone who grew up in Montgomery County, and in 2018 voted for fair maps, I want to be better represented in the state government and federal governments. To me, that means a US House of Representative district which includes Montgomery County and Greene County; along with part of Clark County. There are more cultural connections between these three counties than a district that has Montgomery County and Preble County.

A Montgomery County, Greene County, Clark County district would provide Ohio with another competitive congressional district, it leaning Republican.

Matthew Krug
Mar 27, 2022   10:19 PM

In response to "Please weigh in on the question: "Should district maps pair Ohio's Montgomery County with Green or Preble?" ": To give a confident response to this, more detail is needed, but glossing over all that to give a brief answer - in general I would say that Montgomery tends to have communities that are more naturally aligned with Greene than with Preble. This is based on the conversations I've had with communities that we (LWVGD) gathered as part of our community mapmaking exercises that we hosted throughout 2021 in anticipation of the redistricting. I was the community of interest mapmaker for LWVGD.

E.L. Sells
Mar 27, 2022   10:15 PM

It is unfortunate that during that 6 hour timeframe (3/27 meeting scheduled to start at 4) there was very little direction given, excuses made by GOP members, and an unnecessary focus on incumbents. Voters pick candidates, maps for 10 years will outlast candidates. Attempts to justify this, by one side, just stinks of efforts to keep around remnants of the garbage that was the 2011 maps. The commission members can spend as much time as they like in the room with map drawers and should not have the excuse that they don't know the maps or the impacts... that's on them. This wouldn't have to be such a time crunch if the process was genuine from the beginning. Clearly those outside the commission and theirs staff are best suited to draw compromise maps and an independently drawn map should be adopted Monday.

E.L. Sells
Mar 27, 2022   10:14 PM

It is unfortunate that during that 6 hour timeframe (3/27 meeting scheduled to start at 4) there was very little direction given, excuses made by GOP members, and an unnecessary focus on incumbents. Voters pick candidates, maps for 10 years will outlast candidates. Attempts to justify this, by one side, just stinks of efforts to keep around remnants of the garbage that was the 2011 maps. The commission members can spend as much time as they like in the room with map drawers and should not have the excuse that they don't know the maps or the impacts... that's on them. This wouldn't have to be such a time crunch if the process was genuine from the beginning. Clearly those outside the commission and theirs staff are best suited to draw compromise maps and an independently drawn map should be adopted Monday.

Ryan Capone
Mar 27, 2022   10:02 PM

Montgomery should be paired with Preble and Miami Counties to make a more geographically contiguous district

Kathy Deitsch
Mar 27, 2022   10:00 PM

The pathway today all felt disappointing; we do not want a misuse of power. We as Ohio Voters want FAIR Representation. We want Fair Maps. Let's be sure we make Our Democracy Fair and Stronger.

Michelle Lewis
Mar 27, 2022   9:35 PM

Please reconsider the choices you have made dividing Geauga County. Both proposals split multiple Geauga School Districts between two representatives. I have emailed a current Geauga County School Districts map by precinct to for your reference.

As one example, in the southwest corner of Geauga, Bainbridge Twp and Auburn Township (where I live) together make up the Kenston School District. Both maps separate the two townships into separate house districts. Similar unnecessary divisions exist for the West Geauga and Berkshire School Districts as well.

Thank you for considering my input.

Patricia Krummrich
Mar 27, 2022   9:31 PM

From Canton Ohio...Rep. Cupp, we did not see you in the map room during tonight's "break", to look at the maps and ask questions of the map makers!!! You said you couldn't read the hard print out maps and you don't "get" the computer so why didn't you go to
the map room as suggested by the map makers!

William Davis
Mar 27, 2022   9:25 PM

It makes more sense to me that Montgomery county be in the same district as Greene rather than Preble county which is considerable more rural.

Patricia Krummrich
Mar 27, 2022   9:25 PM

It is imperative that you make decisions tonight on the issues that the map makers have asked for your guidance on. Please, DO YOUR JOB, and make a decision about Montgomery County and Cuyahoga. Then the professional map makers can be trusted to get fair maps completed before tomorrow night!

Nancy Larson
Mar 27, 2022   9:24 PM

I live in Western Lucas County and Dr. McDonald's map is well drawn in terms of being very compact and logical with neighborhoods, etc. The Senate map, however, divides Toledo in a way that does not seem logical re: it's territory being chopped up.

Susan Haas
Mar 27, 2022   9:20 PM

As an addition to my previous comment, the Commission agreed tonight to avoid double-bunking incumbents if at all possible. Both Dr Johnson's and Dr McDonald's maps would place Mark Fraizer and Kevin Miller in the same district. My proposal for Licking County would place these incumbents in separate districts.

Lynne Donahue
Mar 27, 2022   9:17 PM

As a Greene County resident, putting Montgomery and Greene Counties together just makes sense.

Susan Haas
Mar 27, 2022   9:16 PM

As a Licking County resident, I believe that Licking County must be split in a way that keeps communities of interest together. Newark and Heath are so closely interwoven as to be considered twin cities; as someone who visits both often, I don't even know where the city limits are between them. In southwest Licking County, the municipality of Reynoldsburg must remain together as well as being joined with Etna Twp to keep its related communities whole. All this can be done with very small tweaks to several maps that have been submitted. I've submitted versions of the Johnson map as well as the Rodden III maps that move fewer than 110 residents from one House district to another with zero effect on the Senate district in which they are embedded. I urge that communities are kept together.

Nancy Cohen
Mar 27, 2022   9:02 PM

As a Greene County resident, I have much more in common with Montgomery County than the more rural Preble County. I urge the commission to pair Montgomery and Greene Counties.

Jeffrey Goliver
Mar 27, 2022   8:59 PM

Montgomery County pairs well with Green County. Community continuity flows well in that pairing.

Bryce Moyer
Mar 27, 2022   8:55 PM

Montgomery County should be paired with Greene County, as Greene has more of Dayton's suburbs, thus, that is a community to keep together.

Bryce Moyer
Mar 27, 2022   8:54 PM

Montgomery County should be paired with Greene County, as Greene has more of Dayton's suburbs, thus, that is a community to keep together.

Jack Munzel
Mar 27, 2022   8:47 PM

Commission members decided it was best to bring in independent mapmakers to craft maps that, as the Ohio Supreme Court required, are proportional and have competitive districts with an approximately even split between parties. Although the state's political geography is such that Democratic areas are conducive to "packing" (resulting in fewer Democratic seats but with higher shares of Democratic voters than Republican districts have of Republican voters), mapmakers McDonald and Johnson have been able to create proportional and relatively symmetrical maps.

I urge the Commission"especially its Republican members, who have been intractable about issues like incumbents (an issue the Supreme Court specifically said is not pertinent) in an apparent effort to delay the proceedings"to speedily adopt one of these independent maps or a minor modification of it.

Melissa Musgrove
Mar 27, 2022   8:47 PM

I would like to see Montgomery County paired with Greene County when redistricting.

Julia Cattaneo
Mar 27, 2022   8:46 PM

I would like the Commission to remember; The Map Makers are paid with tax dollars, they are working for Ohioans, not the Commission. Maybe let them do the job they have been hired to do and stop delaying the processes. As to incumbents, they will serve out their time. If the district has changed and they no longer live in the district they serve, then like any other job that has changed, they move on. It is the reality of redistricting.

Steve Herminghausen
Mar 27, 2022   5:39 PM

I have been trying to watch the hearing/meeting today (Sunday 3/27) but it appears that the members of the commission have left the room and are having non-public discussions about the redistricting process. Isn't this process supposed to be transparent? It's been over 95 minutes with nothing other than amending some minutes and then turning off the cameras. What's going on?

Julia Cattaneo
Mar 26, 2022   2:03 PM

I am very impressed by the mapmaker's work. I've been watching the
the last few days as well as the commission hearings. I am hopeful that this time we can get a 10-year map. I want to thank all those who have been working so hard for fair maps.

Janice Oakley
Mar 26, 2022   12:59 PM

How can we access the maps that the map drawers have saved? I know they haven't been blessed by the Commission yet, but I would like to be able to see them in more detail- especially when I haven't been watching them all day.

Peter Petto
Mar 24, 2022   11:41 AM

There seems to me to be a strategy for quickly coming up with good Constitutional maps that is not being explored. In his expert testimony in one of the redistricting lawsuits, Dr. Kosuke Imai used computer software to generate 5000 legislative maps.

Either by obtaining his maps or by generating them anew, the mapmakers could select the ones that best achieve our goals.

This seems to me to be an appropriate use of technology such as Maptitude. I have read about it being used in this way (primarily to create gerrymanders) in other states.

I encourage you to consider and explore this possibility.

Maureen Welch
Mar 24, 2022   8:51 AM

Where on this website can I find out how to view the map making process by the independent map makers?

Steve DeBolt
Mar 24, 2022   3:55 AM

Now that independent map makers have been charged with pulling a rabbit out of their hat to resolve the redistricting stalemate that has disrupted the primary election process, it is imperative that all involved finally act in a spirit of cooperation and compromise to meet the most recent Supreme Court deadline. In addition to the numerous mapping criteria that must be adhered to including a welcome need for transparency, the map makers should also provide the opportunity for public input with the allowance of at least one hour for concise public comment from those groups or individuals that have followed the redistricting process. This may prove more valuable to the consultants than advice from commission members that often did not even show up at public input sessions early in the process. Finally, the original final maps with counties intact as much as possible should be adhered to since candidates were required to file in those districts by Feb. 2, 2022.

Douglas Beezley
Mar 23, 2022   10:00 PM

What is stunning to me is that the supposed party of fiscal conservatism seems to care nothing about the cost to taxpayers of this intransigence. The meetings and the lawyers and the courts and hearings... and now ripping apart our primary elections with millions of dollars to pay for making elections happen. This is a boondoggle using taxpayer dollars to fund partisan nonsense. Get this done and do the jobs you are being paid to do.

Deborah Cooper
Mar 22, 2022   7:12 AM

I have been watching the hearings virtually, as I am not comfortable with the general lack of adherence to public safety guidelines at the Statehouse. Over months, I have heard bogus excuses about why constitutional maps could not be drawn in a timely fashion - or at all - even though citizen groups managed to fulfill these requirements after having consulted with professional mapmakers and gained citizen input from across the state. Sadly, the Commission didn't even bother to look seriously at these suggested maps. To further disrespect Ohioans by holding last-minute hearings, by delaying scheduled meetings, by taking long breaks for private discussions, demonstrates that the Commission does not have the best interests of Ohioans at heart. We deserve transparency. We deserve fair maps. We deserve leaders who won't insist on wasting millions of taxpayer funds on two primary elections. You can do better. Ohioans like me are watching.

Marilyn Dillon
Mar 22, 2022   12:06 AM

Question: Why has this committee consistently submitted maps that were obviously favoring one party over another even after the first attempt was rejected by the court? It appears to the residents of Ohio that this committee has a contempt for the highest court of the state, while I am sure that it was not your intention. However in trying to take the blindfold off the Lady of Justice, you have made many people irate. I really need to understand your stance on this issue.

Terry Grange
Mar 21, 2022   10:47 PM

I would like to address my remarks to Gov Dewine, Auditor Faber & Frank LaRose. You were elected to serve Ohio. It looks to me like you are only serving republicans. When you have served your term, and return to wherever your place is, will you ask yourself did you serve the voters or did you only act on behalf of your party?

Olga Romanoff
Mar 18, 2022   4:54 PM

I have been a Republican for most of my life. I have supported them in local, state, and federal races ever since I was able to. But I am shocked to see the party I loved grasp so desperately for power during redistricting. I disagree with the Democrats and condemn their attempts to power-grab using district lines too, but we cannot call them out on that without being hypocrites if we continue down this path. Ohioans deserve fair maps. I beg Governor DeWine and my state row officers to pass a fair and bipartisan map before our state descends into a constitutional crisis. It is not worth it. Please contribute to getting this issue behind us so we can move on to what people like me really need from our state government.

Jonathan Lalewicz
Mar 17, 2022   12:35 PM

Thank you republicans of the redistricting commission for making Ohio the embarrassment of the nation. Despite all the fervor about following the constitution, you seem incapable of following it. Just follow the rules and the map will be approved. Is this really that difficult? Stop trying to bend the rules to your will and this will be much easier. If the shoe were on the other foot, you would be as equally outraged. Also, how in the world is Pat DeWine allowed to rule on any aspect of this map making process? Talk about conflict of interest.

Jonathan Harris
Mar 14, 2022   10:36 PM

I feel that someone on the commission should know that none of the math on the "Assignments and Stats" page of the 2/24/22 General Assembly proposal adopted by the committee checks out. You have 99 House Districts and 101 entries in the population column. The combined total of populations don't match the state population number, (even if you don't include the numbers without assigned districts). Senate District populations do not match the population of their combined House Districts.

I'm more than a little worried that a team with the state's top election official as well as the auditor didn't manage to catch this.

Thomas Bassett
Mar 12, 2022   6:44 PM

There is no way that Jaunita O. Brent should represent Mayfield Heights in state government.
In all aspects, she is not representative of the culture, politics, opinions, and mindset to serve
Mayfield Heights and the immediate surrounding areas and their residents. Her district should be cut in half with a horizontal line of demarcation running form west to east beginning in south Orange. She has minimally, very minimally appeared in the Mayfield Heights community to converse with residents.

Bailey Mulhern
Mar 9, 2022   8:19 AM

This is an absolutely abhorrent misuse of power. Over 70% of voters want a fair map, and you nimrods can't even make a slightly fair map. You are spitting in the face of every Ohioan. I hope you all are held in contempt of court, and a third party gets to draw the maps. Go fuck yourselves. Resign

John Maddrill
Mar 7, 2022   10:59 PM

I just want to say that the majority of Ohioans want a fair map making commission. Regardless of their political party, people understand the importance of letting everyone's voice be heard. Your map unfairly makes it so the politicians are electing themselves, and I think they should be ashamed to call them our representatives. The constitutional amendment passed by way more voters than any one party could muster. I cannot believe there are politicians that take advantage of the people they represent like this. Truly a disgrace.

Paoletto Geauga
Mar 7, 2022   3:20 AM

Auditor Faber is clearly mentally impaired. Listeing to your February 17 comments I can see you are having difficulty with your higher level brain functions, you seem confused and befuttled. The issue isnt about Percentages; it is about Racial Inequity. If comments are a scale of knowledge Mr Faber your comments show your commiteed ignorance to not see the truth here. Also drilling in our parks, giving judge Grendell the freedom to waste judicial monies. Your more like a mob of Greedy Corrupt Scumbags then leaders taking us into the fuure.

Fazil Dawoodani
Mar 4, 2022   1:02 PM

Your dumpster fire of a map CLEARLY shows you don't care about your state, only your treasonous, narcissistic needs. You ought to hang your heads in shame for painfully disrespecting the will of the people. I pray that the once-patriotic-and-hopefully-twice Supreme Court has the balls to stomp on your trash again. That map literally gives your hollowheads 80-87% of the seats, when you should only get about 54%. PLEASE change the map, use my alternative. It's pretty compact and most of the seats are competitive, so you never know who wins. Here's the link:
I hope you have a change of mind real soon.
Be careful,
Jr. D-Buffalo

Nancy Willoughby
Mar 4, 2022   8:56 AM

It's obvious that the Republican members of the committee, including DeWine and LaRose don't give two hoots what the voters of Ohio want. You are no better than Putin's Russia. We want real, FAIR representation. What about FAIR do you not understand? I would say shame on you, but you are obviously shameless.

Geoff Wise
Mar 3, 2022   5:29 PM

At the 11th hour, the ringleader of the gerrymandering circus declares that Article XIX allows them to dilly-dally until this late stage, then pass a biased map along party lines. This is not supported by the text of Article XIX nor the language of the ballot initiative approved by Ohio voters. Quite simply, it is a contemptible defiance of the recent Ohio Supreme Court opinions and seriously disrupts the 2022 elections.
Anyone who has sworn to uphold Ohio's laws (including a former attorney general and a Court justice) must faithfully execute their redistricting responsibilities and respect the role of the judiciary in interpreting those laws.
Short of storming government offices, I cannot think of a more fundamental attack on the American electoral process.

Paul Helbling
Mar 3, 2022   2:22 PM

March 3, 2022

Dear Members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission,

Watching your actions yesterday, brought tears to my eyes, because I saw a picture of how democracies are lost to the desires of control and power.

This is not the history that we should bequest to our grandchildren, great grandchildren and beyond.

Stop, take a deep breath and see what your choices are doing to our democracy!!

Peace, Paul

cc: Rep. Hoops and Senator McColly

Ellie Inglesi
Mar 3, 2022   10:45 AM

To the Republican members: Your continuing, repeated refusal to recognize the will of Ohioans, and to observe the tenets of our government "outs" you as respecters, admirers of Putin. Shame on you. You fear that if you behaved correctly, you'll never win another election.

Ariel Miller
Mar 2, 2022   7:51 AM

Good morning, Commissioners!
The map of the First District in your plan introduced yesterday dilutes the voice and undermines the needs of Cincinnati voters by cracking us and combining us with Warren County. A compact district contained in Hamilton County would do much better in keeping together our community of interest. Please use the District 1 lines in the Fair District Model Map. As a Cincinnati voter and Christian advocate for solutions to poverty and environmental problems, I see that Hamilton County voters in the Mill Creek Valley share these concerns, which are not top of mind for Warren County. With the exception of Congressman Driehaus, the Congresspeople representing Hamilton County have opposed the federal solutions we need. Please revise District 1 to better represent us.

Titan Chen
Mar 1, 2022   5:49 PM

I have been following the Ohio redistricting process very closely and have looked at analyses of all proposed maps. This commission is a complete failure and nothing more than a waste of taxpayers dollars as map after map gets rejected. Today's map is no different from the other horrendously biased maps that gerrymander the state I grew up in. This entire process has only shown that politicians cannot be trusted to draw their own districts and I fully support up and coming redistricting referendums that rightfully give people the ability to choose their representatives and not the other way around.

Gerald Barna
Mar 1, 2022   3:39 PM

I am a registered Republican who lives in the City of Avon in Lorain County. In my view, the March 1 proposed map is an abomination! It is nothing more than another attempt at egregious political gerrymandering. While purporting to be responsive to the Ohio Supreme Court order I do not believe it meets the intent of the ruling nor conform to principles of effective governance.
The districts are not compact. (It is irrelevant that it is more compact than the Democratic proposed map which was not compact.) Specifically, as a resident of Lorain County being in a Congressional District with the other counties on the proposed map is completely inappropriate. I recommend that Lorain County and the western suburbs of Cuyahoga County be paired to form a more compact district with strong shared interests. I believe that similar comments can be made for other cities and counties as well. I urge the Commission to modify the proposed map to incorporate my recommendation.
Thank you.

Chris Caventer
Mar 1, 2022   12:45 PM

It is, frankly, despicable that members of the Redistricting Commission are so wantonly ignoring the will of the voters of Ohio, and those of its highest judicial body. If I offered this much hostility to court orders (not to mention Constitutional Duties), I would be found in contempt of court and sent to temporary detention. While I doubt the Justices wish to pursue that option, I think these elected officials deserve to experience a sliver of the fear that the normal, everyday people they lord over feel when interacting with officers of the court.

This is already a Republican-majority state (a majority that is growing with time), and they have a responsibility to act with some level of fairness. They completely abdicate the responsibility, act in deliberate bad faith, offer excuses that they know to be false, and are seemingly completely unaccountable.

Any Justice of this Court who goes along with the despicable partisanship of this process is lying, foremost, to themselves.

Julia Cattaneo
Feb 28, 2022   2:24 PM

Map for democracy - it is a mindset and passion for freedom. The majority of this Commission has chosen to have the mindset to gaslight Ohio voters and the Ohio Supreme Court. They pretend to be "working" on fair maps but only create/adopt maps that continue to be self-serving over and above the protection of democracy. They disregard the Ohio voters, court, and constitution. This mindset breaks down the fundamental base of democracy. This mindset is dangerous, this mindset is how Putin thinks and rules. In a democracy, the voters choose representation, not the other way around. So what will be the true mindset of this commission? Can they turn toward democracy?

Debra Meager
Feb 28, 2022   2:17 PM

To the Ohio Redistricting Commission,

Let Ohio lead the way to open dialogue and bipartisan compromise: prepare and pass fair maps! Fair maps include all citizens being represented. With an almost 50-50 split in Democrats vs Republicans in Ohio, the maps should reflect that. Allowing the maps to give Democrats many toss-up districts while Republicans get no toss-up districts is also unfair and a bit sneaky.

Ohio is often represented to the rest of our country and the world as being unfairly Republican and unaccepting of compromise with people of different opinions. That impacts the economic development in Ohio and leads to a brain-drain. Young people want open dialogue.

The only way to keep the country strong is if we all compromise and try to understand different points of view. One way to do that is to vote and everyone deserves to have their vote 'heard'.

Debra Meager

Gary Paoletto
Feb 28, 2022   1:48 PM

Concerning Geauga County, Ohioi. Your writers have put a spike into Cuyahoga County from Geauga County. Geauga County is a semi rural county completely the opposite in every type of living, commercial and development opportunities. We have large lots, trees, hunting, fishing, discharge of weapons camping campfires, farming, maple syurp 4H, cleaner air, undergound water. Three rivers that feed into Lake Erie. Our underground water feeds dozens of counties to the south. We need protection from not inclusion into urban areas!

Donna Hermann
Feb 28, 2022   12:59 PM

The Commission has to stop playing their unconstitutional games, do their jobs and approve Fair Maps. I have testified in person, sent written testimony, as well as sent many messages to the Commission voicing my frustration with the GOP maps. The voters of Ohio overwhelmingly voted for Fair Maps, and will not settle for anything less.

Margaret Branstrator
Feb 26, 2022   1:52 PM

Again, the commission has shone total contempt for Ohio voters by failing to follow the law they passed and contempt for the Ohio Supreme Court by passing legislative maps behind closed doors! Releasing those maps to the Democratic members of the commission and the public less than 3 hours before calling for a vote is so egregious that I won't even bother to comment. You have proved the point that gerrymandered elections put in office "power-hungry politicians" that vote for special interests over the best interests of their constituents! You have demonstrated again why we need TRULY FAIR DISTRICTS!

Gaynelle Predmore
Feb 25, 2022   11:29 AM

I learned in school that the definition of gerrymandering is: " to manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class." I was also taught that this was illegal sadly, you all must have been absent the day that was taught...Ohio voters passed that they wanted fair districts. Listen to the voters & make Ohio maps fair. Do the right thing!

john gray
Feb 25, 2022   10:44 AM

On Tuesday you will appear before the Ohio Supreme Court for a hearing to determine if you are in contempt of the Court's order to obey the Ohio Constitution. Regardless of the Court's decision, as a voter in Ohio along with the 70% of other voters who approved Constitutional amendments to end gerrymandering and produce fair election maps, I find those of you who voted to enact the previously enacted maps in contempt. Instead of acting as voters overwhelmingly directed, you have acted to still weasel through gerrymandered maps in order to retain your own power. And you have done so by violating the requirements of sunshine as well. Shame on you. Your anti-democratic actions will be well remembered.

Steven Hooten
Feb 25, 2022   10:18 AM

For the third time, the Republican members of the Redistricting Commission have failed the people of Ohio. While Sen. Huffman spent an hour attacking the compactness of districts in the Dem plan last week, this map is even worse a culprit. The hypocrisy is clear in districts such as 35, a Reverse Block C that snakes from Geauga County, through Portage, and down to Portage Lakes. This plan is willful contempt of not only the court, but also the people of Ohio. They know thy can't win on their ideas in a proportional map, so they have to rig it in their favor. Ohio is sick of the games.

Joseph Mosyjowski
Feb 25, 2022   10:07 AM

Where's the maps?
Laws are not just for the "little people".
The Court needs to cite the Commissioners for contempt, provide them a nice, comfortable jail cell fitted with computers, and let them out only when the people of Ohio have fair maps.
This isn't that complicated.

Matt Kilboy
Feb 25, 2022   2:25 AM

The Republican leaders on the Redistricting Commission have again failed to perform the duties of the office in which they were elected. The chaos that will ensure this election cycle will be due - in its totality - to the desire to place self-interests above the interests of Ohioans. You are an embarrassment to our state and should be immediately relieved of your duties.

Feb 24, 2022   11:54 PM

there needs to be a committee selected by the democrats and republicans to do this work. equal representation from both sides. the fact that the republican party has foisted districts that do NOT represent the actual breakdown of the parties shows just how one side can CHEAT their way into power for YEARS. seems unless they cheat they can not remain in total power. it is ridiculous. stop allowing this to happen.

Anthony Sopko
Feb 24, 2022   8:14 PM

What I just witnessed from the majority of this committee tonight, February 24, 2022, is disappointing, disheartening, and destructive.

Ray Otto
Feb 24, 2022   7:37 PM

I expect representatives sworn to Ohio and US Constitution to create maps that match the populous closely ( period). This is what I thought our approved legislation did. Get it done for us.

Debra Saunders
Feb 24, 2022   7:15 PM

The egregious proceedings that just occurred this evening, February 24, 2022, by all majority members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission regarding Ohio legislative maps, thumbs the nose at the Ohio Supreme Court, as well as the Ohio voters' mandate stating we want fairness in redistricting, not partisan favor. In addition, the Secretary of State proposed new rules that were approved by the majority party, favoring the majority party, that allows candidates time to relocate into new districts to their advantage. The majority party will stop at nothing to hold control within this state, despite the Ohio Supreme Court stating this Commission must adhere to the Ohio Constitution. The actions of the majority members of this Commission are unbounded in their quest for unfettered control of this state.

Joshua Coy
Feb 24, 2022   6:10 PM

This is an absolute corruption of public duty. If the Supreme Court doesn't hold the commission in contempt, the Court is as guilty of disenfranchisement of Ohio's voters as the Republican Party.
All of you should be ashamed of yourselves, but we already know shame isn't a concern for DeWine, Larose, Cupp and cronies. The most curt state in the Union, and an utter embarrassment that you all are such cowards you can't even fight fair in the slightest.

Susan Palmer
Feb 24, 2022   6:04 PM

The new maps available online on 2/24/22 have the exact same problem as the last set of state legislative maps that were deemed unconstitutional. There are a large number of competitive Democratic seats and none for Republicans. This will once again violate the proportionality clause of the Ohio Constitution and continue to gerrymander our state. Every Republican that votes for the maps should be held in contempt of court.