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Gregory Friedman
Jan 22, 2022   11:41 AM

The sitting electorate should never decide how to unevenly divide congressional districts so as to aid their part and assure a control.

Tyler Clementi
Jan 22, 2022   11:39 AM

Ohioans demand fair districts. The 45% of voters who voted for a Democratic candidate for president would be vastly underrepresented by a 12-3 map. The districts should not be rigged to favor one political party over another.

James Roseberry
Jan 22, 2022   11:35 AM

As an Ohioan, I demand reasonable and fair electoral districts and am wholly disgusted with the now decades-long Republican game of self-service. Its a petulant betrayal of every Ohio voter, R, D, or I and shows no regard for the charge of their office or the rights of their neighbors. Ohioans demanded and voted for a constitutional amendment for a non-political process and you will deliver on that.

Sam Barron
Jan 22, 2022   11:32 AM

Drawing unfair districts that do not reflect the population of Ohio will throw off the balance of our State legislature and Ohio voters will respond by creating balance through statewide races. Please draw fair districts so that our votes can be based on the issues and performance of our officials as they should be.

Leanne Barron
Jan 22, 2022   11:27 AM

The people of Ohio have overwhelmingly supported and asked for fair maps. Please listen to your constituents and help create a voting system that reflects the will of the people. Ohio can be an example of how to do this right.

Jennifer Conklin
Jan 22, 2022   11:24 AM

Fair maps show integrity by elected officials. Have integrity. We demand fair maps.

Matthew Rubino
Jan 22, 2022   11:24 AM

I ask that all members of the Commission adhere to the rule of law and consider what the vast majority of Ohio voters asked for. In particular, holders of state offices like Mr. Faber and Mr. LaRose who are expected to discharge their duties impartially.

Melinda O'Brien
Jan 22, 2022   11:22 AM

Ohioans deserve fair maps.

Braden Beckett
Jan 22, 2022   11:17 AM

It is important to make sure that the rules and laws passed best reflect the will of every Ohioan. Currently, on a state level as well as federal, Ohioans do not have equal representation. We MUST ensure that Ohio uses fair maps and allows equal representation based on not only race, but also voting statistics. The state legislature could (and should) use statistics from the 2020 Presidential election to redraw the state and federal maps. We demand fair elections.

Shannon Gallagher
Jan 22, 2022   10:47 AM

It is your job to listen to your constituents. You're constituents have spoken and they demand fair maps that are representative of the 55% vote share for republicans and 45% for democrats. That means the districts should be drawn so that 55% of seats in each state chamber and in Congress are Republican-leaning and 45% are Democrat-leaning. We are also tired of our cities being split into multiple districts. It's been beyond frustrating that my own city has had 3 different representatives.

Michael Corey
Jan 22, 2022   10:43 AM

Ohio voters of all political stripes overwhelmingly told Ohio's elected officials of all political stripes to draw maps that were representative of the people of this state, and of the political nuances we hold. The Ohio Supreme Court swatted down an unfortunate attempt to ignore the law the people enshrined, and it is imperative that those of you charged with redrawing the map at last draw maps that follow the law, and follow the people. We will be better governed for it, and our future will be better accordingly.

Though we live in divisive times, Ohioans who otherwise disagree on the issues agreed on the need to have fairer representation--not unfair representation to punish the minority for simply being that.

Native Ohioans and new Ohioans alike want a state that works, and that is run by people who can disagree agreeably and get things done with proper care and competence and prioritization of the array of enormous challenges and opportunities before us. But it begins with this.

Scot Snelling
Jan 22, 2022   10:42 AM

Any redistricting effort that produces an electoral map with an outcome that exceeds the proportion of votes by ANY single party by a seat count greater than one is an invalid map tailored to give one side a significant over representation in the government.

Example: Ohio voted 53.27 R vs 45.24% D.
If divided evenly this would result in 8.52 R and 7.47 D seats.

Obviously we can't split seats so we'd end up with a 9-7 split, giving Republicans a slight over representation in Congress. As such, any split that exceeds a split of 10-6 would be unacceptable. Any split exceeding a 10-6 split is essentially saying a Democrat leaning voter should only have 5/8 the voting power of a Republican voter... a poor precedent to be sure.

Gerrymandering gives Republican voters a significant over representation in Congress, is antithetical to a representative democracy, and should absolutely be avoided.

Berlinda Knapp
Jan 22, 2022   10:40 AM

Gerrymandering needs to end.

Jeffrey Goliver
Jan 22, 2022   10:36 AM

Ohio voters passed an amendment to the OH Constitution because they wanted their representation in the Statehouse to represent them, not the majority party at the time of redistricting. They did that because they realized that gerrymandered maps represent the political parties, not Ohio voters. Ohio voters respect the voice of their fellow Ohioans and want them represented regardless of whether they agree with them. Parties hate each other and try to silence the other party in a naked abuse of power. Collateral damage is the representative democracy our state and country politicians swore an oath to respect and uphold.

Robert Connors
Jan 22, 2022   10:35 AM

Ohio voters overwhelmingly demand a non gerrymandered map!

Daniel Barnes
Jan 22, 2022   10:28 AM

We demand fair maps! In Ohio we voted to amend our constitution to account for fair and accurate representation. Mike DeWine needs to fulfill his campaign promise and push for fair maps.

Donna Thomas
Jan 22, 2022   10:25 AM

In May of 2018, 75% of Ohio voters voted to approve issue #1. We voted for fair districts. Voters should be able to pick their representatives.

Linda Fenner
Jan 22, 2022   10:25 AM

Please make the bi-partisan cooperation in the best interests of Ohio demonstrated in YESTERDAY'S INTEL NEWS CONFERENCE also be applied to map drawing for our state. It would be great to be identified nationally as the state that understands what the word "fair" means in elections.

Stacy Chaney-Blankenship
Jan 22, 2022   10:24 AM

The maps as currently drawn do not solve the issue of gerrymandering in Ohio. Give voters back the right to elect their representatives. Return Ohio to a fair and equal democracy. Do not let one party's desire for power supersede our right to fair elections. Ohioans deserve fair maps!

Margaret Susan
Jan 22, 2022   10:22 AM

It's not easy to amend the constitution. The People of Ohio worked hard to end gerrymandering. Try as you might to ignore their Voice, it will be at your peril.

Marvin Thomas
Jan 22, 2022   10:22 AM

Gerrymandering is not appropriate.

During the most recent (2020) election Ohio went 53% for Trump (Republican) and 45% for Biden (Democrat). In May of 2018, 75% of voters in the state of Ohio voted to approve Issue 1 (legislation for fair non-gerrymandered districts). We overwhelmingly voted for more fair districts.The districts you had prior the 2020 were significant gerrymandering and the proposed version just rejected by the Ohio Supreme Court are worse yet.

Respect you constituency and provide maps that are representative of the voting populous.

Your new congressional maps divide my home town of Solon in half. Our town has approximately 23,000 residents. Your new maps do not make sense to the residents of Solon.

Kelly Coffman
Jan 22, 2022   10:22 AM

Voters demanded fair districts and a bipartisan approach. Unite this state by doing away with gerrymandering. We will all be stronger if we can meet in the middle, and Ohio can again be a leader, somewhere younger generations want to live. Do it for the future of our entire state, not for a single political agenda.

Cathy LaParl
Jan 22, 2022   10:15 AM

Ohio voters have made it clear. We want fair maps. It's time to act in accordance with what voters have approved and what the state constitution now requires. The OH State Supreme Court rightly rejected your previously submitted maps and also spoke clearly as to what was required to establish fair and just maps. Stop delaying.

andrew zuk
Jan 22, 2022   10:10 AM

republicans have such wildly unpopular policitcal policies they must lie, cheat, gerrymander, and steal to enforce a minority rule government onto the masses. cut the fucking bullsbit ohio republicans and give us fair and equal representation NOW.

Mike Haaga
Jan 22, 2022   10:08 AM

I am disgusted that the Ohio legislature will not heed to the call of the people who are demanding fair and balanced congressional maps for the state of Ohio. It's time to get it right. The map split our city in half, our county in thirds, and made our congressional district even more gerrymandered. Unacceptable and it's time to do the right thing.

Janet Lasley
Jan 22, 2022   10:08 AM

District maps should be along county lines or using a graph like grid, not based on demographics. I find this trend using demographics disgusting and unfair to all of us . Everyone's voice is important. We are all citizens.
I believe in running our nation, states and communities for all of us together!
Our forefathers were in a different situation. We are all equal under the law, no matter how difficult it is to stomach for some.

Mike Haaga
Jan 22, 2022   10:08 AM

I am disgusted that the Ohio legislature will not heed to the call of the people who are demanding fair and balanced congressional maps for the state of Ohio. It's time to get it right. The map split our city in half, our county in thirds, and made our congressional district even more gerrymandered. Unacceptable and it's time to do the right thing.

Mary Dixon
Jan 22, 2022   9:58 AM

To be fair and equal the Redistricting Committee needs to follow the outlined rules, in particular:
1. Adhering to the federal population regulations.
2. Splitting no more than one city per district.
3. Drawing a plan where party alignment corresponds to statewide preferences.
4. Producing districts that exhibit representational fairness.
Ohioans overwhelmingly want fair maps that accurately reflect and represent our population. Please fulfill the promise of the redistricting reforms placed into the Ohio Constitution. Doing so, would help make our state safter and better represented.

Nathaniel Stitzlein
Jan 22, 2022   9:57 AM

Ohioans want and need fair maps. Ohio voters overwhelmingly passed an amendment in 2018 to put a stop to gerrymandering - we need to not favor one party in redistricting. This is not what Ohio voters wanted or expected,'' the court said of the map. Please listen to the people.

Keith Naas
Jan 22, 2022   9:56 AM

The Supreme Court of the State of Ohio was crystal clear in repeating what us voters said multiple times. All we keep hearing is excuses for the lack of transparency, delays, and lack of the right software for why everyone in the redistricting commission is not doing their jobs.

Stop negotiating and start doing what you were tasked with doing. Fair maps now.

Jeannine Bartel
Jan 22, 2022   9:55 AM

I am a Democrat in the western suburbs of Cleveland. I am tired of the Ohio Republican Party negating my vote for purely partisan reasons. Please do not disrespect Ohio voters who demanded through the electoral process fair maps so our voices can be heard and not ignored. If you are only in office because of gerrymandered maps what possible reason do you have to represent us? Looking forward to the hope I felt after the 2018 amendment to the Ohio constitution passed being fulfilled with FAIR maps.

Roni Rowe
Jan 22, 2022   9:54 AM

Follow the constitutional amendment and produce fair maps! It's your job. You've been called out by the people you represent and the Supreme Court. Ohioans are watching. The nation is watching.

Ann Allen
Jan 22, 2022   9:52 AM

We voters are watching this closely. We've asked for fair maps and expect the law to be observed in both the letter and spirit. History won't judge any more of this shenanigans kindly.

Bill Powel
Jan 22, 2022   9:49 AM

The Commission must take seriously its Constitutional mandate to approve state and Congressional district maps that align with the overall electorate. Ohio voters overwhelmingly approved a fair redistricting process in 2018. It's well past time for the required fairness to become reality.

Janelle Henderson
Jan 22, 2022   9:47 AM

I can walk 5 minutes from my house in different directions and I will be in 3 different Congressional districts. As a result of this crazy gerrymandering, how can I know that my voice is being represented? Ohioans overwhelmingly voted to create fair maps. Do your job and follow up on the wishes of the people!

Ann Davis
Jan 22, 2022   9:44 AM

We the people of Ohio voted for fair district maps both congressional and state level. It is imperative that you, who represent us, follow that amendment.

Ann Taylor
Jan 22, 2022   9:41 AM

We need a map that represents all Ohioans in a fair and balanced manner. Both sides are at fault and we need a plan that cuts through and represents all of us

Dan Hudson
Jan 22, 2022   9:36 AM

The people demand the fair maps that we voted for and that the Ohio Supreme Court upheld. You have been given your instructions from the court: 54/46 split, stop cheating and try to win on ideas for once.

Sherida Neuss
Jan 22, 2022   9:35 AM

Well, Mike, so far as Ohio being a Republican state, where were you in 2012? Obama took Ohio.

I am so thankful that our Ohio courts ruled against the commission's map. Gerrymandered maps are an insult to the intelligence of Ohioans.

We are watching. Ohio voters will not allow rigged elections!

Stephanie Bridwell
Jan 22, 2022   9:35 AM

Ohio has a diverse range of different demographics often within the same district. Under the previous map affluent suburban areas were grouped with some of the least populated areas with weak infrastructure within the same district. This construct resulted in more attention for the areas with higher population density. New maps focused on keeping communities and regions together would allow for better focus on serving all residents and perhaps creates more opportunities to hear new voices from across the state. However, the new map results in the same imbalance between urban and rural areas, now combining some areas that are not even considered the same region. I encourage the committee to consider a better balance on where the boundaries are drawn.

Don Gilliland
Jan 22, 2022   9:34 AM

Ohio voters from both parties overwhelmingly supported the fight for fair elections in Ohio. The rules were followed to bring fair districts and elections to the ballot and the people spoke, clearly and decisively. Our rights as citizens are now being blocked once again by Republican politicians trying to put party and power ahead of our votes. This is wrong, and now unconstitutional. We, The People, have spoken, now do your job - draw fair districts.

Matthew Swaidan
Jan 22, 2022   9:33 AM

Ohioans made it clear that we're tired of gerrymandered maps when we approved issue 1 with 75% of the vote. It's time for our reps to do their duty, hear their constituents, follow the Ohio constitution, and deliver us fair maps. What's the alternative if we're denied representation?

Monica Fitzpatrick
Jan 22, 2022   9:32 AM

Ohioans wants fair maps. We voted on it. It's now the law. Ohioans are tired of the super majority that is rife with corruption. Follow the law. Do your job.

Michael wright
Jan 22, 2022   9:32 AM

Quit cheating and submit a fair map

Enrique Antonio
Jan 22, 2022   9:32 AM

Fair maps are the backbone of fair elections!

Melissa Benson
Jan 22, 2022   9:31 AM

The people of Ohio overwhelmingly voted fair districts. With 55% vote share for republicans and 45% for democrats, the districts should be drawn so that 55% of seats in each state chamber and in Congress are Republican-leaning and 45% are Democrat-leaning. Follow the law and do what is right for the voters of the state of Ohio.

Jessica Chunat
Jan 22, 2022   9:23 AM

Ohio is sick and tired of the Republican legislature gerrymandering our maps and skewing the Ohio electorate. It is time for fair and honest representation of the voters of Ohio to be shown in a map. Time and time again, the biased districting commission has made maps that give a Republican supermajority when the true Ohio electorate is closer to a 54/46 split, as displayed by the 2020 election. Listen to the people who elected you and who you allegedly represent, or get out of the legislature.

Joe Bjorkman
Jan 22, 2022   9:20 AM

It's time to give Ohioans a fair shot at who they want to be represented by. Gerrymandering is a plague that infests our state and it is irresponsible to not let the people's voice to be heard. Ohio spoke in 2015 demanding fairer representation. We spoke for a decade on our politics, 54% of us supported republicans and 46% of us supported democrats throughout that time. Yet, the people's statehouse continues to harbor 2 supermajorities. It's time to give the people a fair shot. If you can't do that, I see little hope for the future of this state. The state is bleeding, and the attacks on democracy is one of the reasons why.

Susan Hyde
Jan 22, 2022   9:17 AM

Gerrymandering divides communities. In my neighborhood, one block of four streets are precisely carved out to be in a different Congressional district. This type of manipulation needs to stop. Do what the citizens of Ohio voted for and produce maps that fairly represent ALL of us.

Carolyn Porterfield-Maxey
Jan 22, 2022   9:14 AM

The people of Ohio have been clear. The Ohio Supreme Court was clear. The maps must be drawn fairly to all! FAIR AND PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION! DO IT!

Amy Powell
Jan 22, 2022   9:12 AM

FAIR MAPS!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Haaga
Jan 22, 2022   9:12 AM

We the people asked for fair and competitive districts when we voted. It is is up to you to deliver this in both the letter of the law as well as the spirit. The first maps split my city in half and lumped us in to Dave Joyce's even more gerrymandered district. We want districts where our representatives are not guaranteed to win and have to do their jobs to represent their constituents. Enough with the hyper partisan GOP behaviors and be reasonable for once.

Matt Caffrey
Jan 22, 2022   9:11 AM

When we voted to amend the Ohio Constitution, we were voting for communities kept whole, representation that was proportional, and a process freed from narrow partisan gamesmanship. This Commission failed that standard but thanks to the bipartisan decision of the Supreme Court, you have a chance to live up to it this time. We expect you to do your duty. That means fair and proportional representation. Get it done.

Michael Long
Jan 22, 2022   9:09 AM

Dont let the idiot Dems get a foothold in this state! We have seen time and time again what they do. Sure make the maps "fair" and give them "something" to appease the crybabies, but make sure its done in a way that this state is red for generations. The Dems say "we wouldnt gerrymander" but if you look elsewhere, they are liars.

Brandon Mooney
Jan 22, 2022   9:08 AM

It's very obvious what the commission must do. It was obvious the first time around, but they failed Ohio. A second chance to do what's right by Ohioans cannot be wasted. Make an honest map that follows the constitution and which has been laid out by the court in proportionality. To do otherwise is a dereliction of duty. Partisan games by the majority are unacceptable.

Connie Montgomery
Jan 22, 2022   9:08 AM

The voters in Ohio in 2015 did the right thing and now we expect are politicians to do their job. The majority of people in Ohio demand fair maps for all its voters.The money that's been wasted on all this foolishness could have been better spent in so many ways.

Sue Mitchell
Jan 22, 2022   9:08 AM

Accept nothing less than maps that provide 45 Democrats in the House and 15 Democrats in the Senate. Ohioans wrote fair elections into our constitution, the commission must provide maps that maximize the ability of all voters to choose their representation.

Susan Palmer
Jan 22, 2022   9:07 AM

The Intel deal puts Ohio in the spotlight. Gerrymandering increases corruption in government and creates an image of a backwards state that our young want to leave. It's time to clean up Ohio so we can shine.

Donna Christley
Jan 22, 2022   9:07 AM

Voters from both parties overwhelmingly supported the fight for fair elections in Ohio. I know because I helped gather the signatures. We followed the rules to bring this to the ballot and the people spoke. Our rights as citizens are now being blocked once again by politicians putting party ahead of our votes. This is wrong. The people have spoken, now do your job.

Sarah Turner
Jan 22, 2022   9:03 AM

This do-over is a great opportunity to help make elections fair for all voters, now and in the future. Be on the side of fairness.

Joree Novotny
Jan 22, 2022   9:03 AM

I want to live in a place that is represented by people with the same values of the people who live in that place. I voted for and put into our constitution along with a large majority of other Ohio voters a promise that would be how we are represented. Politicians represent us and should not try to undermine our equal representation through power grabs. Do the right thing and then win on your values and track record, not on manipulation.

Matthew Vale
Jan 22, 2022   9:02 AM

I have lived in Ohio my entire life, first in NE Ohio and moved to SW Ohio for college and stayed here. I once encouraged folks to move or stay here because I believed folks of different walks of life worked together to make life better for everyone. In adulthood, I know that is not true. Ohioians voted to change the Constitution to ensure we could pick the representatives for our voice in government, not give the representatives the opportunity to pick their constituents. I am embarrassed by our state government, whether it is how the brazenly steal from municipalities or take bribes with no or little consequence at the voting booth or within the statehouse, I am just tired. Allow maps to be competitive and don't divide neighborhoods into several districts just to lessen the impact of our voice. It is embarrassing. Do the right thing.

Amber Stults
Jan 22, 2022   9:02 AM

Ohioans across the state worked to get fair districts into the ballot. And then Ohioans voted for maps that represent us. Stop making these poorly designed district maps. Stop gerrymandering. Start doing what Ohioans have requested. Start doing what is required by law.

Nancy Cohen
Jan 22, 2022   9:00 AM

The people of Ohio couldn't have been clearer about their desire for fair maps. The Supreme Court couldn't have been clearer in their directive that masks MUST be proportionate to the statewide votes. Do your jobs and stop wasting everyone's time. Fair maps proponents have shown how it is possible to draw constitutional maps. Stop playing around trying to figure out how to get around the Ohio Constitution. The people of Ohio are watching and have long memories. Produce a bipartisan mask today!

Ian Campbell
Jan 22, 2022   8:57 AM

Don't embarrass yourself or the state of Ohio. We voters put this process in place for this very reason, so do your duty and create fair districts. Make Ohio an example of successful democratic process, a leader in how citizens should be represented. Anything else would be blatant admittance that you don't care what voters think and only care about power.

Erin Hachtel
Jan 22, 2022   8:55 AM

I am a Wood County voter asking you to draw district maps that are in compliance with Ohio law. Non-partisan experts in the field have demonstrated that this is possible. Accept one of the maps that meet our constitutional requirements today.

Thomas Riley
Jan 22, 2022   8:54 AM

The GOP can't win without gerrymandering because their platform is trash and so are their candidates. GOP, just as their leader, are self-serving narcissists with nothing useful to offer, and nothing said in any of these comments will stop them from gerrymandering because it's the only way they can retain political power.

Thomas Riley
Jan 22, 2022   8:54 AM

The GOP can't win without gerrymandering because their platform is trash and so are their candidates. GOP, just as their leader, are self-serving narcissists with nothing useful to offer, and nothing said in any of these comments will stop them from gerrymandering because it's the only way they can retain political power.

Pam Chunat
Jan 22, 2022   8:50 AM

We voted for fair maps. democracy only works when the government follows the will of the voters. Voters should select their leaders rather than the leaders selecting their voters. Do what we asked you to do.

Jon Fallon
Jan 22, 2022   8:49 AM

Do the job as the voters in Ohio demanded, and as the constitution of Ohio that you supposedly adhere to lays out clearly. There's already maps drawn that are proportional, pick one. I demand no less.

Emily Glenn
Jan 22, 2022   8:49 AM

Ohio voters have spoken and the Ohio Supreme Court reinforced our sentiments. Stop wasting Ohio's time and money and draw districts that are actually representative of Ohio voters. This is shameful and embarrassing.

Tessa Busch
Jan 22, 2022   8:48 AM

Why is it so hard to do what the people who voted you into office want? Do you jobs.

Laura Meredith
Jan 22, 2022   8:48 AM

To gop commission members, quit recessing in your bunker and do your job. Do what Ohioans have voted for. Do what the SC has tasked you with. Create fair maps. We are watching.

Jim Piascik
Jan 22, 2022   8:47 AM

I'm so tired of living in a state that is gerrymandered out of its mind. I want to live in a state where the will of the voters - no matter which way that goes - is represented. If Democrats have more votes, they should have that many representatives proportionally. And same for if Republicans have more votes. But this ridiculous gerrymandering needs to be stopped. Ohio is fairly close to a 50-50 state and our representatives shouldn't be skewing so heavily to one party or another.

Chris Bracken
Jan 22, 2022   8:46 AM

Create fair districts. Do your job. The people spoke in 2015. The gerrymandering carried out by the GOP is an assault on our democracy.

Marcia Ellis
Jan 22, 2022   8:45 AM

Running out the clock on this is embarrassing for Ohio. Follow the will of the VOTERS, not your political party.

Jack Viney
Jan 22, 2022   8:42 AM

Submit to the will of the people or witness the fall of your civilization

John Smith
Jan 22, 2022   7:48 AM

We already voted for fair districts, this is utterly ridiculous that voters in this state need to plea for equal representation. Our democracy is failing with gerrymandering. In a 17 rep state, based on recent voting, Ohio should be roughly 9-8 GOP. With 16 seats, either 8-8 or 9-7 (landslide elections aside). 13-4 GOP was a literal travesty and an insult to our democracy.

Ruth Golladay
Jan 22, 2022   7:47 AM

Members of the ORC, congratulations! You've managed to run-out the clock, prove your partisan agenda, waste Ohioan's time and money, and then rely on another branch of government to point out how bad you are at your job. Incompetence and cowardice is on display. Do us all a favor and choose one of the many citizen maps submitted in the early days, maps drawn by serious Ohioans, who showed more patriotism in their efforts than any of you have. Let's end the drama!!

Mary Earle
Jan 22, 2022   7:41 AM

The voters have asked for fair districts and the court has ruled. We call for the order to be followed Let democracy work!

Lee Kirkpatrick
Jan 22, 2022   7:22 AM

I expect the Commission members to direct their staff to facilitate the process to comply with the Supreme Court ruling that the maps must meet the 54% Republican, 46% Democrat proportionality. It is possible, expected, and has been demonstrated by the minority to meet this goal of House 45 D, 54 R; Senate 15 D, 18 R. Reluctance to accept State of Ohio redistricting maps that meet all requirements is a roadblock. In negotiations, the majority has been a direct obstacle to the process. Delay is not a legitimate option or strategy. Each citizen must be fairly represented with honestly and fairly drawn The voters have made this clear.

Catherine Rubbo
Jan 22, 2022   6:23 AM

I urge you to provide all the citizens of Ohio with a fair election map. These fights are endangering our democracy. Let us all commit ourselves to playing fair. The consequences of anything else will be very dire. Please do this right. Thank you.

Lorie Staffan
Jan 22, 2022   4:16 AM

The Redistricting Commision must provide a fairly drawn map as required by law. We the People directed you to do so. No more gerrymandering!

Harriet Slive
Jan 22, 2022   12:49 AM

What would it take to awaken in you the enjoyment of civility, the strength of grace, the self confidence of good sportsmanship, the self respect of integrity, and the rich prosperity of mutuality?

Janis Baker
Jan 22, 2022   12:26 AM

I expect the Commission members to direct their staff to facilitate the process to comply with the Supreme Court ruling that the maps must ... meet the 54% Republican, 46% Democrat proportionality. It is possible, expected, and has been demonstrated by the minority to meet this goal of House 45 D, 54 R; Senate 15 D, 18 R. Reluctance to accept State of Ohio redistricting maps that meet all requirements is a roadblock. In negotiations the majority has been a direct obstacle to the process. Delay is not a legitimate option or strategy. Each citizen must be fairly represented with honestly and fairly drawn The voters have made this clear.

Connie Helman
Jan 21, 2022   11:40 PM

Ohioans need democracy, not
Lopsided gerrymandering. Follow
The law, please!

Marketa Anderson
Jan 21, 2022   11:08 PM

It's time to restore the public's faith in democracy and stop gerrymandering to give advantage to one party.
-Hold meaningful public hearings to hear from experts as well as Ohio voters;
- Conduct a process with full transparency; and
- Prioritize the needs of communities over short-sighted, partisan concerns.

Julie Kronenberger
Jan 21, 2022   10:59 PM

You are required by law to draw district maps that reflect the 54/46% margin. You've been offered maps, drawn by non-partisan experts in the field, that meet the requirements. Accept one of these maps that meet the constitutional requirements and put it into effect. Simple.

Shannon Helfinstine
Jan 21, 2022   9:31 PM

The people of Summit County and all of Ohio deserve and demand fair maps and equal voting rights for all. We plead with you to do better.

Sharon Hamersley
Jan 21, 2022   9:26 PM

It's time to do the right thing and create districts that reflect the ACTUAL distribution of Democratic and Republican voters.

Suresh Chandra
Jan 21, 2022   9:14 PM

Partisan gerrymandering runs counter to the spirit of true democracy. It should be outlawed.

Sybrina King
Jan 21, 2022   9:05 PM

Speaking directly to the Republican commission members, you know the invalidated maps weren't fair, weren't right. You have to know that this whole map-drawing process hasn't been fair and isn't right. But, you can make it right. You can make it right by working with your Democratic colleagues to adopt district maps that satisfy the criteria outlined by our state's Supreme Court.

It's time to honor voters' wishes. It's time to comply with court rulings. It's time to do the right thing.

It's time.

Inder Chandra
Jan 21, 2022   8:09 PM

The people of Ohio deserve fair representation. GOP stop suppressing the vote. Let people vote, it is their right.

Mark Franko
Jan 21, 2022   7:59 PM

Fair districts should be the norm. WE ARE A DEMOCRACY!

Melissa Longfellow
Jan 21, 2022   7:45 PM

The people of Ohio voted for changes to the redistricting procedures to end Gerrymandering. What the committee came back with was a slap in the face of those voters. Unfair maps undermine our democracy. Do better.

Katy Shanahan
Jan 21, 2022   7:45 PM

In 2015, Ohio voters spoke with a resounding voice when we overwhelmingly supported a redistricting reform measure meant to deliver us the fair maps that we deserve. Unfortunately the will of the people was ignored by the Republican Commissioners who passed in Sept - along party lines - rigged state legislative maps that would've given them nearly 70% of our legislative seats in a state that votes just 54% Republican. The Ohio Supreme Court rightfully struck down those maps as unconstitutional partisan gerrymanders.

The Commission has been given a second chance to deliver for Ohioans and for our democracy. The only remaining question is: will they rise to the occasion to do it? Will they adopt state legislative maps that keep communities together, that empower communities of color through real pathways to political power, and reflect how we vote with 45 Democratic House seats and 15 Democratic Senate seats?

It's time for fair maps in Ohio. It's time for the Commission to deliver.

joan erhardt
Jan 21, 2022   7:40 PM

Regarding the proposed Senate map published January 20th for Hamilton and Warren Counties: Hamilton County is predominantly Democratic. Interior parts of Hamilton County should never be paired with rural portions of adjacent counties in State Senate maps. There should be no maps that link core communities of Hamilton County with rural Warren County communities: they have very limited common interest. The will of the people of Ohio was clearly expressed in a 2015 Ohio State Constitutional Amendment stating that districts should be drawn to reflect the preferences of the voters. A commission dominated by a Republican majority appears to be redrawing state maps to increase the Republican majority. I am an independent voter and strongly object to overt efforts to tip the playing field.

Gerald Sgro
Jan 21, 2022   7:39 PM

Our state representatives are supposed to reflect the will of the people. The people overwhelmingly voted for fair districts. Is there a way to recall these representatives that so blatantly disregard there duty to the people?

Daniel Fickes
Jan 21, 2022   7:37 PM

It is essential that the commission respect the will of Ohio's voters, as expressed in the constitutional amendment that they approved in 2015. The attempt of the Republicans on this commission to circumvent the voters was shameful and must not be repeated. Gerrymandering must be a thing of the past.

Gary Ehrmin
Jan 21, 2022   7:30 PM

The new maps should be drawn to that they reflect proportionally the ratio of 54% Republican and 46% Democrats. To do so would be a failure to honor the voice of all citizens of Ohio.