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Matthew Baron-Chapman
Feb 9, 2022   10:53 AM

Governor DeWine:
Mr. Cupp and Mr. Huffman are not your allies. They have tried, twice now, to ensure a supermajority of Republicans in the State House and Senate to be able to have a VETO PROOF majority, to clip your wings and severely diminish your ability to govern as the people elected you to do. I don't understand why you are acting so cowardly and weak? I did not vote for you sir, but the majority of electorate of Ohio did, and as such they chose YOU to LEAD. SO LEAD. Stand up for yourself, assert the power the people gave you and don't cave to the House and Senate majority leaders who are trying to usurp your power and run the state in a way that Ohio voters did not intend. Why can't you see that Mr. Cupp and Mr. Huffman are simultaneously disempowering you while at the same time they are making you the fall guy - you will have to answer state electorate for the unconstitutional actions they are pushing while they only answer to the voters in their overwhelmingly R districts.

Mike Halaiko
Feb 9, 2022   8:38 AM

None of our districts, at any level, should be drawn to favor one political party over another, or one group of people over another. That's what the people of Ohio have voted for. It's plain and simple.
This is not naive. Everybody doesn't cheat. No one needs to cheat to stay in office.
Do the hard work you have been mandated to do. Draw the maps so we are insured that our elections are fair and free. Make Ohio the standard bearer for fairness, by insuring everyone has an equal voice. Our future as a democratic state and country relies on your honesty. That is not hyperbole. I urge you to do this right, so that our children, grandchildren, and all people for all generations ahead can thrive in a free and democratic world.

Steve Be
Feb 8, 2022   11:06 PM

We need unbiased, nonpartisan, non-gerrymandered district maps. Jim Jordan's district is especially ridiculous, stretching all over the state of Ohio. It's long overdue that these Republican controlled and Republican-favoring districts get re-drawn to be more fair and not split up communities and "pack and crack" other communities.

Kayle Crofford
Feb 8, 2022   10:00 PM

It is absolutely ridiculous how much the Republican lawmakers are taking advantage with these maps. What is fair and true to our democracy is an end to gerrymandering and FAIR maps that reflect the people in Ohio (instead of creating scenarios that make more and more young people, like myself, consider leaving the state due to its seeming backwards direction at present). Ohio votes 54% Republican. The maps should not create a scenario where there are a higher percentage of Republican elected officials than that number would dictate. This is the very essence of what America is supposed to be about"being fairly represented. The Ohio Supreme Court knows it, the people know it. MAKE FAIR MAPS.

Jane Black
Feb 8, 2022   9:32 PM

This should not have to go back and forth until the Republicans get the advantage that they want. The claim that it is "too hard" to make fair voting maps, and so we should leave partisan gerrymandering unchallenged, misleads and ignores the truth. In September, a citizen mapping contest, judged by a committee of diverse community leaders, produced 40 entries and three winners. The winning maps kept political party proportionality while maintaining intact communities. One winner said: "I'm glad that a competition such as this one took place because it really demonstrates how easy and straightforward the redistricting process can be if you go into it with a clear conscience and set aside your political biasescreating districts that properly represent the people of Ohio."
Problem is the Republicans can't due either of these things despite their constituents having voted and mandated that they do! There seems to be no consequences for their undermining the Ohio constitution.

Peg Fischer
Feb 8, 2022   8:19 PM

Fair maps empower the voice of the people to be heard; this is the foundation of democracy. Putting partisan gain and lust for power over the will of the people threatens our democracy. The people of Ohio overwhelmingly voted to eliminate partisan maps by amending our constitution. Now it is up to our elected officials to follow the law and draw fair maps.

Sue Mangan
Feb 8, 2022   8:02 PM

It is obvious that gerrymandering is still the goal of Republican legislators who continue to insult the voters of Ohio! The vote to end gerrymandering was bipartisan and yet only the Republicans are presenting maps for approval to the Supreme Court. The Court is disgusted with this game and the voters are insulted! Work together in good faith and get the job done. The gig is up Republicans!

James Field
Feb 8, 2022   7:28 PM

The nonpartisan Ohio Citizens Redistricting Commission created maps that meet all of the criteria of the constitutional amendment. The commission should use these maps. The maps can be found on The commission should at minimum examine and discuss these maps.

Patricia Danneman
Feb 8, 2022   7:25 PM

Draw fair districts.

Sally ParrinoDeAngelo
Feb 8, 2022   7:17 PM

We will lose our democracy if every American
Does not respect the others right to fair districting. We live under s democracy because we support and respect each other's choice.
We need to not try to control the outcome of the vote by cheating. Unfair districting is anti American

Linda Berry
Feb 8, 2022   6:03 PM

It defies belief that the clear requirements for creating a fair district map, that have been added to the Ohio constitution, cannot be understood by Republicans on the redistricting commission.
Quit playing brinkmanship with the citizens of Ohio. Do your jobs.

Fred Fryberger
Feb 8, 2022   5:55 PM

Fair voting districts are the will of the people. It is time that character and responsibility are more important than retaining power. Be what you pledged to be. Create equal and fair voting districts for both Democrats and Republicans.

Maureen O'Honkler
Feb 7, 2022   9:55 PM

Clown world!

John Wallis
Feb 7, 2022   3:57 PM

While I do not live in the state of Ohio, I have been following the redistricting process pretty thoroughly for states across the nation. States have approached this redistricting season with more aggressive tactics than ever before to boost the chances of one party or the other gaining as many seats as possible. In the interest of fairness, I have created a map that I believe would represent Ohioans well. It follows the guidelines set forth by the legislature.

Here is a link to that map;

This map results in 8 Republican leaning seats and 7 Democratic leaning seats. About a third of the seats (5) are competitive, meaning they fall within 10% for either party.

I know I am not a native Ohioan, but this map is one that I believe could/should be considered.

Christopher Henize
Feb 4, 2022   4:06 PM

Have any comments been posted supporting the maps drawn by this commission?

D. Ray
Feb 3, 2022   9:28 AM

One thing would be to institute Term Limits for all local & state held political positions in Ohio ASAP!! Michael Turner does not represent my wishes by his votes in Congress!! I have voted against him for many years, but because of gerrymandering, he is in a district that guarantees his election. This is not right or fair!!
We cannot get rid of him no matter how hard we try. Please look into his gerrymandering & get it corrected ASAP please!! Ohio could become the model for the rest of the States to step up & do the right & honorable thing & institute TERM LIMITS for all State political positions!! This is important to help keep our USA fair & a true democracy in these troubling times!!

Lindsey Kohlenburg
Feb 2, 2022   3:27 PM

Years ago my elected official at the statehouse asked why I was volunteering for his opponent because he, the legislator, was going to win 60 /30. Sure enough the percentage was 6Os/30s. I could look that up but you are familiar with these numbers.

It is embarrassing that Ohioans who worked to end this gerrymandering problem naively thought that they had addressesed the dishonesty and created the solution.

Fix these maps! Voters want honest and fair districts.

Sheila Augustine
Feb 2, 2022   9:21 AM

Ohio voters have repeatedly asked for nonpartisan maps, but that has consistently ignored. Our governor only looks at what is best for his party, and has his son, on the Ohio Supreme Court, who won't recuse himself on issues dealing with "daddy."

Barbaea Huch
Jan 31, 2022   9:53 AM

Michael Turner does not represent my wishes by his votes in congress. I have voted against him for many years, but because of gerrymandering, he is in a district that guarantees his election.
We cannot get rid of him no matter how hard we try. Help!

Denise Wells
Jan 29, 2022   9:58 PM


christina Detwiler
Jan 29, 2022   2:06 PM

Please allow OHIO Citizens to choose their representatives. Stop Gerrymandering. It is appalling that we live in a state that is controlled by wealthy republican jokers. When I retire, I am ABSOLUTELY moving to a state with more blue.

Marilyn Fischer
Jan 29, 2022   8:31 AM

To the Commission:
Follow the State Constitution! Stop trying to evade the will of the people.

Only adopt maps that both sides can support.

Frederick Bazeley
Jan 27, 2022   3:01 PM

My district crosses counties when my county has more than enough voters. So now I'm still represented by a rep who choose me rather than me choosing him. And he doesn't do squat for OUR issues. Nor for anyone's issues. He follows his party slavishly. Do we need to get this process completely away from politicians?

Frederick Bazeley
Jan 27, 2022   3:00 PM

My district crosses counties when my county has more than enough voters. So now I'm still represented by a rep who choose me rather than me choosing him. And he doesn't do squat for OUR issues. Nor for anyone's issues. He follows his party slavishly. Do we need to get this process completely away from politicians?

Nicholas Eckert
Jan 26, 2022   10:28 PM

What really irks me about the conduct and decisions of the Commission is that they have been given feedback from the public and from the courts regarding how to operate, the relevant standards, and potential maps, and they have ignored them all. Article XI said the commission needs to create the maps, but they farmed it out to the parties. Proportionality is to the voters, and is the reason voters amended the Ohio Constitution by initiative, and yet the state Republican legislators came up with standing offices to justify themselves. The maps tab on this website is *FILLED* with ideas that were simply ignored to implement what one party wanted to gerrymander to, and presenter after presenter came to microphones asking a committee to look at what was happening when they were clearly uninterested in doing so and being held to account for the final product.
The Republican members of the Committee are derelict in their duties and petitions of impeachment should be circulated.

Madeleine Avirov
Jan 26, 2022   3:58 PM

It's long past time for the voters in Ohio to get fair voting districts. In 2015 and 2018, the voters told you clearly what they wanted--fairly drawn districts. Now the Ohio Supreme Court has reiterated that standard. I urge the Commission to do its job and develop the fair maps that the voters have requested and deserve.

Antonia Scacco-Neumann
Jan 26, 2022   9:39 AM

The citizens of the state of Ohio voted several years ago for redistricting to be done in a fair, unbiased and non-partisan way. That vote needs to be honored. I want to know that the citizens of my district chose my representatives not that the representatives were forced upon us because a computer program drew the Ohio districts. I would also like my representatives to be responsive to my comments, suggestions and yes even my complaints. When a representative does not have to respond to the citizens of the district because they know they will be reelected no matter what, it means that we do not have fair representation. At the state level, I have never been invited to or heard about a Townhall being held by my state senator. That situation needs to be changed. I am absolutely sure that it is possible for the districts to be drawn in a fair manner. Thank you.

Sandy Bolzenius
Jan 25, 2022   11:54 PM

The committee had several excellent redistricting maps that actually represented the people of Ohio. For obviously partisan reasons, it left those off the table and chose the very worst (read: corrupt) one. Do its members really want to be remembered for such outrageous disregard of democracy? Message to committee members: Make your families proud and stand behind only those maps that provide for fair districts. Thank you.

Phil Ellis
Jan 25, 2022   9:41 PM

Public comment is a joke. The party in power will do the bare minimum to comply with the law. Why do we let the very people that benefit from gerrymandering set the districts? It's ridiculous. Constituents will need to again force a change to be made to have the maps built under strict guidelines by a bipartisan committee of people that do not directly benefit from the maps that get created.
These maps can and should be created by AI following a set of requirements, it's the only way to get a reliably fair outcome free of partisanship and bias.

Linda Dangelo
Jan 25, 2022   9:02 PM

I hope that the Commission will seriously consider the desire by the people of Ohio to have fair elections and a real voice in our democracy! The only way that can occur is to redraw districts to be fair and non-partisan. I know that sounds ludicrous, but we need to do the right thing for Democracy and all of your fellow Ohioans. The Ohio Constitution's requirement that maps must comply with representational fairness as defined in the constitution needs to be adhered to and not be winked at.
All people need to be able to cast a vote that counts, regardless of their party affiliation and their zip code. Representational democracy is a cornerstone of our democracy. I implore you to act in a manner that reflects this importance of this in our lives. Fair districting is a fundamental part of our voices being heard in the most important right and responsibility that we have as voters in the state of Ohio and in the United States of America.
Please do the right thing!
Linda Dangelo

Donna Taft
Jan 25, 2022   7:52 PM

PLEASE! Ohio wants fair elections without gerrymandering. It appears that those in power need to cheat in order to stay in power. This is NOT what democracy is about.

Emily Thobe
Jan 25, 2022   4:32 PM

Out of respect for the voters of Ohio, who have now twice voted for revised maps, and the democratic process in general, please work to collectively create fair maps that represent Ohio residents and keep communities wholly represented whenever possible. Thank you!

Huron County Commissioners
Jan 25, 2022   2:10 PM

The Board of Huron County Commissioners strongly urges you to vote NO on the new redistricting maps for Huron County. The Board feels the way Huron County is set up is the very definition of gerrymandering.

Percy Squire
Jan 25, 2022   11:40 AM

The class of African American voters represented by Plaintiffs Reverend Kenneth L Simon, Reverend Lewis Macklin and Helen Youngblood in Northern District of Ohio Case No 4:21-CV-2267, Simon v DeWine hereby file their objection to the revised proposed Senate Districting Plan approved by the Ohio Redistricting Commission on January 22,2022. Plaintiffs object for the reason the approved plan divides Mahoning and Trumbull Counties instead of placing them into the same Senate district . The Plan also violates the 15th Amendment , the Fedral Voting Rights Act and the decree in Armour v. Ohio due to its failure to consider racial demographics and the totality of circumstances .

Chris DeFrank
Jan 25, 2022   9:29 AM

Gerrymandering is election fraud, plain and simple. When republicans cannot win a free and fair election, they cheat. I cannot figure out for the life of me why this is not illegal, if not outright treasonous. Stop this undemocratic, un-American practice immediately. I am sick and tired of signing the same petitions, writing the same letters and making the same phone calls over and over agin.

Boyd Koffman
Jan 25, 2022   8:49 AM

Wanted: Non-partisan redistricting commission that does not game the system to guarantee retention of power for one party rule. Please stop the gerrymandering and use blocks of population (counties) as a basis for districting rather than the Rorschach ink blots currently staining Ohio (and the US in general).

Amber Ziegler
Jan 24, 2022   6:13 PM

Ohioans voted overwhelmingly for a non-partisan map-drawing process that would be fair and was supposed to end gerrymandering. The Ohio Redistricting Commission blatantly ignored the will of the voters when they drew the maps that were recently rejected by the Ohio Supreme Court. Everyone on that commission should be ashamed of themselves. Ohio voters across the political spectrum want fair maps that don't give any kind of undue advantage to either party. It's not that hard; get it done right!

Tanya Price
Jan 24, 2022   2:41 PM

Fair, proportional representation is the cornerstone of a representative democracy. Unfortunately, extensive gerrymandering in this state is a major cause of voter apathy, a feeling that " my vote doesn't make a difference," as well as voter anger and resignation at a government that appears unresponsive to people's needs. I live in a suburban neighborhood bordering Cincinnati, Ohio. Despite the City of Cincinnati being at least 42% African American, overwhelmingly Democratic and all but 2 counry officials being Democratic. The area went 57% for Biden, yet we are potentially going to
be split into 3 Republucan districts! This is a tyranny! Since moving back to this area 5 years ago, I have not felt that my local Congressional delegation is responsive to issues I care about, due to the wide ideological split between Dems and Republicans! At the very least, Hamilton County requires 1 safe District and 1 or 2 competitive ones!!!
Repair the maps and let's repair our Democracy!

Jan 24, 2022   1:41 PM

The Commission: In the last year I've seen no less than 3 different options on the Redistricting; especially when Marcy Kaptor was moved more to the middle of the State (that didn't take long to amend)..Then a certain political party whined about it, soo there had to be changes and even after the Supreme Court decision...The original intent was to keep Counties whole and intact ( no partial zones); now I hear that the powers that be are thinking of not only breaking up Counties but to sub-dividing townships IS THIS TRUE? If there is someone in your organization who can get me the latest version (map) and why the Commission ruled this way; please send to: Thank you J.H.C. Central Committee Huron County

Mark Graham
Jan 24, 2022   1:13 PM

I have submitted my final, fixed congressional proposals. Both would un-gerrymander the state, with 614 being 9-6 and more consistent in proportionality, and 615 being 8-7 but with 3 D districts being more like tossups. 614 doesn't fully comply with the recommendation to contain a whole county, but I believe being more proportional and consistently proportional is more important.

I was disappointed by the partisan map advanced for the state legislature. I sincerely hope that the commission does a lot better for congressional districts.

Nancy Koebel
Jan 24, 2022   11:17 AM

Almost every comment mentions that they live in districts gerrymandered by Republicans. Doesn't anyone remember when the Democrats controlled the process? They too gerrymander to get their own majority. It sis a myth if you think putting the Democrat in charge would make a difference. When you actually WORK on election day, especially in the primary, you can see the distribution of voters in your precinct.

sherri saines
Jan 24, 2022   9:33 AM

I was so discouraged that politicians accepted maps that did not meet the rules laid out by the people of Ohio in previous legislation. Similar to the ongoing fiasco of unequal school funding, I'm angry that politicians ignore the efforts of the people to insist on fairness in elections. If we tell you to do a thing, dear elected officials, we expect you to do it. If you were in my classroom you would fail assignment after assignment; I'd have to hold you back a grade, I expect. But then 5th graders understand "fair!" Get to work and finish the assignment according to the lesson plan. We are all your teachers, your parents, your constituents and we hold you accountable.

Susan Colville-Hall
Jan 23, 2022   10:14 PM

Ohioans deserve districts that reflect community needs and voter expression. Living in the Akron area where I interact with a diverse community, but being part of a gerrymandered district that extends to Mentor has resulted in much frustration and the feeling that my community doesn't count. No partisan gerrymandering. A party should have to win the vote of the people, not through a cut-up and pasted gerrymandered win that disenfranchises citizens. We, the people of Ohio, have voted for fair districts. This must be non-partisan and FAIR to all concerned. No more underhanded tactics.

Cynthia Poehlmann
Jan 23, 2022   9:41 PM

Please set up districts to reflect community expression, not to allow partisan gerrymandering. We, the people of Ohio, have instructed you to make fair districts. This is so easy to do if your purpose is to be non-partisan. Stop the underhanded tactics.

Valerie Gamertsfelder
Jan 23, 2022   7:24 PM

Draw fair districts and let the chips fall where they may. When the deck is not stacked for or against one party or the other, democracy wins; the people win. Drawing fair districts makes our politicians actually work for us, otherwise they won't get re-elected. Unfair districts are bad for the the people and democracy.

Cynthia Jacobs
Jan 23, 2022   5:35 PM

I expect fair districts. Ohioans have voted for this twice. I tired of having my vote chosen for me.

Katie Mihaly
Jan 23, 2022   12:23 PM

The 2010 gerrymander put me in the OH 9 "snake on the lake" district. Not enough people were aware that that situation existed. People thought that Ohio was trending more red-- perhaps it is-- but that trend was pushed along unfairly by the 2010 gerrymander. I was thrilled in 2018 when Ohioans across the political spectrum voted to ensure that the next map would be fairer. It's very disappointing to me that even our supposedly reasonable, centrist, bipartisan Republican leaders (DeWine) have voted twice for maps that violate not just the spirit but also the letter of the law. I would like to see an effort to actually get a bipartisan compromise. I would like a map that doesn't have an obvious effort to move Democratic voters into areas where their votes are diluted. I would like the Ohio GOP to try to win on a level playing field in Ohio by appealing to voters and not by crooked mapmaking.

Karen Brownlee
Jan 23, 2022   11:39 AM

It is a disgrace that the current Ohio state legislature has ignored statewide votes in favor of bipartisan voting districts that appropriately represent local communities. As a Cincinnati city resident, I continue to be incredulous that my state Senate and House districts are shared with ex-urban and rural voters who have completely different governmental needs. The urban portions of the city are all broken in half to ensure that city voters voices are dismissed in their state representation. Republican legislators and officials - stop your power grab. The US was founded on representational government, so do your job and represent the will of your constituents!

Asher Pollock
Jan 23, 2022   11:39 AM

Minority Report:

Asher Pollock
Jan 23, 2022   11:38 AM

Minority Report found here: The Ohio Republicans who have committed their political power to the perpetuation of unconstitutionally gerry-mandered maps should be held accountable for violating the legal imperatives set forth by the Ohio Supreme Court in 2015 after a mandate by a 71% majority of Ohio voters. Mike DeWine, a terrible governor, Frank LaRose, a terrible secretary of state, and three other out-of-touch dinosaurs have apparently not even tried to do their jobs here. Voting them out would be a great solution, if only they weren't rigging every election in their favor.

Pat Colpaert
Jan 23, 2022   11:05 AM

I am 74 years old and have always had congresswoman Marcy kaptur as my representative until they Republicans gerrymandered districts took me out of her District put her along the lake where there was nobody to vote for her on the Lakes right now that's how radical they are. We have always voted for her because she does such a wonderful job she's very kind and courteous considerate all those words that you would expect to hear from an elected official and they tossed her out to the lake. I'm not very happy with that I'm very disappointed that that happened and it was never made well so yes Cleveland was glad to get her but we had her here she was our representative state of expanding it they lessened at 2 throwing her out on the lake so she going to constituents out there the fish?

Nancy Forbriger
Jan 23, 2022   10:53 AM

"The real voter fraud is committed by the OHIO House and Senate, the Ohio redistricting commission and Gov. DeWine when the Ohio voting districts are gerrymandered and no longer truly represent the voters politically or geographically.
In a gerrymander, district lines are purposely drawn to give an advantage to the majority party candidates.

Pat Colpaert
Jan 23, 2022   10:51 AM

Listen! I know the Republicans don't like the voting process but it's all we have. I know they want their power but I want to keep my power and not give that up to them. Gerrymandering, voter suppression, filibuster what else? Will my vote ever count?
President Joe Biden can't even get his build back better program going because they're suppressing that to. I think I just saying no to everything that they went and we know it's not that way. It will take Joe Biden more than a year to make up for all the travesties that Trump caused while he was in the term. All the negative ads and conspiracy those Republican Governors banjo and senators it's shameful. All the stalling that the Republicans are doing right now it's just to keep the next person from being elected to office stalling until the elect I believe that's really what they're up to.

Debbie Dalke
Jan 23, 2022   10:06 AM

The redistricting plan you passed on 1-23-22 is once again in violation of the constitution. The constitution does NOT require districts to be competitive. The constitution DOES require the plan to NOT favor or disfavor a political party. Many of the districts you are calling Democrat-leaning are nearly evenly split between the Democrats and the Republicans, and this clearly favors the Republican party as gives them a very good chance of winning those districts. I live in Wood County, and although the county is now too large for one House district, you did not need to split it so drastically. I live just outside the Bowling Green city limits, but you put me in a different district. I have a BG zip code, I am in the BG school district, and my husband pays BG taxes. You could have moved a small portion of a remote area in Wood County to another district to meet the population requirement. In addition, Wood County is in a Senate district that is not contiguous.

Matthew Baron-Chapman
Jan 23, 2022   9:59 AM

20R-13D in the Senate is 60%R, 40%D, which is NOT equivalent 54%R, 46%D. The Republicans on this committee continue to work in bad faith to hold onto a supermajority in the Senate. The Republicans have shown contempt for the Supreme Court, contempt for the rule of law, contempt for the constituition, and a contempt for the voting populous in Ohio. On the House side in the new map, the Republicans labeled 12 toss-up districts "Democrat" while all 57 Republican districts remain safely Republican; this also unduly favors one party (the Republicans) and allows them to potentially retain a supermajority in the House despirate not having a supermajority in voter preference in state-wide elections. The Republicans on this committee have acted in bad faith, and the Republican map makers have provided no legitimate explanation as to why they are complicit in breaking the law. Since the Republican map makers have repeatedly disregarded the constitution, they should be replaced.

Steven Hooten
Jan 23, 2022   12:07 AM

Once again the Republican members of this Commission have decided that the Constitution is only a suggestion. Shameless comments about the time-crunch and blatant attempts to do just the bare minimum to technically comply show that you don't have the people of Ohio in mind, only your own political futures and those of your own party. We deserve better, and we will remember come November.

Kurt Taube
Jan 22, 2022   10:09 PM

"Ohioans may opt to pursue further constitutional amendment to replace the current commission with a truly independent, nonpartisan commission that more effectively distances the redistricting process from partisan politics."

I concur with Chief Justice O'Connor's words. The people could not have been more clear that legislative and Congressional districts should fairly represent the political and racial makeup of the state. Please do your job this time. We're watching.

I live in northern Franklin County and the proposed Congressional map would place my neighborhood in District 15, which extends south and west as far as Clinton County. Our interests are in Columbus, not in Wilmington. This is a clear attempt to silence urban voters, like joining Cincinnati to Warren County in District 1 or joining Akron's eastern suburbs to rural areas in District 7. I don't want to hear regret. I want fair maps.

Deborah Lyons
Jan 22, 2022   9:45 PM

The people of Ohio have made it clear that we desire fair maps that accurately reflect the political make-up of the state while giving no unfair advantage to either party.
Please see to it that we get fair districts.
Thank you,
Deborah Lyons

Jan 22, 2022   7:56 PM

Please stop your gerrymandering get this done and do it right quit cheating is bullshit that you grown educated men and women can't get this done and get it done right I could probably do better my five-year-old grandson could do better than you people stop your gerrymandering

Mary Robertson
Jan 22, 2022   6:27 PM

Ohioans voted twice to put rules in the state constitution to end gerrymandered maps. The Supreme Court ruled that the will of the people must be honored. Do the right thing.

Eric Williamson
Jan 22, 2022   6:25 PM

Our maps need to be constitutionally drawn representing the share of the popular vote each party gets. The Senate majority leader should take note that "funny" math will not be justifiable to make a near 80/20 split. Just between the three C's and the other larger cities in Ohio the cities have more population than the rural areas however the rural areas are more empowered in the vote and in fact the gerrymandering in Southern Ohio is so bad that it does a disservice to the Democrats that could attain power in Southern Ohio such as the corridor from Chillicothe to Athens. In 2010 Ross county lost our Democratic representation in ray prior to Gerrymandering. I now live in Franklin county and I fear that I will be further gerrymandered. Governor dewine and secretary larose should vote along with the Democrats plan and pass the Democrats plan which actually gives constitutionally proportionate representation.
Heavily partisan Gerrymandering leads to political atrophy and extremism.

Matthew Baron-Chapman
Jan 22, 2022   6:06 PM

The Supreme said the maps should be 54 R 45D in the house and 18 R - 15 D in the Senate. The democrats map has this. That is the map. Mr.Huffman and Mr. Cupp appear to be acting in bad faith. Mr.DeWine, Mr. LaRose, and Mr.Faber, please side with the Constitution and go with the Dem map. If you go with Republican map, you will be shown to have voted a SECOND time AGAINST the Constitution. Your job is to uphold the Constitution, and the Constitution says thr 54R, 45D in the house and 18R, 13D in the Senate map is the correct map.

Diana DeLauche
Jan 22, 2022   6:05 PM

As a Ohio voter and taxpayer, I expect a map that is fair an equitable. Governor Devine, I expect better from you, because you promised fair mapping as part of your campaign. I believe, if you're a man of your word, you should do what right. Everyone holding office got there by the voters and that includes you Governor. We can vote all of you out for unfairness.

April Keil
Jan 22, 2022   6:02 PM

As a taxpayer, resident and concerned citizen, it's crucial for our democracy that we get to choose our elected officials and that elected officials aren't choosing their voters. The maps presented do the later. We can continue to spit on democracy and end up like Russia, or we can draw fair maps that represent the will of the people.

Clare Logan
Jan 22, 2022   5:47 PM

We see what the plan is to blatantly disregard the Ohio voters wishes for fair district maps knowingly going against your own constituents wishes is not acceptable. The Ohio Supreme Court sees it too! So please do what is fair and just giving us at least 45 House seats and 15 Senate seats for Democrats.You are to follow the reforms from 2015 and we your constituents are watching what you do and this will affect your reelection to any office including you Governor DeWine as you promised for fair mapping in your campaign .It's only right to let the people decide without map manipulation of our votes and it's unconstitutional and corrupt so please do the right thing!!

Julie Horn
Jan 22, 2022   5:26 PM

I don't know enough about this issue to be able to make any kind of proposal except that looking at the current map is a mind-bending farce. It's no wonder we have representatives like Gym Jordan and former Rep. John Bieberboth men who were so obviously out for power & money for themselves, and not giving a damn about their constituents. On its face the map is a revelation.

Carter Bach
Jan 22, 2022   5:01 PM

Whoever is doing this horrible redistricting can hold this L, like bro I've been able to produce better maps on Dave's Redistricting after 45 minutes half asleep in my high schools study hall. Just do your job you guys. This gerrymandering is cringe and desperate. And it's not what Ohioans want, they have voted to approve multiple amendments against it. Do the right thing!

Deborah Cooper
Jan 22, 2022   4:26 PM

The Ohio Supreme Court has rendered its decision, and the Redistricting Commission now has another chance to provide maps that comply with our state constitution and the will of Ohio voters. There is no excuse for failure.

Janis Baker
Jan 22, 2022   4:25 PM

I second Kyle Breitenstein's comment on January 21, 2022: "Hamilton County is populated enough to have a district to itself within the guidelines set forth in the Ohio constitution. That Steve Chabot cannot win OH-1 were it properly drawn within the Hamilton County's borders, is not reason enough to disenfranchise the voters of Hamilton County by splitting it in thirds. The urban and suburban voters of Hamilton County have different needs for representation in Congress than the rural voters of Warren County. We are owed proper representation - as are the residents of Warren County. The voters of Ohio demanded proper redistricting by an overwhelming majority. By not abiding by the rules set forth in the Ohio Constitution you are spitting in the face of the residents of this state, the Constitution, and democracy itself. OH-1must be drawn fully within the borders of Hamilton County. There is no reason for it to be any other way."

Peter Petto
Jan 22, 2022   4:25 PM

I am finding Chris Glassburn's presentation and answers much clearer and more directly responsive than those of Mr. DiRossi and his associate.

It would be helpful to the public if all of the commissioners and witnesses reference documents available to the public on this website as they go along.

But more importantly, the piecemeal approach to negotiations, apparently dictated by the majority, makes nearly everything said more difficult to understand. The adopted map is a state map " and COMPLETE proposals should be compared.

This has been compounded by disingenuous questions that President Huffman presented for the first time during a hearing, mostly the numbering nit-picking. And his asking about compactness absent a commission-adopted measure of compactness, was similarly duplicitous.

(Hearings prior to the release of census data regarding things such as compactness would have been helpful. Too late now.)

Deborah Supelak
Jan 22, 2022   4:23 PM

I have looked over analyses of competitiveness, compactness, splitting, and proportionality for the current map proposals by Republicans and Democrats for Ohio House and Ohio Senate. None of the proposed maps are flawless; there are valid criticisms of each one. The House maps by Dems and GOP are mostly equivalent in compactness, splitting, & competitiveness; the same is true of the Senate maps. BUT there is a marked difference in the proportionality! Both Dem maps are MUCH better at approaching proportional representation, while the GOP maps (although they technically meet the *minimum* criteria) again lean more toward an unconstitutional partisan advantage, which Ohio voters have clearly rejected in 2 separate referendums. Therefore I encourage you to support the Democrat proposals.

marybeth auletto
Jan 22, 2022   4:16 PM

Please listen to the experts and fix our districts to reflect our population. It is critical to our democracy.

Matthew Ford
Jan 22, 2022   4:15 PM

The voters want fair districts to pick their representatives. We do not want politicians to pick their constituents.

Vaughn Magdics
Jan 22, 2022   3:54 PM

Make the maps fair and end gerrymandering. The people deserve to decide the elections. It's well over due.

Patricia Smart
Jan 22, 2022   3:45 PM

It is high time for the Republican decision makers to hear and consider the voice of the people. We were loud and clear that we want Fair and Impartial elections... Please stop this overt Gerrymandering and pandering to those currently in power. A Nonpartisan Commission would clearly be in the best interest of the People of Ohio!

Karen Zehr
Jan 22, 2022   3:40 PM

Ohioans voted twice by over 70 percent for fair voting maps. The Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the maps forced through by Republicans are unconstitutional. Ohio voters won't settle for anything less than maps that represent the relative portion of votes between Republicans and Democrats. 54 percent Republicans and 46 percent Democrats. Anything less means abuse of power for self gain. Democrats on the commission and in the legislature should stand firm with the Supreme Court decision and not settle for anything less than fair maps. One party rule in Columbus is not helping Ohioans.

Mario Tavolieri
Jan 22, 2022   3:06 PM

While the 2nd State Senate Republican map was certainly closer to fair to representation than the 1st (and the State House Republican plan), the bias was still astronomical, and almost as poorly constructed as the old map. The State House Democratic Caucus plan thus far has been the most fair, but even that wastes 2.6 Democratic Party votes for every Republican Party voter (per Even the Democrats are helping the Republicans gerrymander, it's gotten so corrupt. Stop keeping the American people from what we have a right to, fair representation. I have voted Democrat, I have voted Republican. I am NOT saying Republicans don't deserve a fair vote, which is how I am sure these words will be twisted by bad faith actors. State Republicans are proposing 15+ wasted Democratic Party Votes for every Republican Party Vote. Stop ignoring the will of the people, and start representing us fairly, it's your job.

Robin Busby
Jan 22, 2022   3:05 PM

The voters told you we wanted fair and equitable districts. Nothing less that that is acceptable. One party leadership in this state is killing the state as young people continue to flee. For the state to attract younger people we need to be more forward thinking.

Elizabeth Schiltz
Jan 22, 2022   3:02 PM

As an Ohioan, I wanted to be sure to let you know that we are looking forward to your adoption of maps that meet the clear direction of the Ohio Supreme Court and the clear criteria of the Ohio Constitution - that is, maps that have at least 45 Democratic House and 15 Democratic Senate seats.

Thanks in advance for your work - and your attention to this crucially important matter!

Bettyjo Alexander
Jan 22, 2022   3:01 PM

To all of the legislators in Columbus who are working diligently to create fair voting districts in our state---thank you!!
BUT---to all of those who are knowingly going against the vote of the the people who want fair practices when drawing up the voting districts---WHAT is your problem???? One day you will be in the minority ,and be in the same position that Democrats are in now. Don't be so partisan that you just can't do the right thing. It is shocking to me that you can so blatantly disregard the wishes of the voters who want FAIR districts. You have power right now----use that power more wisely!!

Christi Yahl
Jan 22, 2022   3:01 PM

I ask you to follow the will of the people of Ohio and draw fair districing maps and end gerrymandering once and for all.

Peter Simon
Jan 22, 2022   2:51 PM

As a reminder, a FAIR map reflects how we vote and the partisan makeup of our state meaning we need at least 45 Democratic House seats and at least 15 Democratic Senate seats!

This is what Ohioans voted for in 2015 when we overwhelmingly passed our redistricting reform.

Airica Edmonds
Jan 22, 2022   2:28 PM

The democrats have already come up with a fair map for Ohio redistricting. I don't understand why we can't just use that map when the Republicans have shown that they love gerrymandering.

Matthew Baron-Chapman
Jan 22, 2022   2:15 PM

54% Republican districts, 46% Democratic districts, for the House AND Senate.

This should be easy. The voters and the Supreme Court spelled it out for you. We are not liking the last minute shenanigans coming out of the Republican map makers right now. Lots of toss up districts that you label "D" and tons of safe "R" districts still unduly favors the Republicans, and that is unconstituitional. There should roughly similar numbers of competitive R districts as competitive D districts. Please work together. Stand up and get the proportional map the Ohio public wants and deserves.

Kim Mueller
Jan 22, 2022   2:12 PM

Please make the district maps reflect the statewide voting averages, meaning that the districts should look like they will likely result in 55 percent Republican districts and 45 percent Democratic districts (of course actual voting may vary!) To do otherwise is a naked power grab, which leaves people without representation. It also violates the statewide referendum. NO MORE GERRYMANDERING!

Laura Hawkins
Jan 22, 2022   2:07 PM

Please respect the will of Ohio voters and draw fair maps.

Karen Pyne
Jan 22, 2022   2:06 PM

Please adjust the Ohio map to more closely represent the proportion of Republicans to Democrats statewide for fair districting.

Diana and Bill Arthur
Jan 22, 2022   2:01 PM

We must fairly reflect the voters to be a democracy.

Linda Law
Jan 22, 2022   1:54 PM

STOP partisan gerrymandering. The maps signed by Governor DeWine were an embarrassment. Let's get this right. There is no reason the maps can't comply with the requirements. We can do better Ohio!

Michael Schaal
Jan 22, 2022   1:53 PM

Please respect the Ohio constitution and the will of Ohio voters and draw fair legislative district maps.

Linda Chernick
Jan 22, 2022   1:49 PM

Ohio voters have demanded fair maps - and the Ohio Supreme Court rejected the latest gerrymandered map. You now must create a fairly proportioned map.
Linda Chernick
Member, Dayton and Ohio League of Women Voters

Mary Klain
Jan 22, 2022   1:46 PM

Ohioans overwhelmingly voted in favor of fair maps. Twice. Why is it so hard to do the just thing and draw maps that are representationally fair?!

Denise Elliott
Jan 22, 2022   1:44 PM

When drawing district lines, I understand there needs to be borders somewhere. However, those lines should NOT split a community (Solon, OH 44139) in half. That would be confusing at best.

In addition, district lines should never be drawn based on politics- nor anything masking as politics, such as race, income levels, or home value.

Please reconsider your draft. Thank you.

Jona Dela Cruz Hilario
Jan 22, 2022   1:41 PM

The maps that were struck down by the Ohio supreme court split up the AAPI community in and around Reynoldsburg into 5 separate districts in the House map and three different districts in the Senate map. This part of Columbus is home to the largest population of Bhutanese-Nepali in the world outside of Asia. This community should be kept together so their voices are not diluted and they can have a powerful voice in determining their future.

I ask that the Ohio Redistricting Commission keep the AAPI community together as much as possible and follow the redistricting reforms as outlined in the Ohio Constitution, and recently upheld by the Ohio Supreme Court, when creating these new maps. Only then will we have an Ohio that truly reflects the will of the people.

Steve Wenning
Jan 22, 2022   1:18 PM

All maps must represent the will of the people not the greed or the power hunger of the politicians. The people spoke with the amendment to the constitution. Follow it!

Margaret Fenton
Jan 22, 2022   1:18 PM

Do your job. Be fair. Reflect the voting population. Don't cheat. This isn't that hard

Barbara Ashley
Jan 22, 2022   1:15 PM

Make the whole map of districts closer to 50% Republicans as well as 50% Dem. Give the vote back to the people.. Let us choose our representatives .. how a Democracy is supposed to work.

Susan Haas
Jan 22, 2022   1:14 PM

The most recently released Republican proposed maps STILL place two Licking County Reynoldsburg precincts in separate districts. This is absolutely unacceptable and unconstitutional. While Reynoldsburg may have to be split along county lines, the maps must not further carve up this unified community to create Republican partisan advantage.

Sara Keebler
Jan 22, 2022   1:14 PM

Cincinnati is a blue city. Why are all my representatives GOP? We voted twice to fix the gerrymandering. Enough is enough. Stop playing games with our lives.

Catherine Hiles
Jan 22, 2022   1:09 PM

We need fair maps and you have a duty to the voters to draw them. Stop the gerrymandering!