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John McGinnis
Jan 19, 2022   11:07 PM

Please honor the will of the voters and put in place non partisan maps for both our State and National Representatives. Ohio has spoken, please listen

Timothy O'Hanlon
Jan 19, 2022   11:05 PM

As it turns out, the majority of the Ohio Supreme Court agrees with the intent of Ohio voters in 2015 and the hundreds of Ohio citizens who testified before this body in public hearings. In more specific terms, you have the legal and moral responsibility to:

1. Comply with Section 6 of Title XI of the Ohio Constitution.

2. In practice, this means that 53 or 54 of the 99 Ohio House Districts (54%) should lean Republican and 45 or 46 House districts (46%) should lean Democratic. In the Ohio Senate, 15 of the 33 districts (46%) should lean Democratic and 18 (54%) should lean Republican.

Expert witnesses have established that the Commission can draw the proportional legislative maps ordered by the Court without violating any of the more technical requirements, such as compactness and preserving political subdivisions. Because such proportional maps can be drawn, they must be drawn.

Madeleine Noble
Jan 19, 2022   11:03 PM

Since gerrymandering districts in 2011 the Ohio Republican Party has maintained a stranglehold over party politics, denying Fair Representation to nearly half the citizens of Ohio. Even after 2 successful Citizen Referendums requiring maps based on voter preferences, Republicans offered maps even more skewed toward their party's advantage than in 2011! The Supreme Court of Ohio has delivered a resounding "no" to these unconstitutional maps, and now it's time for the Redistricting Commission to comply with the Court and produce maps that adhere to the 54%-46% voter preference split in recent Ohio elections. We expect nothing less.

Brian Hurd
Jan 19, 2022   10:38 PM

The voters of Ohio overwhelmingly passed an amendment directing that the districts (both state & federal) should be fairly distributed as the vote is. The maps as presented are an affront to the voters wishes and need to be redone in keeping with the way the voters actually vote. 54% Republican & 46% Democratic

There have been several proposals from non-party groups that achieve this so it's not a secret it can be accomplished.

The state GOP needs to acknowledge it was wrong and redo them immediately and apologize to the voters.

Annette Schuster
Jan 19, 2022   10:34 PM

Fair Districts = Fair Democracy. TWICE the citizens of Ohio voted that our maps be redrawn to truly represent our population. I am thankful for the Supreme Court of the State of Ohio for striking down the maps your commission presented to the people. Here in District 2, my vote does not count as currently drawn. My concerns and issues are not the same as residents of Pike, Adams and far eastern counties and therefore the needs of my community are taken care of. As precinct executive and Ward Chair, I hear far too many times from the voters that they have given up on our representatives to do what is right for ALL people because the current maps represent only the Republican side. Our state is 55 R/45 D. Let the people vote who represents them and not your current maps. Don't dilute the votes and don't split Hamilton County or Cincinnati.

Kathleen Burke
Jan 19, 2022   10:31 PM

Give the people what we voted for - fair districts.

Don Fleeher
Jan 19, 2022   10:30 PM

I have no confidence that the corrupt Republicants will allow this do be done fairly

Stephen Kerestes
Jan 19, 2022   10:20 PM

In 2018 Ohio voters overwhelmingly passed Issue 1, sending a message that Ohio citizens want fair, competitive districts. Please remember that our legislators are designed to represent the voters, not choose the voters. Ohio and the USA are strong when politicians are accountable to citizens and have to compete for office. The most recent attempt at redistricting was struck down by the courts, clarifying the voice of the voters. We implore the commission to set aside partisanship and work together in redistricting. To create districts that best keep communities and cultures together, optimize competition to keep representatives accountable, show the nation that Ohio can be a leader in election integrity, and work together for the will of the people.

Andrew Green
Jan 19, 2022   10:19 PM

I wish it were the case that Ohio's state legislative districts could be drawn to reflect the views & beliefs of the residents of those districts. However, the populations of each county and the state as a whole combined with the technical line drawing criteria laid out in Article XI prevent this from happening. This artifact of the rules governing state legislative redistricting is at the heart of the flawed Article XI as it exists today. However, simply because these technical rules necessitate the overpopulation of districts in NE Ohio does not negate any of the other requirements in Article XI. The Ohio Supreme Court has made that abundantly clear. This results in a tit-for-tat approach by forcing lines to be drawn to favor each of the 2 major parties in different parts of the state. Nonetheless, this is the law, and as the court has stated, it must be followed. I urge the commission to review my proposed maps and the attached narrative and ultimately uphold the Ohio Constitution.

Margaret Erhart
Jan 19, 2022   10:06 PM

Please put forward maps to take into account the voting preferences off Ohio. It is a value that should be respected. I want my vote to be counted.

Crystal Dandridge
Jan 19, 2022   10:00 PM

Please redraw the maps in a fair & balanced manner we the people are asking for fair maps and please end gerrymandering of districts it's dividing our population & we should increase our number of Ohioans by showing them their voice matters thank you

Jennifer Gelber
Jan 19, 2022   9:44 PM

Fair redistricting is VITAL to ensure a FAIR DEMOCRACY. Manipulated election maps undermine it. I expect my vote to count equally. One Person. One Vote. Don't tilt the playing field. I expect my elected representatives to be accountable to their constituency, and the only way this can happen is when redistricting is done fairly, equitably, colorblind, and without bias to any party. When election maps are manipulated - Democracy loses. Ask yourself if you support Democracy. If you do, then stop gerrymandering election maps! Stop trying to dilute the political will of the voters! Do. Not. Water. Down. Any. Single. Vote. Gerrymandering hurts voters by minimizing their ability to elect who they want. Gerrymandering hurts Democracy by skewing election results away from the will of the voters and towards the will of the Party. Gerrymandering hurts elected officials by preventing effective representation. Please uphold your obligations to the Voters, to the Constitution, and to Democracy.

Fran Gafvert
Jan 19, 2022   9:20 PM

Ohio and nearly every state in the Union are at a a critical crossroad. Our choice is clear. Either we pursue democracy and the will of the people or we succumb to an autocratic form of government where all control over our lives is in rhe hands of a minority.
Ohioans of both major parties voted an end to gerrymandering. With that end comes the drawing of fair maps where all our voices are heard. What is shocking to see is maps drawn even more unfairly to shift all power even further from the will of the people and into a ruling minority. The horribly drawn maps have been discredited by thr Ohio Supreme Court. There are many examples of valid maps before you. Adhere to the needs of the people you serve and fulfill the fair maps we voted for. Now.

Gwendolyn Mayer
Jan 19, 2022   9:19 PM

I get you have a difficult job in a short amount of time and party loyalties weigh heavily. Get this, I believe in your ability to do the fair thing for all of us who love this state and call it home. Please think of those of our past who sacrificed & of our future generations as you do this important work. Do the right thing for them.

peter johnson
Jan 19, 2022   9:14 PM

What you have done is unacceptable, per the court. We demand fair maps!

Ruth Seggerson
Jan 19, 2022   9:14 PM

It is time to put politics aside and to actually create a map with districts that fairly represent the political makeup of our state. Most Ohioans are sick of the power grabs that politicians make when they gerrymander legislative districts. You have a Constitutional duty to draw districts that fairly represent the partisan leanings of Ohioans, that don't diminish the political voices of racial minorities, that are compact, and that don't unduly divide political units. Do your jobs and stop playing power games!

Robin Carduner
Jan 19, 2022   9:12 PM

Ohioans voted overwhelmingly in 2015 for a redistricting process that they hoped would lead to fair district maps and a genuinely competitive political landscape. We are sick and tired of the corruption and decay that 20 years of near one-party rule has brought to the state, thanks in part to partisan gerrymandering. You should learn to compete on the strength of your ideas rather than simply cheating like immature little brats. And if you find that your ideas are so terrible that they're not winning enough voters in a fair contest, then maybe you should try coming up with some better ideas.

Diane Bellard
Jan 19, 2022   9:08 PM

In the 2018 election, the voters of Ohio spoke in large numbers, passing a ballot initiative that added an amendment to the state constitution requiring fair maps during the 2021 redistricting process. Ohio voters want congressional maps that are more representative of ALL the voters of the state, rather than the gerrymandered partisan maps that always gave the advantage to the Republican party. Yet, the Republican dominated redistricting committee completely ignored the will of the voters and submitted maps that were even more partisan. Some of you even admitted publicly that you thought the maps would be challenged in court as they didn't meet the constitutional amendment. Now that the court has ruled, we demand that you honor the will of the voters by submitting maps that are representative of how the electorate votes.

Sharlyn Katzner
Jan 19, 2022   9:08 PM

Fair districts are ones that represent the population and don't favor one party over another. Districts shouldn't artificially give one party and advantage over another like the ones struck done by the Supreme Court did. Please work together to create fair maps!

Susan Lewis
Jan 19, 2022   9:07 PM

The Unity Maps of the Ohio Citizens Redistricting Commission show that fair maps can be made that meet all the criteria in the Ohio Constitution for fair maps such as representative fairness and compactness. There is no excuse for gerrymandering again. There is no excuse for failing to get a 10 year map.

Leona Phillips
Jan 19, 2022   9:02 PM

The voters of Ohio voted and passed legislation to stop gerrymandering. Please collaborate in a bipartisan manner to create maps that are designed to make districts that are more uniform to the communities. Make every district representative of the local cities and towns that are not manipulated to favor any one political party. If the maps are drawn to favor one party over another, then that is cheating the people out of a fair vote. That is what gerrymandering is and that makes it a rigged election.

Marjorie Deane
Jan 19, 2022   8:59 PM

Gerrymandering has allowed Republicans to win more Federal Congressional Seats than they have voters. And doing so is inherently unfair and now illegal. Draw fair maps.

kashi adhikari
Jan 19, 2022   8:55 PM

It is imminent that history is witnessing everything that is happening in our political and election system. We need accountability and transparency about what we do for our people. We need fairness in our actions. Vigilance is the key to protecting our democracy and it is because of alertness among the people of the Ohio supreme court that struck down the one-party politically motivated gerrymandered map of the district. That is democracy is for the people, of the people, and by the people.

Megan Gunter
Jan 19, 2022   8:37 PM

Ohioans voted for maps that are equal and fair to all parties and all people. Fair maps allow Ohioans to keep elected officials accountable and allow each constituent to have the their vote counted and their voice heard.

Addison Caruso
Jan 19, 2022   8:33 PM

I think Ohio should have maps that fairly reflect the states partisan lead and doesn't split communities of like voters. The committee should adopt one of the citizen maps proposed by Equal Districts as it fairly represents all Ohioians and doesn't split communities unnecessarily.

Anne Hoke
Jan 19, 2022   8:20 PM

Please draw district maps for the Ohio House and Senate that follow the Ohio Constitution and the recent Ohio Supreme Court decision. Since many of you will have to run statewide in 2022, you will have to answer to the voters of the entire state if you ignore the redistricting amendment. Unconstitutional statehouse maps may help your Statehouse colleague, but those maps will not protect those of you running in statewide elections.
As a Franklin County resident, I urge you to draw new maps with compact Franklin County districts. Please do not draw maps which dilute the voting strength of Franklin County. Our districts should NOT be drawn so that rural voters outnumber Franklin County voters. Urban voters have different needs and interests than people in rural counties and should be represented by people who understand our needs.
Please create districts that are fair and proportional to how Ohioans vote, adhering to the 54% R, 46% D specified by the Court.

Drew Goddard
Jan 19, 2022   8:18 PM

Republicans AND Democrats voted emphatically to end gerrymandering. Do your job and meet the needs and wants of Ohio Citizens.

Yutan Getzler
Jan 19, 2022   8:14 PM

Competition in the marketplace of ideas is the foundation of a functioning democracy. Make a competitive map, as required by our constitution, and you will make Ohio a stronger state.

Beverly Dorson
Jan 19, 2022   8:09 PM

I have written testimony and sent letters to my reps. Summit Co. needs to be kept in one district and when combined for U.S. Rep. for population requirements, still needs to be kept whole. We pay taxes, work, play in Summit and want representation that is responsive and targeted to our county.

Elizabeth Plotnick-Snay
Jan 19, 2022   8:03 PM

We voted for the right to fair, competitive elections of those that govern the State of Ohio. I live in Ohio House District 18 and Senate District 15 where my opinions and what is important to me and my family are fought for. However, the rest of the state districts are cut up to ensure that one party has a majority much more significant than the way the people vote. This is not fair and not competitive. If the leadership of our State represented all of the people of our state we wouldn't see as many bills passed that go against what I, and about 46% of the people find wrong: not allowing women and their families to make decisions about whether they bring a life into this world; the governor's inability to issue health orders based on the expert knowledge received; eliminating our third independent leg of governance by requiring Supreme Court Judges to name a party affiliation; putting armed, untrained, guns into our schools; and open carry and stand your ground laws.

Kristine Woodworth
Jan 19, 2022   7:52 PM

The people of Ohio spoke loudly when we passed the anti-gerrymandering ballot initiatives. We spoke loudly when we testified at the Redistricting Commission hearings last fall. And now the Ohio Supreme Court has spoken and the way forward is clear. WE WANT FAIR MAPS. We expect fair maps, and we will settle for nothing less. There are dozens of examples that meet the Court's and Constitution's requirements. All you have to do is pass one.

Trudy Hutchinson
Jan 19, 2022   7:51 PM

There are many important reasons to draw the Ohio General Assembly districts fairly. The two most important reasons, for me, are 1) That I am confident that my voice is heard and 2) That I am confident that my neighbor's voice is heard. My neighbor and I live in the same community, share environmental concerns, depend on a single judicial system, send our children to the same schools and claim the same voter protections. My neighbor and I have different experiences and expectations and our representatives in the General Assembly are accountable to both of us.
Maps that are fairly drawn force legislators to listen to both of our voices and thread that fine needle of fairness so that my interest and my neighbor's interest receive equal weight. if the maps statewide are skewed so that swaths of individual voices can be disregarded, the result is an entire state that fails its people.

Jan 19, 2022   7:30 PM

We need a map that is equally fair to all parties and all people of Ohio. It should not draw lines to favor one parties advantage over the other party.

Bryce Moyer
Jan 19, 2022   7:14 PM

I want a district that contains Southern Delaware (Powell, Orange Township) county with parts of northern Franklin (Dublin, New Albany, Westerville) these are suburbs that are very much alike, and thus is a community of interest

Ann Steinemann
Jan 19, 2022   7:13 PM

It is good that the Supreme Court of Ohio followed the law and the votes of Ohio citizens that overwhelmingly rejected gerrymandering in this state. The extremely gerrymandered map submitted by the Ohio legislature and signed by Governor DeWine is unconstitutional and must be changed to a fair map that doesn't favor one political party. Do the right thing and stand up for democracy, not autocracy.

Laurie Batdorf
Jan 19, 2022   7:06 PM

I proudly join the chorus of Ohioans demanding fair maps. Fair maps keep elected officials accountable and give power where it belongs, to the people. Our state has lacked the proper checks and balances for far too long. The results have been not only disastrous, but deadly as well.

John Neff
Jan 19, 2022   7:00 PM

Many others have said it: OH is 45%/55% vis-a-vis voting preferences...not 25%/75%. And...both R's and D's have had equitable solutions to this mess in their computers for some time. Come the right thing.

Niesha Love
Jan 19, 2022   7:00 PM

Equal representation is imperative in functioning democracies. The people speak thru their vote, and the party that receives the majority vote FAIRLY; is who should govern. We CHOOSE you, not the other way around!

Mari Kuroda
Jan 19, 2022   7:00 PM

To start with we should have had an Independent Commission to draw fair maps not a heavily partisan one. At least you can do now is to be transparent and draw fair maps. It's simple if you have any respect and honor for our democracy.

Ryan Cassell
Jan 19, 2022   6:51 PM

Please honor your oath to serve the State of Ohio and its Constitution. The Ohio Supreme Court has defined clearly the requirements of your duty. I hope that with this direction you perform your duties honorably. I and other Ohioans demand representative jurisdictions both in State government and the U.S. House of Representatives. I look forward to having meaningful elections in next election. If you are struggling to find maps that meet the Ohio Supreme Court's direction, please review the maps that Common Cause sponsored in their citizen non-partisan map making competition. These maps demonstrate that fair districts are possible and we will accept nothing less.

Jeffrey Suhanic
Jan 19, 2022   6:40 PM

As voters mandated, redistricting needs to be an independent and transparent process. The current GOP weighted commission did not merely not comply with the voters mandate; they snubbed their nose at it! This must not be a Republican or Democratic process! It needs to be an INDEPENDENT process that follows the will of and acts in the best interest of the voters - not a political party. Drawing these maps properly is not hard and likely could be accomplished by a group of independent college students! Gerrymandering them to produce a 99% success rate is much harder. Our once great state is decaying as a result of the prior maps. We can't let it continue!!!

Mary Robbins
Jan 19, 2022   6:40 PM

Single party dominance is not desirable for any government. Democracy demands voter participation and transparency from its elected officials. It only works when people are honorable and fair minded,. I want to hear fresh ideas and debate so as to chose what I want to vote for. I want a working democracy.

Amina Barhumi
Jan 19, 2022   6:37 PM

CAIR-Ohio has been fighting for fair maps since May. It is critical for the Muslim community "which so often experiences discrimination, is so often ignored or vilified by elected officials " to have fair representation and equal power at the ballot box.

The Court's ruling affirmed what constituents have been saying for years: democracy demands that voters pick their leaders, not the other way around. With this redraw, the ORC has another chance to do right by Ohioans and deliver fair maps.

Representational fairness would reflect the average statewide vote over the past decade (D~46%/R~54%). There should be no cracking or packing to favor a party, especially around major cities with substantial Muslim communities and communities of color such as the 3 Cs, Toledo, and Dayton.

I urge you to use the Ohio Citizens' Redistricting Commission maps that consider the collective input from minority groups, such as our Muslim community, and testimonies submitted before to get this right.

Virginia Scheer
Jan 19, 2022   6:37 PM

Please make fair districts that are not drawn to partisan advantage. Cincinnati is not three subsumed communities and you all know what is both fair and right. Now do it .

Dawn Watkins
Jan 19, 2022   6:35 PM

I hereby call upon all morally bankrupt Ohio GOP congresspersons to prove that they are capable of winning elections on their own merits rather than by virtue of the grotesque gerrymandering they continue to attempt to force into place. Put your (considerable, ill-gotten) money where your (lying) mouths are.

George Koncar
Jan 19, 2022   6:34 PM

Gerrymandering is wrong no matter who is doing it, but you Repub's are currently in power so these comments are directed to you. Drawing the maps must have NOTHING to do with voting records. They must be determined only by population and keeping areas together as much as possible. If you use voting records you are admitting that your ideas would never stand up to fair voting. You are showing yourself to be cowards and are determined to steal every election possible. Make every fair vote count!

George A. Koncar

Gary Saunders
Jan 19, 2022   6:33 PM

This is a historic opportunity to do the right thing. Please do not lose the forest for the trees. There are so many ways to draw maps that the average high school student could recognize as relatively fair and balanced. The current map, and the one the court rejected, clearly did not do so. This is not rocket science, yet you have made it look like it is. Please have the confidence in your respective parties and values that you will prosper with a fair and balanced map and not need an unbalanced advantage. And please draw a map that you are confident you could take into a high school assembly and receive strong, grateful approval as being fair to all.

Richard Kidwell
Jan 19, 2022   6:33 PM

Gerrymandering is unfair and needs to be eliminated. We have known this for years. Be fair and democratic; end gerrymandering.

Julie Boetger
Jan 19, 2022   6:30 PM

It's time to draw fair maps. Please make our maps a fair representation of our state, not a map that favors one party.

Matthew Sillman
Jan 19, 2022   6:30 PM

Ohio voters overwhelmingly voted for redistricting that cannot unduly favor or disfavor a political party or incumbents;
cannot unduly divide counties, townships, or municipal corporations; and are compact. As a lifetime Ohioan, I demand the new maps follow the will of the voters and be drawn to accurately represent the political makeup of our state.

Kip Oliver
Jan 19, 2022   6:27 PM

Ohioans voted to end gerrymandering, so honor our voices and our choices. I'm tired of being stuck with a loser whose only job is to collect a paycheck.

Gregory Tinkler
Jan 19, 2022   6:24 PM

The citizens of Ohio have voted for fair districts. It is past time to provide them and break the stranglehold on our state's gerrymandered-into-power Republican supermajority.

The Republican party is out of touch with reality. They are a corrupt organization, as demonstrated by Larry Householder and his ilk. It is a party that cares not one bit for good governance, only control. Over the last decade they have taken us to 37th in health care, 31st in education, 34th in state economies, 32nd in crime and corrections, and 44th in environment, according to US News (other outlets are similarly poor).

Secretary LaRose is using his "deadline" rhetoric to push yet another bad map, when in truth he and Governor DeWine could have simply put forth fair maps back in September. The only way to end their decade of failed policies and foster democratic ideals is to select a map that fairly represents the two major parties. Many such examples exist. Now is the time.

LuCinda Flores
Jan 19, 2022   6:23 PM

Represent with dignity. Do not escalate problems within the people you represent. Law and order flows more readily with fairness of representation.

Rebecca Booth
Jan 19, 2022   6:16 PM

Gerrymandering is anti-democratic. Plain and simple. It needs to stop. Follow the state Constitution. Ohioans are tired of the secrecy and games. Corruption is rotting our state.

Mary Brown
Jan 19, 2022   6:13 PM

It deeply concerns me that republican control and rigged gerrymandered districts are blocking Ohioans from fair elections.
The last so called attempt for a nonpartisan committee resulted in a sham outcome and was signed off by corrupt gov dewhine.. this needs to end now. Our democracy depends on it!

Riley Jones
Jan 19, 2022   6:07 PM

As the court stated in its opinion, Hamilton County is unduly split. Not only that, the purpose of the split is clear as day: to dilute the power of Cincinnati by appending Warren County to the City of Cincinnati. This creates a district in which a farmer near Lebanon will share representation with a someone living in a luxury apartment next to Great American Ballpark; a situation that is not fair for anybody involved. It is clear to anybody with even a basic understanding of the Cincinnati-area that Hamilton County only needs to be split once and that that split should occur either towards the western end of the county near Harrison or in the eastern end near Loveland and Milford. The GOP can't stomach the idea of a Democrat-leaning district centered around Cincinnati and the people of Hamilton County unfortunately have suffered as a result. Please do the right thing and give Cincinnati the representation is deserves!

Toni Saldivar
Jan 19, 2022   6:07 PM

May you do your job with integrity and good conscience. We are at a crossroads in our democracy. We could lose it to fear, chaos, and madness fueled by those who do not believe in it, who only serve their own narrow partisan interests, mainly lust for power and money. Make us proud, not ashamed, of you. Do the right thing and create fair voting districts in Ohio.

Melanie Simon
Jan 19, 2022   5:59 PM

The Ohio Supreme Court and Ohio voters have said, DRAW FAIR MAPS!!

Sharon Donaghue
Jan 19, 2022   5:52 PM

Ohio voters overwhelmingly voted for redistricting that cannot unduly favor or disfavor a political party or incumbents;
cannot unduly divide counties, townships, or municipal corporations; and are compact. As a lifetime Ohioan, I demand the new maps follow the will of the voters and be drawn to accurately represent the political makeup of our state.

Melanie Warman
Jan 19, 2022   5:50 PM

The voters of Ohio have made it clear that we are not satisfied with the way voting districts are created. The manipulation of communities to create political advantages for the party dominating the Statehouse and Legislature must stop. Let districts be created by a nonpartisan commission. Elections should be decided by voters, not by partisan advantage. I strongly endorse the findings of a majority of the Ohio Supreme Court and I respectfully urge you to honor the court ruling and the will of the voters of Ohio.

Kim Anderson
Jan 19, 2022   5:42 PM

By definition, public service (to which you have sworn an oath) is "a service intended to serve all members of a community". As evidenced by the rejection of the Ohio Supreme Court, your creation of the district maps did not do that. Ohioans overwhelming want, and voted for, non-gerrymandered maps. WE WANT FAIR MAPS! There are maps available, drawn by less partisan people, that meet the requirements of the Ohio Constitution. Use those. No excuses to default to the Republican-favored maps!

Kathryn Petonke
Jan 19, 2022   5:38 PM

The Supreme Court majority opinion spells out the absolute need to draw up fair maps which reflect the 54% R/46% D voting results over the past ten years, the need to keep communities together, and so forth, and I as a lay person, senior citizen, do not need to repeat all of their points here. I would like to remind you, however, of one very important point. In 2015 Issue 1 passed by 71.5%, was supported by both Democrats and Republicans, and won in all 88 counties. We will not stand for being disenfranchised and our votes diluted through unfair district manipulation by some partisans who have been determined to choose their voters rather than be chosen by the electorate. We are paying attention, and we demand fair results.

Kristin Welker
Jan 19, 2022   5:37 PM

What we voted for in 2018 was clear. Our representation needs to reflect the true voter makeup of our state. I'm tired of writing letters to the people that are supposed to represent my community and have my concerns fall on deaf ears because they don't answer to me, their constituent. Numerous fair maps have been presented drawn by Ohio voters. Choose a fair map, and start answering the concerns of the actual voters of Ohio.

Barbara Sespico
Jan 19, 2022   5:37 PM

You are paid by Ohioans to do your best for ALL Ohioans. Fair, meaningful elections are the cornerstone of democracy. No party has the right to draw districts that disenfranchise the same Ohioans that pay your salary! Your legacy will be in the books as a defender of democracy or as a partisan hack! We are at a very critical juncture in this country. Do the right thing.

Lisa Lee Kohler
Jan 19, 2022   5:36 PM

Citizens of Ohio want fair elections. That's all. We do not want our Representatives putting their own interests or their party's interest over the citizenry. We want to fairly choose our Representatives. We do not want sophisticated programs that enable our representatives to choose us.
We want Districts made up of our neighbors, people who share common interests. People who share a common economy. People who share local issues. We want our representatives to share those common interests and experiences. We want our children to have a fair shot at a happy life. Right now, our young people are fleeing, they do not want to live in this regressive political climate, where they don't believe their voices are heard. The Ohio GOP win at all cost attitude is failing us and our State is suffering as a consequence. The end does not justify the means, fairness counts. Winning is more satisfying when you don't cheat the system. Integrity matters.

Sandra Smith
Jan 19, 2022   5:35 PM

Be fair. We voted to have fair districts. Thank you. Sandra Massillon Ohio

Benjamin Greene
Jan 19, 2022   5:34 PM

As a member of the public, I am advocating for a congressional district comprised of Summit County (Akron) that also takes in part of Stark County (Canton). Such a district is compact, only splits one county, and can easily be made with a 0 population deviation. This also allows the Akron-Canton Airport to be wholly contained within one district.

Thank you.

Jan 19, 2022   5:33 PM

All I can say is PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do the right thing and create a map that brings the minority members of the commission on board and satisfies the proportionality requirement ordered by the Supreme Court.

Nancy Larson
Jan 19, 2022   5:29 PM

Judge Sharon Kennedy came to Toledo this summer and when asked her about her attitude re: gerrymandering, she stated that in any rulings that came before the court, she would be bound to follow the law. Obviously, that was windowdressing, given her inability to follow the Constitutuional requirements for redistricting reform. What is the redress when even the high court in Ohio is lawless?

Amanda Hayes
Jan 19, 2022   5:26 PM

Gerrymandering is an insult to democracy. Fair districts are fundamental, and Ohioans have made if very clear that they expect nothing less.

Shelley Chernin
Jan 19, 2022   5:25 PM

Just do the right thing already. Ohioans are sick of the political games. Comply with the court's order and give us fair maps.

Donna Plunkett
Jan 19, 2022   5:23 PM

I respectfully ask that you do the right thing as an elected official in our Democratic Republic form of democracy by developing fair redistricting maps which follow our Ohio Constitution, which bring honor to your role as the people's representative, which respect your oath of office, and which address the will of the people of Ohio as vote percentages over 10+ years of elections direct.

Gina Otto
Jan 19, 2022   5:23 PM

Ohio redistricting should keep communities together and must reflect the true way we vote. Ohio is neither red nor blue. The maps should reflect that fact. A computer generated map would be more fair than what you have offered to date. The Ohio Constitution cannot be ignored and the courts agree. The people of Ohio have made it clear what is expected. We demand fair maps and transparent processes.

Mary Beth Smith
Jan 19, 2022   5:21 PM

I'm asking the Redistricting Commission to follow the rule of our Supreme Court, and create maps that are fair and representative of Ohio voters. Several maps that have been submitted show that it can be done. Please do not use the excuse of election deadlines to explain why you cannot fulfill your Constitutional duty. The people of Ohio expect and deserve more from our Representatives than we have been given.

Marcia Calhoun
Jan 19, 2022   5:20 PM

Hello. Either you embrace democracy, or you don't. Ohio citizens voted to establish fair districts and eliminate gerrymandering. As a household with both registered Republican and Democrat voters we agree on this truth. You are obligated to follow the law. Thank you.

Marcia Peterson
Jan 19, 2022   5:18 PM

As a resident of one of the most gerrymandered districts in the state, I can only insist that election integrity does little good if the deck is stacked from the beginning. As one who worked briefly in the office of Congressman Charles Mosher, who represented the area I live in now, I know that those who are elected to truly represent and help the people of the district are valuable parts of our federal government. We must have fair districts and a voting system that welcomes and encourages all voters.

Debra Truxall
Jan 19, 2022   5:14 PM

I am writing to urge the commission to adopt a map that respects the will of the citizens of Ohio. We voted to end partisan gerrymandering. The Ohio
Supreme Court rejected the previous maps because you did not adhere to the law. Follow the law. Pass fair maps.

Jason Miller
Jan 19, 2022   5:11 PM

We need fair maps for all Ohioans--not gerrymandered ones.

Voters should pick who represents them--not the other way around.

Ute Lindenmaier Vilfroy
Jan 19, 2022   5:10 PM

Voters should be able to freely and fairly elect their government representatives. Instead, the majority of Ohio Redistricting Commission members seem to think elected officials should be able to pick their voters. The citizens of Ohio clearly deserve better than this! The overwhelming vote to pass Ohio's 2018 constitutional amendment should have sent a strong message that blatant gerrymandering has no place in Ohio politics. Apparently you did not get the message. Do your job! Create fair legislative maps for Ohio!

Lynda Suzanne Yarborough
Jan 19, 2022   5:09 PM

1st & foremost we, OH voted 2X for fair districts. Both R & D. OH is a purple state, and must remain that way. We are not afraid of fair districts. It is against everything we stand for when the majorities vote/voice Two Times is still ignored by our Reps.

Robert Shaw
Jan 19, 2022   5:09 PM

How refreshing would it be for geographical districts based on Community, and not on political advantage of the party in control. Please do the fair & right thing for the Citizens of Ohio, and resist pressing the strength of numbers advantage for the Republican Party. Resist being a criminal.

Joey Mallin
Jan 19, 2022   5:08 PM

This really shouldn't be hard. Ask some independent experts to create a map that follows the spirit of the law... a map that increases debate and challenges each side to make their best case in the public sphere. Public comment almost seems unnecessary at this point. The right map and course of action was always obvious.

Abraham Bonowitz
Jan 19, 2022   5:07 PM

Legislative district boundaries should be along natural geographic, roadway and community boundaries, generally concise and NOT stretched out in weird configurations in order to ensure dominance by a particular political party.

Charles Ganelin
Jan 19, 2022   5:06 PM

I urge you to develop a redistricting map that is a fair representation of the voters in the district. Both the current districts and the first redistricting plan that was ruled unconstitutional heavily favor one party in a way that bears to relationship to the enrolled voters in the districts. Voting results from the 2020 elections do not support a supermajority in the Ohio House and Senate. The result has been laws that do not represent a majority of Ohio voters. A strong minority party is required for the health of a democracy.

Claire Wagner
Jan 19, 2022   5:03 PM

To have ignored the vast majority votes (both parties) in 2015 and 2018 to end Ohio gerrymandering is hubris, and showed willful disrespect of the people the commission and legislators are supposed to represent. Now you can do the right thing and choose one of the many submitted maps that provided political parity.
We Ohioans are not asking for advantage, but fairness. Let integrity rule over your hunger for power.
Make fair districts.

Thomas Shepherd
Jan 19, 2022   5:00 PM

As recently as 2019, the US Supreme Court noted that, though partisan gerrymandering did not present a justiciable question for the Court, numerous avenues exist at the federal and state levels to address partisan gerrymandering. Ohio has chosen one of those avenues in amending our own Constitution. I ask that you honor the majority's directive in Rucho v. Common Cause and allow Ohioans to actually utilize our chosen method of reducing gerrymandering's frustrating grip on the voters of Ohio. Otherwise - and here I'm borrowing language from the Court - our complaints about districting will continue to echo into a void as they have before the amendment, throughout the redistricting process, and in perpetuity.

Thomas Williams
Jan 19, 2022   4:58 PM

The citizens of Ohio passed a ballet initiative requiring that new district maps reflect the actual political makeup of Ohio; which is around 52% Republican and 48% Democratic. The district maps rejected by the Ohio Supreme Court violated that ballet initiative and the peoples' wishes by gerrymandering a 65% Republican advantage. It is now time for you to honor your oath, the citizens of Ohio, and the law by doing what is right and create districts that correctly represent the makeup of Ohio and not the narrow interests of one political party over the other.

Joshua Guedea
Jan 19, 2022   4:54 PM

Ensuring fair districts is the only way that we can affirm our democracy. It shouldn't change the outcome but it's the morally correct thing to do

Ron Burgundy
Jan 19, 2022   4:53 PM

Milk was a bad choice!

Julian Johnson
Jan 19, 2022   4:52 PM

The Supreme Court agrees with the citizens of Ohio that districts must be redrawn in a fair way that is not an obvious attempt to steal power from the voters. Fair representation is the foundation of our Democratic process. I support redrawing maps that are intended to represent the people who live in those districts. Stop splitting Counties and doing all of this nonsense that's wasting everybody's time.

Jessica Witulski
Jan 19, 2022   4:50 PM

It is imperative that fair maps are drawn in Ohio so that the people representing us reflect our needs as a community. Extremist policies that do not reflect the will of the people have crippled Ohio in so many areas. The voters have made their wishes clear and it is time for Republicans to follow them when making these maps.

Laurel Schmid
Jan 19, 2022   4:50 PM

This redistricting commission must understand that the public is tired of the partisanship and rule by one party. It is time to fairly draw the districts so that they are competitive. This rule by one party has brought corruption and insolence to our statehouse, and it has come to a point where decency and civility has declined, and the one party has overstepped its mandate. It keeps on getting worse. Those in power are doing all they can to stay in power and that shows me that they are abusing it. The people voted to stop gerrymandering in our state, yet those in power boldly continue to ignore our wishes.

Denise Smith
Jan 19, 2022   4:46 PM

Mr. Secretary
I share your interest and passion for accurate, transparent and fair elections throughout the state of Ohio. My reading of the Court in its decision , plainly provides a target for a properly drafted plan as discussed at page 51-52. Dr. Roden drew his district plan that adhered to traditional redistricting principles, complied with article IX, and did not endeavor to help or harm any political party . The Court at page 52 of the decision, provides guidance that the split should target a 57% to 43% in the House and 55% to 45% in the Senate. I believe you will use your good faith judgment to work towards that goal. It is apparent that your gut feeling when you cast your vote with great unease (Page 52) was on point. I am sure those gut feelings served you well in your days as a member of the Armed Forces. Please continue to follow your gut and you're conscience.

Denise Smith
Jan 19, 2022   4:46 PM

Mr. Secretary
I share your interest and passion for accurate, transparent and fair elections throughout the state of Ohio. My reading of the Court in its decision , plainly provides a target for a properly drafted plan as discussed at page 51-52. Dr. Roden drew his district plan that adhered to traditional redistricting principles, complied with article IX, and did not endeavor to help or harm any political party . The Court at page 52 of the decision, provides guidance that the split should target a 57% to 43% in the House and 55% to 45% in the Senate. I believe you will use your good faith judgment to work towards that goal. It is apparent that your gut feeling when you cast your vote with great unease (Page 52) was on point. I am sure those gut feelings served you well in your days as a member of the Armed Forces. Please continue to follow your gut and you're conscience.

Brian Sayatovic
Jan 19, 2022   4:45 PM

My suburban family shares OH-1 with downtown urban dwellers and rural farmers because it has not been drawn to be fair to voters. Ohioans overwhelmingly demanded this twice. Stop trying to carve out partisan advantages and give us what we asked for: fair districts.

Mark Wallach
Jan 19, 2022   4:45 PM

Ohio needs its state and federal election districts to be established fairly, with neither party gaining any advantage from the redistricting. That is what all of us who voted for the Constitutional amendments insisted on. Please make sure that the new maps you come up with meet that standard, so that we don't have to go through another round of litigation to establish districts for this fall's election.

Mary Ellen Arendas
Jan 19, 2022   4:41 PM

Your duty is to the people of the state of Ohio who have mandated fair and honest districts. Shame on all of you for your unconstitutional, illegal, first attempt. Do your job, and if you would like to keep your job, remember that you work for US.

Karen Rothman
Jan 19, 2022   4:40 PM

I voted for a fair and more transparent resdistricting process according to the Constitution and the census. So far the Committee has shown contempt for me, Ohio voters, the democratic process, and the Constitution. I want to choose my public representatives, not be an unwilling number in a process where the governing representatives choose me behind closed doors and sleight of hand.

mark ryland
Jan 19, 2022   4:40 PM

The voters of Ohio spoke loud and clear in 2011: you did not listen. Now the Supreme Court of Ohio has spoken loud and clear, so you MUST listen. One of the Justices indicated that these maps were purely generated to favor one party over another. That is not the way Democracy works. Do your jobs, follow the procedures, follow the rules, follow the Constitution of our State and draw fair maps.

Laura Meredith
Jan 19, 2022   4:35 PM

This shouldn't be this difficult. Do the math, do what the people of Ohio have voted twice to do, do the right thing, draw a map that reflects how Ohio voters vote. No more secret meetings, no more excuses, no more gerrymandering. We will accept nothing less.