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Marcia Ellis
Jan 22, 2022   8:45 AM

Running out the clock on this is embarrassing for Ohio. Follow the will of the VOTERS, not your political party.

Jack Viney
Jan 22, 2022   8:42 AM

Submit to the will of the people or witness the fall of your civilization

John Smith
Jan 22, 2022   7:48 AM

We already voted for fair districts, this is utterly ridiculous that voters in this state need to plea for equal representation. Our democracy is failing with gerrymandering. In a 17 rep state, based on recent voting, Ohio should be roughly 9-8 GOP. With 16 seats, either 8-8 or 9-7 (landslide elections aside). 13-4 GOP was a literal travesty and an insult to our democracy.

Ruth Golladay
Jan 22, 2022   7:47 AM

Members of the ORC, congratulations! You've managed to run-out the clock, prove your partisan agenda, waste Ohioan's time and money, and then rely on another branch of government to point out how bad you are at your job. Incompetence and cowardice is on display. Do us all a favor and choose one of the many citizen maps submitted in the early days, maps drawn by serious Ohioans, who showed more patriotism in their efforts than any of you have. Let's end the drama!!

Mary Earle
Jan 22, 2022   7:41 AM

The voters have asked for fair districts and the court has ruled. We call for the order to be followed Let democracy work!

Lee Kirkpatrick
Jan 22, 2022   7:22 AM

I expect the Commission members to direct their staff to facilitate the process to comply with the Supreme Court ruling that the maps must meet the 54% Republican, 46% Democrat proportionality. It is possible, expected, and has been demonstrated by the minority to meet this goal of House 45 D, 54 R; Senate 15 D, 18 R. Reluctance to accept State of Ohio redistricting maps that meet all requirements is a roadblock. In negotiations, the majority has been a direct obstacle to the process. Delay is not a legitimate option or strategy. Each citizen must be fairly represented with honestly and fairly drawn The voters have made this clear.

Catherine Rubbo
Jan 22, 2022   6:23 AM

I urge you to provide all the citizens of Ohio with a fair election map. These fights are endangering our democracy. Let us all commit ourselves to playing fair. The consequences of anything else will be very dire. Please do this right. Thank you.

Lorie Staffan
Jan 22, 2022   4:16 AM

The Redistricting Commision must provide a fairly drawn map as required by law. We the People directed you to do so. No more gerrymandering!

Harriet Slive
Jan 22, 2022   12:49 AM

What would it take to awaken in you the enjoyment of civility, the strength of grace, the self confidence of good sportsmanship, the self respect of integrity, and the rich prosperity of mutuality?

Janis Baker
Jan 22, 2022   12:26 AM

I expect the Commission members to direct their staff to facilitate the process to comply with the Supreme Court ruling that the maps must ... meet the 54% Republican, 46% Democrat proportionality. It is possible, expected, and has been demonstrated by the minority to meet this goal of House 45 D, 54 R; Senate 15 D, 18 R. Reluctance to accept State of Ohio redistricting maps that meet all requirements is a roadblock. In negotiations the majority has been a direct obstacle to the process. Delay is not a legitimate option or strategy. Each citizen must be fairly represented with honestly and fairly drawn The voters have made this clear.

Connie Helman
Jan 21, 2022   11:40 PM

Ohioans need democracy, not
Lopsided gerrymandering. Follow
The law, please!

Marketa Anderson
Jan 21, 2022   11:08 PM

It's time to restore the public's faith in democracy and stop gerrymandering to give advantage to one party.
-Hold meaningful public hearings to hear from experts as well as Ohio voters;
- Conduct a process with full transparency; and
- Prioritize the needs of communities over short-sighted, partisan concerns.

Julie Kronenberger
Jan 21, 2022   10:59 PM

You are required by law to draw district maps that reflect the 54/46% margin. You've been offered maps, drawn by non-partisan experts in the field, that meet the requirements. Accept one of these maps that meet the constitutional requirements and put it into effect. Simple.

Shannon Helfinstine
Jan 21, 2022   9:31 PM

The people of Summit County and all of Ohio deserve and demand fair maps and equal voting rights for all. We plead with you to do better.

Sharon Hamersley
Jan 21, 2022   9:26 PM

It's time to do the right thing and create districts that reflect the ACTUAL distribution of Democratic and Republican voters.

Suresh Chandra
Jan 21, 2022   9:14 PM

Partisan gerrymandering runs counter to the spirit of true democracy. It should be outlawed.

Sybrina King
Jan 21, 2022   9:05 PM

Speaking directly to the Republican commission members, you know the invalidated maps weren't fair, weren't right. You have to know that this whole map-drawing process hasn't been fair and isn't right. But, you can make it right. You can make it right by working with your Democratic colleagues to adopt district maps that satisfy the criteria outlined by our state's Supreme Court.

It's time to honor voters' wishes. It's time to comply with court rulings. It's time to do the right thing.

It's time.

Inder Chandra
Jan 21, 2022   8:09 PM

The people of Ohio deserve fair representation. GOP stop suppressing the vote. Let people vote, it is their right.

Mark Franko
Jan 21, 2022   7:59 PM

Fair districts should be the norm. WE ARE A DEMOCRACY!

Melissa Longfellow
Jan 21, 2022   7:45 PM

The people of Ohio voted for changes to the redistricting procedures to end Gerrymandering. What the committee came back with was a slap in the face of those voters. Unfair maps undermine our democracy. Do better.

Katy Shanahan
Jan 21, 2022   7:45 PM

In 2015, Ohio voters spoke with a resounding voice when we overwhelmingly supported a redistricting reform measure meant to deliver us the fair maps that we deserve. Unfortunately the will of the people was ignored by the Republican Commissioners who passed in Sept - along party lines - rigged state legislative maps that would've given them nearly 70% of our legislative seats in a state that votes just 54% Republican. The Ohio Supreme Court rightfully struck down those maps as unconstitutional partisan gerrymanders.

The Commission has been given a second chance to deliver for Ohioans and for our democracy. The only remaining question is: will they rise to the occasion to do it? Will they adopt state legislative maps that keep communities together, that empower communities of color through real pathways to political power, and reflect how we vote with 45 Democratic House seats and 15 Democratic Senate seats?

It's time for fair maps in Ohio. It's time for the Commission to deliver.

joan erhardt
Jan 21, 2022   7:40 PM

Regarding the proposed Senate map published January 20th for Hamilton and Warren Counties: Hamilton County is predominantly Democratic. Interior parts of Hamilton County should never be paired with rural portions of adjacent counties in State Senate maps. There should be no maps that link core communities of Hamilton County with rural Warren County communities: they have very limited common interest. The will of the people of Ohio was clearly expressed in a 2015 Ohio State Constitutional Amendment stating that districts should be drawn to reflect the preferences of the voters. A commission dominated by a Republican majority appears to be redrawing state maps to increase the Republican majority. I am an independent voter and strongly object to overt efforts to tip the playing field.

Gerald Sgro
Jan 21, 2022   7:39 PM

Our state representatives are supposed to reflect the will of the people. The people overwhelmingly voted for fair districts. Is there a way to recall these representatives that so blatantly disregard there duty to the people?

Daniel Fickes
Jan 21, 2022   7:37 PM

It is essential that the commission respect the will of Ohio's voters, as expressed in the constitutional amendment that they approved in 2015. The attempt of the Republicans on this commission to circumvent the voters was shameful and must not be repeated. Gerrymandering must be a thing of the past.

Gary Ehrmin
Jan 21, 2022   7:30 PM

The new maps should be drawn to that they reflect proportionally the ratio of 54% Republican and 46% Democrats. To do so would be a failure to honor the voice of all citizens of Ohio.

Pam Korenewych
Jan 21, 2022   7:24 PM

Please create fair districts that comply with the Ohio Constitution, and are proportional to how Ohioans vote. It is possible to comply with the rules and draw fair maps. You just have to commit to doing it! Fair Districts Ohio held a mapping competition where citizen-mappers submitted maps that fully complied. Do the same!

Jan 21, 2022   7:07 PM

FAIR redistricted maps were already submitted but ignored by the majority of Republicans on the panel. The maps represented the barely 50% majority of Ohioans that vote Republican. If Republicans don't cheat, they cannot win and they know it! We VOTED FOR FAIR DISTRICTS! GIVE US FAIR DISTRICTS NOW!!!

Marie Covington
Jan 21, 2022   7:03 PM

Please recognize and follow the will of the people and create fair maps. We are watching...

Kyle Breitenstein
Jan 21, 2022   7:02 PM

Hamilton County is populated enough to have a district to itself within the guidelines set forth in the Ohio constitution. That Steve Chabot cannot win OH-1 were it properly drawn within the Hamilton County's borders, is not reason enough to disenfranchise the voters of Hamilton County by splitting it in thirds. The urban and suburban voters of Hamilton County have different needs for representation in Congress than the rural voters of Warren County. We are owed proper representation - as are the residents of Warren County. The voters of Ohio demanded proper redistricting by an overwhelming majority. By not abiding by the rules set forth in the Ohio Constitution you are spitting in the face of the residents of this state, the Constitution, and democracy itself. OH-1must be drawn fully within the borders of Hamilton County. There is no reason for it to be any other way.

Susanne Klingenberg
Jan 21, 2022   6:57 PM

Voters and Supreme Court How can you as elected officials, ignore the overwhelming positive direction of Ohio. Follow the constituents direct not your bias lean.

Brian Witt
Jan 21, 2022   6:52 PM

Make the districts fair you dummies. But you won't because the new gop sucks.

Kathy Austin
Jan 21, 2022   6:37 PM

Is it still a democracy if one party controls the voting process? I feel too many people value power over people. Please step up and create fair redistricting.

Andrea Williams
Jan 21, 2022   6:36 PM

Listen to the voice of the voters in Ohio and provide accurate representation of districts. Use an independent commission to draw maps.

Margaret Mueller
Jan 21, 2022   6:30 PM

Ohioans voted to amend the constitution so that we could have fair maps, and we expect them.

Mary Tensing
Jan 21, 2022   6:21 PM

What is so difficult about making fair districts? What fear do we have about honesty?

Karen Carey
Jan 21, 2022   6:19 PM

Fair maps for ALL of Ohio!!!

al jackson
Jan 21, 2022   6:14 PM

A number of maps that meet the criteria have already been submitted. It's time to listen to the voters and give us fair maps.

Mary Foote
Jan 21, 2022   6:10 PM

Stop gerrymandering and give us fair maps!

Jeremy Ward
Jan 21, 2022   6:05 PM

Save us from these shitbag Republicans.

We are split 55/45 on voting, it should be 55/45 on districts, not 90/10 like these organized criminals proposed.

Jonathan Turnwald
Jan 21, 2022   5:56 PM

The constitutional amendment passed in 2018 made it very clear that the citizens of Ohio want fair maps. As someone who is living in Cincinnati, I cannot remember the last time Steve Chabot came to visit the city to see its issues and bring those to congress. There is no reason, the vast majority of Hamilton County can't be one congressional district. If we all pay taxes towards 1 county, we should all share a representative to congress as well.

Leilani Lotri Diaz
Jan 21, 2022   5:55 PM

Ask yourself a few questions before approving the maps. Who would these maps help and represent, the party in power or all Ohioans? Is this fair? Is it Gerrymandering? Is it taking the power away from minority voters? Be fair! Politics is to serve the People not the party or the personal interests of the members of the parties. You all know these maps are only helping the party in power in Ohio and no one else. You will all drag Ohio to the ground for being greedy and power hungry.

Ruth Hardy
Jan 21, 2022   5:53 PM

Testimony to the Ohio Redistricting Commission 1.19.22
I am asking the commission to draw new maps based on the model of the Ohio Citizen Redistricting Commission's unity maps: Proportionality - These OCRC maps better reflect how Ohioans actually vote statewide, as the Constitution requires in Article XI: Section 6 B. At the state legislative level at least 44 Democratic House seats (out of 99 seats) and 15 Democratic Senate seats (out of 33 seats) are possible. Representational Fairness - The OCRC maps honor the voters' intent to create fair districts by ensuring that minority voters are more fai

Joshua Walker
Jan 21, 2022   5:40 PM

Members of the committee, gerrymandering is a blight to our state and a stain on your records as statesmen. On this next map find it in yourselves to do the job the citizens of our state directed you to do. Equal representation is not aspirational it is your mandate.

Janis Ford
Jan 21, 2022   5:33 PM

The redistricting law--an Ohio Constitution amendment supported by a large nonpartisan majority of Ohio voters--requires a map that is compact and does not favor either party. The current map does mot comply with the law, so it must be changed. Why is this controversial? If drawing such a map is too complicated for the legislature, just use one of the maps created by the League of Women Voters and Common Cause.

Rick Goodman
Jan 21, 2022   5:28 PM

The voters of Ohio voted for fair district lines. Somehow our elected officials didn't get the message in round one of redrawing the lines. Splitting the larger Democratic areas in two and combining them with highly Republican district to make them red overall is not a fair way of redrawing the lines. Please adhere to the wishes of the Ohio voters.
Thank you
Rick Goodman

Jan 21, 2022   5:21 PM

The the voters of Ohio have passed a law requiring fair maps. The Ohio supreme court confirmed this intent and have demanded that the commission follow the law. Thus far you've only payed 'lip service' to the law and continued to propose a gerrymandered map. As public servants, you are required to put partisan politics behind you and propose a map that meets the law. Many independent maps the meet the law have been proposed. Please select the one that best fits the law.

Stacy Chaney-Blankenship
Jan 21, 2022   5:19 PM

The maps as drawn do not solve the issue of gerrymandering in Ohio. Give voters back the right to elect their representatives. Return Ohio to a fair and equal democracy. Ohioans deserve fair maps!

Robert Rogers
Jan 21, 2022   5:06 PM

The Ohio Constitution requires a roughly proportional districting scheme. This is not difficult to achieve, and your failure to do so indicates an unacceptable level of bad faith on the part of the redistricting committee. If, somehow, you are incapable of doing the math, I recommend you consult the relevant department of one of our many, wonderful, public universities.

Barbara Amatos
Jan 21, 2022   5:05 PM

Please draw fair voting districts. I really want my vote to count. The Ohio Constitution requires fair and equal districts. So for all that's fair and just do THE RIGHT THING! You just might sleep better.

Dorothee Bouquet
Jan 21, 2022   4:39 PM

American voters deserve fair electoral maps. 75% of Ohioans agree that we need to avoid gerrymandering and should have maps that are drawn in a bipartisan manner. Redraw the maps for fair elections. We are watching.

John Hindman
Jan 21, 2022   4:39 PM

It is past time for the voters in Ohio to get fair voting districts. In 2015 and 2018, the voters told you clearly what they wanted - fairly drawn districts. Now the Ohio Supreme Court has reiterated that standard. I urge the Commission to do its job and develop the fair maps that the voters have requested and deserve.

--John Hindman

Michael Zavala
Jan 21, 2022   4:36 PM

I voted along with majority of the citizens of Ohio to redraw the maps and end gerrymandering. You seem to care more about expanding/cementing power and being corrupt than doing what citizens voted for. This isn't a left or right thing, majority of us want fair maps drawn so please do your jobs and do so.

Tom Reardon
Jan 21, 2022   4:29 PM

75% of the voters of Ohio supported that districts be drawn fairly. Please do not ignore this mandate. Rarely do we get 75% of people to agree on anything. Gerrymandering is wrong no matter who does it. Draw the maps fairly or get someone who can be impartial to do it. Thank you.

Eric Bischoff
Jan 21, 2022   4:22 PM

As a citizen, (side note of also being a registered Republican), I demand that new districts are proportional per the Supreme Court ruling. I also want competitive districts. Districts should not be virtually "decided" in primaries before the general election even takes place. Competitive districts would require the ideas of each party to compete with each other as is the best case for democracies and for this country. Gerrymandering is bad for citizens and the country.

Gaynelle Predmore
Jan 21, 2022   4:19 PM

Ohio voters have spoken and the time to create fair districts is NOW. Please show us you can do this, we're counting on you to do it right this time. Unfair districts discourage voting, make fair districts to encourage ALL voters.

Maggie Bartlett
Jan 21, 2022   4:07 PM

We finally have the chance for fairly drawn congressional maps free of political gerrymandering. Equality Ohio supports a state legislative map that represents communities and gives LGBTQ+ Ohioans supportive and affirming representation. Please keep communities together and accurately reflect the 54% Republican and 46% Democrat split. If you cannot do it, resign. If not, we'll look forward to voting out those who are making this process so difficult.

Maggie Bartlett
Jan 21, 2022   4:07 PM

We finally have the chance for fairly drawn congressional maps free of political gerrymandering. Equality Ohio supports a state legislative map that represents communities and gives LGBTQ+ Ohioans supportive and affirming representation. Please keep communities together and accurately reflect the 54% Republican and 46% Democrat split. If you cannot do it, resign. If not, we'll look forward to voting out those who are making this process so difficult.

Diane Kumley
Jan 21, 2022   3:56 PM

Reading through the comments it's obvious that Ohioans, of both parties, want fairly drawn maps. Was this not clear to you after we voted on this?
It's disgraceful that you chose to ignore the will of the voters. Whom do you think you were fooling?
The only way we will move ahead as a state and a country is if elected officials consider the opinions and well-being of all voters. Do your job.

Kathryn Sasowsky
Jan 21, 2022   3:53 PM

I urge you to make districts which both represent the state's political split (~55% Republican and ~45% Democratic) and keep counties and cities intact as separate districts. It is the will of the people to have fair districts that are compact (no tails) and contiguous, not just connected, but disparate areas.

Sean Cunningham
Jan 21, 2022   3:50 PM

The maps that were overturned by the Ohio Supreme Court are an insult to the people of Ohio. You so clearly didn't do what the voters demanded. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. You owe the people of Ohio an apology for so blatantly subverting the will of the voters. Please at least come up with a map that has even the vaguest semblance of fairness and stop insulting us with claims to that maps gerrymandered to the greatest extent possible are fair

rita lambert
Jan 21, 2022   3:47 PM

The rigging has to stop, it's absolutely ridiculous how biased this map is! You don't get to steal elections!! Also we already voted on it, that should be the end of it!

Sherwin Little
Jan 21, 2022   3:47 PM

I am shocked that anyone would consider the proposed Congressional District 1 to be anything but gerrymandered. The strange little bridge between Hamilton County and Warren County makes no sense unless for political purposes. I live in the land bridge, and I have more common interests with the folks two miles south of my, who are in a different district, than the lovely people in far Eastern Warren County and I am confident they feel the same way.

Sally Francis
Jan 21, 2022   3:43 PM

The people of Ohio are tired of excuses for the series of rigged district maps and backroom deals being made for the benefit of a single party. It is time for a transparent process. It is time to work together to draw maps that meet the criteria required by the Ohio Constitution and now the Ohio Supreme Court. Now is the time for the Ohio Redistricting Commission to draw maps that protect democracy and ensure that all Ohioans are represented by their elected officials.

Maryellen Cameron
Jan 21, 2022   3:43 PM

In the long run you cannot overcome the demographic changes that are changing the electorate to your disadvantage. Catering to the shrinking demographic is foolish. Good governance will earn votes from all demographics. Fair maps and serving the interests of average citizens instead of groveling to First Energy is good governance. Consider this. All of those Intel jobs will be for people with higher educations and critical thinking skills. They will dilute your base further. Why not choose to follow the Constitution and impress them?

Marian Miller
Jan 21, 2022   3:33 PM

Basically districts should be as compact or 'square' as possible. A person with transportation issues should still be able to get to their representatives home office or event. District 5 and 6 are way too elongated to make that easy for some people. And if you are trying to make compact districts Wood county should definitely be in district 9 instead of trying to spread the district out for some reason.
I know that democratic controlled states do the same monkey business but I EXPECT BETTER from all of you. In order to have effective government there needs to be opportunity for all views to be heard and acted upon. Partisan districts only lead to uninformed reps/senators and voters. DO BETTER!

Sandra Rubin-Wright
Jan 21, 2022   3:30 PM

The voters of Ohio have spoken. We want fairly drawn congressional maps free of political gerrymandering. It's a simple directive. If you cannot do it, resign and allow those who can do the job.

Stanley Hirtle
Jan 21, 2022   3:27 PM

The Social Justice and Peacemaking Ministry Unit of College Hill Community Presbyterian Church, Dayton, Ohio urges the Commission to promptly obey the law and the Ohio Supreme Court's decisions and immediately enact fair maps that do not give a partisan advantage to either party, are fair to minority voters and which comply with the law. Every American's vote should have equal influence in the government that results. Our faith tradition expects justice from the powerful. Gerrymandering creates uncompetitive districts, and discourages voters who feel that the districting has determined the outcome and that their votes don't count. They will disengage and not participate. Officials will serve, not the voters but those who draw the districts. You must not resist the rule of law or seek some additional clever way to create partisan bias. Fortunately, the citizens of Ohio have presented you with numerous potential maps that meet all the legal criteria. Please take advantage of these.

William Mertz
Jan 21, 2022   3:21 PM

Gerrymandering undercuts representative democracy. Please draw fair maps that help make everyone's vote matter equally.

Martha Kline
Jan 21, 2022   3:03 PM

Please redraw the districts fairly per the Constitution and the Supreme Court ruling. Fair districts and fair representation. Trying to win at all costs is not good governance and is not good for our state and nation. Do what is good and what is right.

Kristan Hoffman
Jan 21, 2022   2:47 PM

Regardless of party, the people of Ohio want fairly drawn district maps, because that is what will best allow them to properly elect representatives who will reflect and serve their interests. It really is that simple and reasonable. Doing so is your duty and privilege to carry out. Please and thank you.

Mary Vormbrock
Jan 21, 2022   2:45 PM

The people of Ohio voted overwhelmingly for redistricting reform. We deserve what we voted for - a transparent process with public input, districts that are competitive and representative of the people of Ohio. It's time for those charged with this task follow the will of the people. End the gerrymandering now.

Mark Staller
Jan 21, 2022   2:40 PM

Lets try to exhibit some actual leadership and do what's right for the state, not just your party. Party comes last...LAST. Perhaps the GOP should try to win elections based upon strong candidates and policies...not gaming the system. I know thats crazy talk, but thats what we voted for!

Andrew Dmytryk
Jan 21, 2022   2:39 PM

A vital component of a functioning democracy is the accurate representation of the voices of its people. In the last presidential election, Ohioans voted at a rate of 45/55 % Democrat/Republican. Our representatives and districts should reflect that.

James Borchert
Jan 21, 2022   2:39 PM

Ohio voters have demanded that gerrymandering is not to be permitted. It is time to follow the wishes of the Ohio public and prepare House and Senate voting districts that reflect the actual voting percentages, not those sought by the Republican Party majority.

Nina Fuggetta
Jan 21, 2022   2:37 PM

Our country is in great peril, we are at a crossroads, if you continue to 'sway' the vote for partisan power while you are living, what happens to democracy for your children, your grandchildren? Think about it....please draw the maps fairly...instead of trying to gather up your voters, and drawing the lines from there. That's not democracy that our founders created. That is more like non-democratic nations...wouldn't you agree? And, who, I ask, wants that?

Fanche Nastev
Jan 21, 2022   2:36 PM

Please uphold the will of the people of Ohio and develop fair maps which represent all Ohio citizens. Do your constitutional duty. Our democracy is on the line.

Deborah Fleming
Jan 21, 2022   2:36 PM

I believe in fair district maps for both the State House and Congressional representatives because I am a taxpayer and should be represented. As the districts are now drawn, I have no representation at the state level and yet I am expected to pay taxes and obey laws. With competitive districts, representatives are forced to listen to all constituents, even those in the opposing party, and to try to help them when possible. As the districts are now drawn, I live in a totalitarian state.

Michel Coconis
Jan 21, 2022   2:35 PM

Just another Ohioan embarrassed to be here with leadership that seeks power and growth through something pretty close to "cheating" even in the public eye. Some kind of threshold is being crossed here and now but there is a chance to retreat from the cheat and correct the proposed districts as indicated in the Supreme Court's determination of unconstitutional districting and processes. Many fair districts were proposed and drawn you could use closer to the 55-45% splits rather than the 70+% you tried to use previously. Transparent hearings too. We can do better and you can show real leadership now.

Michel Coconis
Jan 21, 2022   2:30 PM

Just another Ohioan expecting you to follow the Ohio Supreme Court ruling and create fair(er) districts and not the split you recommended originally as Gov. DeWine stated (they are probably unconstitutional). Yep, they were. We are better than this. The power that you need to wield is unrelenting but not something you should be proud of. Real courage would be to act within rational percentage frameworks.

Mary Dougherty
Jan 21, 2022   2:19 PM

You have a chance to put Ohio first! By implementing fair rather than gerrymandered districts, our state can be the model for our country. Please don't squander this opportunity!

Andrew Stock
Jan 21, 2022   2:14 PM

You are obligated to adhere to the will of the voters. We are not stupid. We are not blind. We recognize gerrymandering. Do better this time. Stop trying to rig elections for Republicans. Stop trying to nullify the votes of citizens in metropolitan areas by cracking districts.

Linda Frederick
Jan 21, 2022   2:12 PM

Do what is right and fair for Ohio, as you were supposed to do all along.

Jacqueline Bowers
Jan 21, 2022   2:11 PM

The Republicans thought they had the Ohio Supreme Court in their pocket, since it was a 4-3 Republican. Thank you Maureen O'Connor for sticking to the Constitution. Shame on the other 3 Republicans for putting the party over our Ohio Constitution. This just makes me more disenfranchised in our political atmosphere.

marilyn evenson
Jan 21, 2022   2:10 PM

As you are drawing up new maps (since the old ones were struck down by the OH Supreme Court as unfair), please uphold & follow the Constitution of OH. Ohio voters want fair district maps that represent the voter, keep communities together, & are proportioned to how Ohioans have voted. Once again...please fair district maps. Thank you.

Joanne Adams
Jan 21, 2022   2:09 PM

The public voted and spoke loud and clear. Try again, and this time, remember, you work for US, not the other way around.
You don't need to cheat if you do the jobs you were sent to do and people choose to vote for you, regardless of party.

Carol Young
Jan 21, 2022   2:07 PM

The commission has a responsibility draw a map that preserves the right of the people to have equal representation. P

Deborah Lichtenberger
Jan 21, 2022   2:06 PM

We are tired of the gerrymandering that has been done by the Republican members of our legislation. Congressional districts should be determined in a fair , non partisan way . ALL citizens of Ohio deserve fair representation, regardless of their political affiliation. Any manipulation to try and give one political party an advantage over the other is against the principles of our democracy.

Kathryn Poe
Jan 21, 2022   2:03 PM

Ohio's redistricting commission has a second chance to do right by Ohioans and pass fair maps. Equality Ohio supports a state legislative map that represents communities and gives LGBTQ+ Ohioans supportive and affirming representation. This body is obligated to comply with the specific rules regarding the map-making process and the resulting apportionment as outlined in the constitution and binding court order. It is imperative that you keep communities whole and that the disposition of the seats reflect the actual disposition of Ohioans (54% Republican and 46% Democrat).

Witnessing our government properly function " by the court holding the other branches of government accountable to the law and constitution " has created a moment of hope in Ohio, specifically for Ohio's young people. We hope the commission will take this opportunity to pass a 10 year map with bipartisan support, rather than continuing to disenfranchise their constituencies.

Kate Ziedses des Plantes
Jan 21, 2022   2:02 PM

Please draw districts that are fair representative of all Ohio. Please remember your oaths to the constitution, democracy and our nation. We deserve fair elections and representation. One party or politician does not superceed these founding laws and democratic principles. We want fair, equal and moderate representation so Ohio can be a state to emulate nationwide.

Daniel WEBER
Jan 21, 2022   1:55 PM

The people of Ohio voted for democracy when they changed the Constitution to require fair, representational districts in the state. Your job as our elected officials is to represent all the people of the state, not to maneuver for partisan political gains. Please do your job by approving districts that are representational and fair to all citizens. Stop gerrymandering now.

Kurt Hatcher
Jan 21, 2022   1:52 PM

As a member of Montgomery county's Board of Elections, I am intimately involved in making our elections safe, accessible, and efficient. I am also committed to our elections being fair. Ohio is a 55-45 state. We deserve representation that reflects the political preferences of our voters. Nothing short of that is fair.

Steven Vogel
Jan 21, 2022   1:51 PM

The idea that even now, after the Supreme Court decision, the mapmaking process still involves "Republican maps" and "Democratic maps," astonishes and dismays me. The point is that the maps should be drawn in a non-partisan neutral way. One set of mapmakers (with the appropriate technical expertise) should be hired by the Redistricting Commission as a whole; once they come up with a map that satisfies the constitutional requirement then the Commission can discuss it, amend it, and vote it up or down.

Susan Simms
Jan 21, 2022   1:51 PM

Remember that as a representative of this state you are limited by the constitution and laws of the state. You are employed by the voters of the state who have overwhelmingly decided that they are done with partisan gerrymandering. Follow the directives of the constitution, the law, the Supreme Court and the voters and develop fair nonpartisan districts. Or beware.

Christine Pratt
Jan 21, 2022   1:49 PM

Please uphold the will of the voters and work together to draw fair and just districting for all voting citizens. Our democracy will exist only as long as the voices of all are heard through fair representation and vote of the people. This is necessary no matter which party seems to hold a majority for any time. Let us keep and demonstrate by your actions and fair workings that democracy needs to be upheld and supported by how we develop districts in the State of Ohio.

Linda Ford
Jan 21, 2022   1:46 PM

I was born in Cincinnati. I have lived in my home for 40 years. I worked in Hamilton County until age 70. I have felt disenfranchised because of gerrymandering for the last 10 years. I appreciate the work it takes to make fair maps. I beseech you to listen to the large majority of Ohioans who voted for fair maps to build back respect for state government and to restore democratic representation. You did not get it right the first time around. The Ohio Supreme Court has given you a second chance to do the right thing. Many of us are watching.

Lawrence Mick
Jan 21, 2022   1:43 PM

It's time to obey the Constitution and follow the law. Ohioans deserve honest maps that let voters choose their representatives, not maps that effectively disenfranchise most of the state's voters with districts that predetermine the outcome. Please do your constitutional duty and give us fair maps.

Roxanne Clark
Jan 21, 2022   1:43 PM

Only about 3% of voters actually vote in the local primary elections and in a gerrymandered district that candidate who wins the primary for their party is almost guaranteed to win the general election. That means 3% of voters in a gerrymandered district are choosing for the other 97%. We need to have fair districts to increase competition for high quality candidates of both parties and ensure that those who vote in the general elections have the ability for their vote to count for something.

Jan 21, 2022   1:33 PM

Please uphold the will of the people of Ohio. Voting has to be fair or our democracy will fall. Please put aside your partisanship wishes and put an end to this nonsense.

The whole world is watching.

Laurie Coyle
Jan 21, 2022   1:30 PM

The Ohio Supreme Court has given you a second chance to do right by the voters of Ohio, who clearly indicated their desire for fairly drawn districts. The Ohio Supreme Court has given you a second chance to do right by democracy, where every individual vote counts and can make a difference. You disregarded both of these directives with your blatantly partisan and cynically self-serving maps from Round 1. You now have a second chance to do the right thing. Do it.

Jackie Wilson
Jan 21, 2022   1:18 PM

I writing to let you know I voted to make redistricting a fair process and that is what I expect. The Ohio Constitution and the Supreme Court orders must be followed. Some transparency and input from the public would be appropriate, but, at this point I'll be good with compliance with the Court's orders.