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Rand Embertson
Jan 21, 2022   1:11 PM

From the FBI site:
An election crime is generally a federal crime if:
An election or polling place official abuses their office
The conduct involves false voter registration
The crime intentionally targets minority protected classes
The activity violates federal campaign finance laws

This is the nature of gerrymandering.

Bette Jo Wells-Murphy
Jan 21, 2022   1:11 PM

We voted to end gerrymanderingyou need to do so!

Judy White
Jan 21, 2022   1:10 PM

Rather than look back at the sorry history of gerrymandering in Ohio, my vision is forward -- to the possibility of Ohio's becoming a model of creating a truly democratic system when so many other states are going backward and trying to limit democracy. Each commissioner knows in his/her heart what is the right thing to do, and thanks to Justice O'Conner, he/she has the support of the law to do the right thing. I was encouraged by watching the live-streamed meeting of commissioners yesterday, for it seemed that mutual respect prevailed.

Alice Gosztyla
Jan 21, 2022   1:09 PM

Gerrymandering is a practice that erodes and kills democracy. Ohio's citizens are not blind to its evils, nor to the underhanded practices of legislators who promote gerrymandered district maps. We voted TWICE to end such maps. We expect the Commission to work diligently to develop fair district maps that benefit the CITIZENS of OHIO, not either political party. We are watching what you are doing, and so far, we have been very disappointed. Give us fair maps, and we will continue the democratic process.

JoAnna Umlauf
Jan 21, 2022   1:06 PM

I am gratified that the Ohio judges rejected the redistricting map the legislature submitted. It was ridiculous, not representative of OH constituents at all! Thank goodness our vote of several years ago for fair districting was worth something! Ohio has grabbed the attention of national nightly news source about this issue, which has certainly been a good thing. Thanks to Marc Elias's tireless efforts for fair elections, the spotlight has helped us tremendously. I am hoping that now we can see a good outcome! I'll be paying attention! Sincerely, Ms. Umlauf

Jessica Rettig
Jan 21, 2022   1:01 PM

Like many Ohio voters, I voted for a fair redistricting process. The Ohio Supreme Court recognized the goal Ohio voters had in mind when it tossed out the earlier round of redistricting maps. The Ohio Redistricting Commission now should respect the will of Ohio citizens & voters and redraw the maps to be fair and geographically logical. The Commission should cease playing political games with the redistricting maps. Please do the job that the voters and the Ohio Constitution expect you to do.

Diane Lyden
Jan 21, 2022   1:00 PM

Ohio voters (both Democrat and Republican) asked for fairness in redistricting. It is your job to fulfill their directives. Stop political gerrymandering now! You are wasting precious time that should be devoted to bettering the lives of your constituents. If our directives for fair maps are not followed, the people of Ohio will have no choice but to replace this commission with a truly independent, nonpartisan commission.

Susan Muenzer
Jan 21, 2022   12:57 PM

Please FINALLY do your job as commissioners and approve maps that reflect the will of Ohio voters. We voted for and deserve non partisan maps so make it happen NOW.

Sharon Rebmann
Jan 21, 2022   12:44 PM

Each and every voter in Ohio deserves fair and equal representation in their districts.

Brian Campbell
Jan 21, 2022   12:43 PM

In redistricting the Ohio House and the Ohio Senate it is important to me that the current Ohio Constitution be followed. It is also important to me that the opinion of the Ohio Supreme Court in League of Women Voters of Ohio v. Ohio Redistricting Commission (ORC) be followed.
To this end, please accept the map by Geoff Wise shown on the ORC website as submitted 9/7/21 or a similarly fair map also on the ORC website submitted by Ohio Citizens Redistricting Commission_Updated on 9/13/21. These maps are in the area of the website,, in a table with heading General Assembly District Plans/Maps - General Public Sponsorship.
Thank you for your attention to this comment.

Meghan Edwards
Jan 21, 2022   12:38 PM

As a college student, my generation is often accused of voter apathy, and not showing up to vote. Many of my peers feel that their vote doesn't mean anything, because they know that districts are so gerrymandered as to virtually promise each district to its assigned party. That is not democracy. Please restore our faith in government- and save everyone's time- by drawing a fair, 10 year map. The Supreme Court has spoken. Please do not spend anymore tax dollars producing unconstitutional maps.

Michelle Hayes
Jan 21, 2022   12:25 PM

I am happy to have this public forum to leave my thoughts for the commission. I am so disappointed that the Republicans on the redistricting commission decided it was allowable for them to interpret the constitutional amendment through their own paradigm. Saying that the regulations set forth were aspirational was just ridiculous. I am proud that our supreme court stood together and have sent this back to you to do it the right way utilizing the regulations set forth in the constitutional amendment that 17 million Ohio is voted for. Please do your job!

Julianna Coleman
Jan 21, 2022   12:24 PM

Throughout the 2021 redistricting hearings, the OEC has used the US EPA EJScreen Mapping Tool ( to illustrate how gerrymandering aggravates the harms of environmental injustice. The low-income communities of color facing disproportionate exposure to air pollution, toxic wastewater, and lead are often the same communities disenfranchised by the maps struck down by the Ohio Supreme Court.

While the EJScreen Tool and our repeated calls for justice shine light on patterns of environmental hazards shared by certain communities across Ohio, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities in Ohio are not a monolith. The onus is on the Ohio Redistricting Commission to do the work required to understand the unique experiences and nuances of health inequities, voter suppression, redlining, and environmental injustices of the constituents most affected by gerrymandering. We strongly urge the Ohio Redistricting Commission to reflect all Ohioans in the new maps.

Gloria Ware
Jan 21, 2022   12:23 PM

I'm very concerned about losing fair representation in the state of Ohio. Efforts to limit and erase the voices and perspectives of communities of color and urban zip codes are a threat to democracy and reminders of this country's Jim Crow past. Win with ideas, not gerrymandering.

Karolyn Schalk
Jan 21, 2022   12:22 PM

Ohio voters of each party voted for fair districts. Fair maps were presented, and then ignored, in a rushed, unconstitutional process. Ohio voters expect a fair, thoughtful, constitutionally sound process that will support fair, equal districts. The Ohio Supreme Court just ruled in support of the expectations of Ohio voters. Do not impede, or delay the creation of fair maps. There can be no more flagrant gerrymandering, no more violation of the constitution, no more flagrant disregard for what Ohio voters expect, and demand. No taxation without representation; and for the last many years that is exactly how I have felt as a resident of Ohio - that the maps are rigged so that mine, and others voices are not heard yet we pay for the folly of state legislators who have made poor, and often illegal decisions. It must stop now.

Diana Rogers
Jan 21, 2022   12:21 PM

The citizens of Ohio deserve a state government that can work together, not one fractured by partisan politics. I am watching to see which elected officials can work with others across the isle and will vote for those who do, regardless of party affiliation.

Philip Brown
Jan 21, 2022   12:18 PM

The Ohio Constitution now requires redistricting processes that are impartial, not politically driven, and that they meet specific criteria through an open, public process. A number of maps that meet this set of criteria through impartial means have been submitted and should be used rather than those maps drawn by political parties to advance their own interests. This process should be a piece of cake, not political hash.

Phyllis Elmo
Jan 21, 2022   12:17 PM

If you value Democracy, you will comply with the mandate given by the people of Ohio. We want fair representation for all Ohioans. The maps that the Supreme Court rejected failed to follow the people's mandate; they were packed, cracked and so tilted to the GOP that non-Republican Ohioans have no voice. All Ohioans deserve a voice. Do your jobs; be fair; recognize that Ohioans value a representative government.

Susan Franer
Jan 21, 2022   12:13 PM

Dear Commission Members,
The Ohio Supreme Court has given you another opportunity to do what the majority of Ohio citizens regardless of party affiliation asked you to do when they voted to create the Ohio Redistricting Commission to support fair elections. When I read the recent Ohio Supreme Court decision regarding your previous work I was so disheartened to read that many of you KNEW the maps you submitted continued to be gerrymandered and you still allowed this to go forward. Please, my fellow citizens discharge your responsibilities to us all in a manner befitting the trust put in you.

Peter Carels
Jan 21, 2022   12:12 PM

Please allow fair distribution and geographical logic to guide your considerations, not pleasing political backers. Blatantly partisan padding will only brand you as unwilling to fulfill your duty to uphold the public good.

Deborah Rose Milavec
Jan 21, 2022   12:12 PM

Please ensure that the districts are drawn fairly. Every Ohio vote should be represented fairly.

Andrew Kistler
Jan 21, 2022   12:12 PM

Gerrymandering is antithetical to free democratic government. Elections should reflect the will of the electorate, not the desires on the current majority party. To try and rig the systems is not only cheating but morally wrong, and to ignore the electorate is to engage with oligarchy and flirt with authoritarianism.

Barbara WEBER
Jan 21, 2022   12:09 PM

The Ohio voters showed how important Fair districts are to our democracy. Please do your job by agreeing on one of the more representational maps that have been submitted to you or by creating one that is in fact Fair. To do otherwise is to waste taxpayer money as we saw when the Supreme Court threw out your last attempt to gerrymander.

Please do the right thing by creating fair, truly representational Maps.

Sue Mangan
Jan 21, 2022   12:08 PM

You have insulted the voters of Ohio by ignoring our mandate to end gerrymandering. We are tired of politicians who cheat to win! This is not a partisan issue. We voted for voting districts that do not favor one party over another and we no longer will accept counties and cities split up for partisan gain. If you can't come to an agreement with buy-in from both parties on the commission it is because you are still committed to gerrymandering. This is not hard. There is so much access to voter data and technology to create fair districts that excuses to do otherwise are hollow. Stop insulting voters and make districts that are fair for both parties!

Daniel Medalie
Jan 21, 2022   12:07 PM

The Ohio Supreme Court has spoken. Now it's time for the Ohio redistricting commission to actually do its appointed job and create honest and fair representational maps for all Ohio voters.

Linda Danko
Jan 21, 2022   12:05 PM

The American people are tired of being railroaded during voting. We are tired of gerrymandering. We are tired of not being heard AND represented. We want fair elections AND fair distracting. Being represented by people who don't know our area or even worst DONT CARE about what we want has gotten people more motivated than ever to get involved in politics. We are tired of being swept aside after elections by representatives that can only follow party policy instead of the peoples needs.

Marilyn London
Jan 21, 2022   12:01 PM

Multiple really excellent suggested redistricting maps were submitted, but you chose gerrymandering in favor of your party instead. The Ohio Supreme Court recognized your lazy attempt at redistricting, and sent you back to the drawing board. This is your opportunity to show us that you value ALL Ohio voters. Take the cue and do the right thing. PLEASE!

Callia Tellez
Jan 21, 2022   11:59 AM

Throughout the 2021 redistricting hearings, the OEC has used the US EPA EJScreen Mapping Tool ( to illustrate how gerrymandering aggravates the harms of environmental injustice. The low-income communities of color facing disproportionate exposure to air pollution, toxic wastewater, and lead are often the same communities disenfranchised by the maps struck down by the Ohio Supreme Court.

While the EJScreen Tool and our repeated calls for justice shine light on patterns of environmental hazards shared by certain communities across Ohio, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities in Ohio are not a monolith. The onus is on the Ohio Redistricting Commission to do the work required to understand the unique experiences and nuances of health inequities, voter suppression, redlining, and environmental injustices of the constituents most affected by gerrymandering. We strongly urge the Ohio Redistricting Commission to reflect all Ohioans in the new maps.

Chris Tavenor
Jan 21, 2022   11:58 AM

The Commission must pass a fair, representational map. The Ohio Supreme Court was abundantly clear last week. If it is possible for a district plan to comply with Section 6 and Sections 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7, the commission must adopt a plan that does so. League of Women Voters v. Ohio Redistricting Commission, ¶ 88. The Ohio Redistricting Commission should utilize the Unity Map created by the Ohio Citizens' Redistricting Commission. It follows the rules in Article XI of the Ohio Constitution. Ohioans deserve a map that closely corresponds to the statewide voting preferences of Ohioans.

Without a functioning and fair democracy, Ohio will continue to perpetuate environmental injustice. The passage of environmental protection laws should never become a partisan political tool as if we are not debating real human lives in our communities. Do the right thing; follow the Ohio Supreme Court's strict guidance. (Comment submitted on behalf of the Ohio Environmental Council)

Paul Olah
Jan 21, 2022   11:52 AM

Democracy isn't complicated, but it does require honesty.
Do what's right and everything else will work out!

Michael McCullough
Jan 21, 2022   11:46 AM

The issues of fair legislative and congressional district maps and to ensure that all voters are fairly represented in a democracy are very important to me. Creating the maps by ignoring the provisions in Ohio's constitution is unacceptable, and ignores the overwhelming public support to end gerrymandering. Democracy works best when voters believe that their vote actually counts and elected officials can be held accountable. These two goals can only be achieved if the legislative and congressional districts adhere to the requirements in Ohio's constitution. The underlying intent of these maps should reflect the will of the citizens of Ohio who approved changes to the process of mapmaking, rather than trying to maximize the number of districts for one party.

Anderia Ryley
Jan 21, 2022   11:45 AM

Draw fair and representatioal maps. Most people of Ohio support fair maps regardless of party affiliation. Do not let party politics rear its ugly head like the last maps. Regardless of party representational goverment is important for Ohio's prosperity.

Marcia Kudlinski
Jan 21, 2022   11:42 AM

DEMOCRACY needs districts that represent the WILL of the people.
The LAW, affirmed by Ohio's highest court, REQUIRES FAIR DISTRICTS.

Sue Schregardus
Jan 21, 2022   11:36 AM

Please do your job and draw maps that represent the people of Ohio. The General Assembly has been wasting time trying to predetermine results for all legislation for the next ten years. Just draw honest representative maps so that all Ohioans are fairly presented in their legislature.

Ken Wright
Jan 21, 2022   11:34 AM

It is essential for a strong democracy in Ohio that you get this redistricting right and do it on the basis of people's voting preferences, and not some made up criterion of what party the elected officials represent. The party representation of elected officials is a strong function of the gerrymandered districts that exist, so it gets to be a self-fulfilling continuation of inequitable representation. Failing to provide equitable representation just weakens citizen's belief in out government, which weakens our country. Gerrymandering exists in Democratically controlled states and it has the same destructive effect that it does in Republican controlled states. The people have asked for fair representation; give it to them.

Cynthia White
Jan 21, 2022   11:26 AM

Multiple experts have advised you that you can draw proportional maps that meet all requirements. There is no excuse for failing in this endeavor and the rewards of succeeding are high - a healthy democracy that will serve our state well into the future. Do the right thing - the people are watching !

Linda Kohar
Jan 21, 2022   11:23 AM

I am convinced that gerrymandering is one of the main causes of dysfunction in our democracy. Because it is so fundamental that voters pick their representatives and not the other way around, I devoted hours and hours to collect signatures to get ballot initiatives to create a fairer way. I was not pleased with the partisan compromise reached and it has completely failed, as I feared. I am happy that the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the recent maps were outrageously gerrymandered. I hope fair ones will be created.

Looking to the future, I think we need nonpartisan commissions to create maps such as been done in other states such as Michigan.

Linda Kohar

Barbara Rinto
Jan 21, 2022   11:23 AM

The voters of Ohio and the State Supreme Court have spoken. Now it's up to you to do the right thing. Produce fair maps.

James Ketchaver
Jan 21, 2022   11:20 AM

We overwhelmingly told you in 2015 and 2018 gerrymandering has no place in Ohio. What did you do? Blatantly ignored us and forced through even worse maps. Stop wasting our time and our money, respect the will of the people, and gives us fair maps.

Laurie Langenfeld
Jan 21, 2022   11:11 AM

Stop the gerrymandering, and represent all voters in our state. Politicians have the responsibility to ensure that free and fair elections are a right - that all voices are heard - and that ALL VOTES COUNT.

Connie Casey
Jan 21, 2022   11:10 AM

No more partisan gerrymandering!! Fair maps and representation!

Karen McLaughlin
Jan 21, 2022   11:08 AM

The Commission and the legislature, as our elected representatives, have an obligation to honor the constitutional amendment adopted by Ohio voters. Please fulfill that duty and adopt fair maps that reflect the people's will and democratic principles.

Sandra Pritz
Jan 21, 2022   11:05 AM

We are counting on all of you to make the concerted non-partisan effort needed to give us hope that when we vote we will be having the opportunity to express our true opinions in a way that matters and is not just an exercise in futility. We know it is not easy, but please stay the course and give us fair districts!

Alice Gould Butts
Jan 21, 2022   11:04 AM

Please choose to protect Democracy and the intentions of One Person, One Vote and the Constitution you swore to uphold, NOT your perceived political party's best interests or the interests if other Special or Corporate desires.
We elected you as a trustee of public needs!
Thanks for upholding our trust.

Mary Corrigan
Jan 21, 2022   11:03 AM

The commission must obey the will of the voters who have TWICE come together to stop gerrymandering in Ohio. This is NOT a vague request. It is bipartisan. The Ohio Supreme Court sided with the voters. The proposed maps as of this morning are still not fair. Do the right thing and preserve democracy for all Ohioans.

Carol Grogan
Jan 21, 2022   11:03 AM

The people made it clear - they want the gerrymandering to stop! Just do it - 54% - 46%. Governor DeWine and Secretary LaRose - do not sell your souls - again.

F. Mark Laskovics
Jan 21, 2022   10:59 AM

Creating FAIR voting districts is one of the most important activities going on within Ohio at this time. Fair Voting Districts will guarantee public participation in our Democracy. Frankly, the current level of gerrymandering has disenfranchised Ohio voters. This commission has proposed a voting district maps which are more gerrymandered than our current districts. Here is why: The proposed maps fall short in three critical areas: Proportionality, Minority Representation, and Compactness. I strongly recommend that this commission adopt maps that are not based upon political bias and restore the public's faith in the work of this Commission in particular and in the Ohio General Legislature.

Sierra Kehn
Jan 21, 2022   10:58 AM

Create fair maps and comply with current Ohio election laws so we can have free and fair elections. It is critical to upload our democracy. Stop the gerrymandering.

Thomas Blotzer
Jan 21, 2022   10:54 AM

Stop the gerrymandering, comply with current Ohio election laws and create fair maps. Free and fair elections are critical for our democracy. The voters should be the ones choosing their politicians, not the politicians selecting their voters.

Mary Kuhlman
Jan 21, 2022   10:53 AM

Get past yourselves and do a concerted effort at drawing fair maps for this state. I know you can do better. Forget your political party politics and be fair to everyone in Ohio, from those who are vulnerable and poor and to those who have more and think they have more power. You actually don't . Put your self in someone else's shoes as you attempt to be fair to ALL Ohioans.

Christine Rohde
Jan 21, 2022   10:49 AM

Partisan gerrymandering is undemocratic. Now that the Ohio Supreme Court has spoken, it is time to draw fair maps in Ohio that represent all the people. Democracy is fragile and its survival depends on us. I urge you to do the right thing for the sake of all of us.

Pam Paulus
Jan 21, 2022   10:49 AM

Neither Republicans nor Democrats should pick their voters.Voters must be allowed to pick their Representatives. Democracy dies in the darkness. Fair maps drawn by non partisans is imperative.

Grace Staples
Jan 21, 2022   10:46 AM

Do no slice and dice Hamilton County to suit Republican candidates. Adhere to the intent of the people who voted for election map reform.

Susan Righi
Jan 21, 2022   10:44 AM

I live in a district whose Democratic voice is consistently silenced by gerrymandered maps. We need FAIR MAPS that result in the election of representatives and senators at the state level, and representatives in Congress, that reflect the actual percentages of how people vote. If Democrats consistently receive approximately 45% of the vote, we should have 45% representation in both the OGA and the US House of Representatives.

I am tired of having no effective voice in my government. My state senator (Hoagland), in particular, and also my state rep (Edwards) have been public about their disdain for Democrats and for Athens.
My understanding is that the Democrats have made a map that meets the Ohio Constitution guidelines. I suggest you use it!

Marcia Silver
Jan 21, 2022   10:39 AM

I agree with Deborah Schaefer's comments and endorse them.

Mary Ann Marsal
Jan 21, 2022   10:37 AM

I am one of many citizens of Ohio who petitioned for and voted for fair districts. I am expecting that the districts will be drawn as required by the Ohio Constitution.

Mary Ann Marsal
Jan 21, 2022   10:37 AM

I am one of many citizens of Ohio who petitioned for and voted for fair districts. I am expecting that the districts will be drawn as required by the Ohio Constitution.

Mary Ann Marsal
Jan 21, 2022   10:36 AM

I am one of many citizens of Ohio who petitioned for and voted for fair districts. I am expecting that the districts will be drawn as required by the Ohio Constitution.

Leslie Sims
Jan 21, 2022   10:35 AM

In America, a democracy, the people choose the politicians, not the other way around. Districts must represent the people in them. Enough with the cheating. Votes are won through good policy, not by rigging the system.

Kate Gillooly
Jan 21, 2022   10:33 AM

Please do your job to represent your constituents and create fair maps. Stop gerrymandering! The people of Ohio have shown they want fair maps - and we are watching you! Do the right thing this time.

Michael Marks
Jan 21, 2022   10:32 AM

I live in the current Ohio 6th Congressional District. It is clear to anyone who views the shapes of the current and proposed districts that they do not represent people so much as they were designed to represent the interests of Ohio River industries, namely coal fired power generation and the extractive and polluting industries that go along with that. Steel making is no longer in the mix, having moved elsewhere. These industries were the backbone of the region and still have an outsized influence, able to resist change that would benefit all persons here. I want a district that represents people, not special interests.

Heather Hogan
Jan 21, 2022   10:31 AM

What I find so troubling is the Republican insistence that if you don't like the policies your representatives are enacting vote them out of office. This is a highly disingenuous argument with gerrymandered maps which are specifically designed to prevent voters from selecting alternatives to the representatives that fail to represent them. Let voters chose their representatives not representatives select their voters.

Deborah Schaefer
Jan 21, 2022   10:28 AM

I am relieved that the Ohio Supreme Court ruled the first set of House and Senate maps to be unconstitutional. I am disappointed by the actions of the Republican Comte. members and their attempts to pass extremely gerrymandered state legislative maps. Ohio Redistricting Commission must draw maps that are more proportional to the voters' party preferences, less divisive of communities, and more representative of what Ohioans asked for in 2015. Please work in a bipartisan fashion to deliver fair maps that allow all Ohioans a voice in elections. Pay attention to the maps drawn by citizens of the various fair redistricting groups, including the League of Women Voters, Stanford U., and FairDistricts Ohio. Ohioans are watching your work and expect much better maps this time around. Ohio districts can be drawn that meet the criteria laid out in the Ohio constitution. These maps should reflect the voting patterns of the last ten years, which equals out to be 54% Republican and 46% Democrat.

Rita Haider
Jan 21, 2022   10:27 AM

Gerrymandering is bad for Ohio, bad for America, and bad for democracy. You were elected to do a job, now do it! Do it right this time! Stop the gerrymandering! Don't make us go back to court.

Kathleen Hebbeler
Jan 21, 2022   10:23 AM

Please do the right thing and make fair maps. Our democracy requires it!

David Sheagley
Jan 21, 2022   10:23 AM

Fair districts, whether state or federal, are districts that drawn in a manner that increases competitive races rather than making a high percentage of races "safe" for a party or an incumbent. Competitive races make it more likely that politicians will have to listen to the opposition, debate the issues and consider reasonable positions to be elected.

A healthy democracy engenders debate. Fair constituent districts secures more not less debate in elections. Politicians and the public are more likely to be educated by the electoral process by drawing district lines that are not gerrymandered for power consolidation by a party.

The initial round od maps make a mockery of the Ohio constitution as amended by the citizens.

Ruth Stenberg
Jan 21, 2022   10:21 AM

We- your constituents voted overwhelmingly for fair districts and we will remember how you respond.

Laura DiCaprio
Jan 21, 2022   10:19 AM

Ohio voters have demanded fair maps. The Ohio Supreme Court has made it clear that gerrymandered district maps are unconstitutional. I ask that the Commission now do its job quickly, ethically, and fairly. There is no democracy without fair voting for all.

Charlie Alter
Jan 21, 2022   10:19 AM

I live in Sylvania Township and am mostly concerned with Congressional District maps. The current maps are not representative of the community I live in in the Greater Toledo area. Marcy Kaptur is a long established and well respected member of our community, Bob Latta is not, yet the area is split between these two representatives. I have met and talked with Ms. Kaptur on numerous occasions, while Mr. Latta rarely shows his face in Lucas County. The Greater Toledo area should be one district and one in which Ms. Kaptur represents the entire area. Past attempts at gerrymandering her district are laughable and yet she has represented that district admirably. I cannot say the same for Mr. Latta. Please make common sense Congressional Districts for our future.

Shane Corn
Jan 21, 2022   10:16 AM

Fix this gerrymandered system to be more fair . This is unacceptable

Melodee Kornacker
Jan 21, 2022   10:11 AM

Democracy needs districts that represent the will of the people. The law, affirmed by Ohio's highest court, requires fair districts.

Linda Fenner
Jan 21, 2022   10:10 AM

Please note:
"... Glassburn said staff for the Democrats have been putting their heads together to get to map proposals that meet the standards spelled out in the Ohio Constitution and the Ohio Supreme Court order. But he said multiple times during Thursday's commission meeting that the other side has not seen fit to do the same.

Gov. Mike DeWine asked Glassburn if it was clear the two sides were working toward the goal of complying with the supreme court decision, including all of the sections of the constitution regarding redistricting.

That has not been the instruction that has been expressed by the other map drawers and the other people that we've been working with, and that has been a significant obstacle, Glassburn said."

This does not sound like a good faith efforts on the part of Republican map drawers.

Catherine Pritscher
Jan 21, 2022   10:09 AM

Please be mindful of our precious democracy.

Tony D'Ambrosio
Jan 21, 2022   10:06 AM

Both the state legislative and congressional maps submitted by the ORC and Ohio General Assembly respectively did not fairly represent the voters/citizens of Hamilton county. In both cases, our votes and voices were diluted with a partisan intent. This is not what we expect and is not what is required of the ORC or the General Assembly. My current legislative representative was drawn out of her district (28). Congressional maps divided Hamilton county three ways. There was no reason to do this other than to satisfy attempts at partisan gerrymandering. Please draw maps with representational fairness.

Barbara Davidson
Jan 21, 2022   10:03 AM

The Ohio Supreme Court has now made it crystal clear that gerrymandered district maps are unconstitutional. As a voter who cares about fairly drawn districts I expect that this time around the Commission will do it's job responsibly and produce the fair maps that Ohio voters have been demanding for years.

Joseph Terry
Jan 21, 2022   9:59 AM

The basis of every election, local, state, or federal, should start with fairness and equal opportunity for all voters. You simply cannot rewrite the rules to a game you lost or might lose, that's not how anything in our world works. Gerrymandering must come to an end, if our elections are being controlled like this, what's next?

Nicole Schmidt
Jan 21, 2022   9:59 AM

Gerrymandering has no place in Ohio. We need fair districts and a strong democracy. Public officials should not be drawing maps to protect the power of their own political party.

Matthew Kilboy
Jan 21, 2022   9:57 AM

The Ohio GOP has made it quite clear that they do not have Ohioans' best interests in mind. It is time to send a message to Columbus. Since we cannot trust the elected leaders to do the right thing, we need to take the task out of their hands. It's time we put another ballot initiative forward that removes the map-making process from elected leaders and give it to a bipartisan commission.

As Ohioans, we deserve better.

Kevin Mayhood
Jan 21, 2022   9:56 AM

To the honorable members of the commission:
I urge you to follow the letter and intent of the law and the clearly stated desires of the voters of Ohio to create fair districts. The Ohio Supreme Court has granted you the opportunity to prove yourselves as true public servants. Please take this opportunity. The residents of Ohio have overwhelmingly said they want fair districts and we deserve them. Anything less is unacceptable.

Barbara Bird
Jan 21, 2022   9:55 AM

A strong democracy requires representation of all the people.
No political party or member of that party can be allowed to use their political power to limit the voices of the people they represent. Gerrymandering from any party creates mistrust and discourages individuals from participating in our government. It subverts the will of the people and discourages cooperation by our representatives in creating policies and actions for the all people they are supposed to represent. Representatives need to be working for the people not around them

Sequoia Powers-Griffin
Jan 21, 2022   9:54 AM

Search your conscience. The Ohio Constitution mandates fair districts. Do your job. It's time for voters to choose the politicians rather than the other way around.

Jeffrey Reynolds
Jan 21, 2022   9:51 AM

It's very important that the representatives reflect the voting population, not just who is in charge at the statehouse. The United States pushes for minority populations to have a seat at the table globally and whatever party is not in power should have proportionate representation in our states as well

Robert Thompson
Jan 21, 2022   9:48 AM

I am glad and relieved that the Ohio Supreme Court ruled the first set of House and Senate maps to be unconstitutional. The court and we expect the Ohio Redistricting Commission will now draw maps that are more proportional to the voters' party preferences, less divisive of communities, and more representative of what Ohioans asked for in 2015. Please work in a bipartisan fashion to deliver fair maps that allow all Ohioans a voice in elections. Pay attention to the maps drawn by citizens of the various fair redistricting groups, including the League of Women Voters and FairDistricts Ohio. Ohioans are watching your work and expect much better maps this time around. All the best in your work.

Warrenette Parthemore
Jan 21, 2022   9:48 AM

Make an ethical decision and stop the gerrymandering! Be an American...not a Republican.

Julia Metzger
Jan 21, 2022   9:47 AM

It's not that hard. It's been voted upon. Just do it.
Stop gerrymandering! Draw fair maps!

Judy Brody
Jan 21, 2022   9:41 AM

A number of good fair ones have been proposed. Please listen to and heed the call for fair and unbiased maps. This is not a football game! It is not about competition in a sports arena. It is about fair voting for all, which is much of what America is all about.

Carolyn Gutjahr
Jan 21, 2022   9:39 AM

I expect the Redistricting Commission to create fair, bipartisan district maps that are consistent with the Ohio Constitution and voting preferences and to do this in a timely manner. I do not want to see any semblance of gerrymandering in Cincinnati and Hamilton County, where I live, or elsewhere in the state. Ohioans deserve to have their voices heard and their votes count.

Catherine LaCroix
Jan 21, 2022   9:33 AM

I have been very disappointed at the public meetings so far. Clearly the majority party is doing all it can not to comply with the Supreme Court, by casting doubt on the need for 54-45 districts, and by trying to ensure that all R districts are safe whereas D districts are competitive. I am concerned that the majority party legislators are unwilling to commit to the partisan balance the Supreme Court's decision requires. Also it is disturbing that Mr. Glassburn was grilled at length, whereas no staff for the majority party was made available for questioning.

marc hardman
Jan 21, 2022   9:22 AM

I expet to see a map that proportionately reflects the votes cast in the state of Ohio. Anything less is an insult to the voters and democracy itself.

Thank you,

marc hardman

Dawn Mohnke
Jan 21, 2022   9:21 AM

Dear Commission,

My career and personal life intersects in multiple areas. This is due to my passion for fairness.

Your personal lives may not be like mine, but I expect that you will determine fair district voting maps AND that you will fairly follow the legislation enacted by Ohio voters and affirmed by the Ohio Supreme Court.

I am paying attention and it is my right and responsibility to (as LOUDLY as I can) call out those elected officials who act in a way that is not fair and/or self-aggrandizing.

I beg of you to do the right thing.

Dawn Mohnke

Andrew Green
Jan 21, 2022   9:18 AM

This commission and its members have spent far too much time and taxpayer money crafting and defending unconstitutional maps while following a process that is not at all in line with the spirit of reforms overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2015 and 2018. Instead of passing another set of legislative maps that get marginally closer to proportionality (which the maps presented yesterday by Speaker Cupp would do), this commission must comply with the court order instead of wasting more time and taxpayer money.

Dennis Hoops
Jan 21, 2022   9:15 AM

Do what is right for the people of Ohio, not what you can do for political party greed, draw logical and equitable districts. The will of the public voted to eliminate gerrymandering, please do the redistricting to meet their demand.

Marilyn Fischer
Jan 21, 2022   9:11 AM

You must abide by the redistricting rules now laid out in the Ohio Constitution! Prove that you respect the will of Ohio citizens. Do not pull the stunt you did last time, with an unconstitutional, gerrymandered map. Do not approve maps that lack bi-partisan support.

Marion Kendall
Jan 21, 2022   9:08 AM

districts that are not gerrymandered produce more moderate candidates that must appeal to a wider scope of residents. The people have spoken. We don't want extremism from anyone. We want competitive districts.

Tim Vojt
Jan 21, 2022   8:59 AM

As a Columbus resident, I am tired of having my more progressive neighborhood carved out as a finger and diluted into a large, rural, conservative district in order to deprive me and my neighbors from having fair representation in the House of Representatives; a representative who reflects our values and morals.
We voted for fair, impartial districting and it is a great shame that the Ohio Supreme Court had to step in to ensure that the Ohio constitution was followed.
Fair, impartial, contiguous maps allow our votes to count.
Uphold your constitutional duty and rise above partisan chicanery.

Matt Lontchar
Jan 21, 2022   8:52 AM

Ohio citizens voted twice for fair districts and it's extremely disappointing that it required the OH Supreme Court to intervene and force your hand to make it happen. Do the right thing and honor the decision of the people of Ohio who you represent.

Jeffrey Smith
Jan 21, 2022   8:52 AM

Ohioans have voted twice for fair maps. It's a fact that the current voting in Ohio is 54% Republican and 46% Democrat. That should be your standardnothing less. Please take your job seriously and actually try to be fair. It's what the voters asked for and expect. The first maps submitted were cheating and thankfully the Ohio Supreme Court agreed. Your job is to represent Ohioans. Draw fair maps that give fair representation to each party.

Mark Erhardt
Jan 21, 2022   8:51 AM

Regarding a proposed Senate map published on January 20 for Hamilton and Warren Counties. In no scenario should any part of the City of Cincinnati or adjacent cities such as Norword or Fairfax be in the same Senate District as any part of Warren County. There is no common community of interest between these areas. Any proposal to continue to link Warren County with the core communities of Hamilton County is pure partisan gerrymandering. Packing Democratic Party voters into a single district across the two counties is unacceptable. I urge the Commision, especially the Governor, State Auditor and the Secretary of State, to follow the Ohio Constitution and the strong wishes of Ohio voters to adopt fair maps.

Donna Hermann
Jan 21, 2022   8:49 AM

I have long abhorred the practice of gerrymandering which I know has been practiced by BOTH parties. It has to stop! All Ohioans, Democrats and Republicans alike, deserve and demand the opportunity to vote in a fair election process.

Joseph Ruby
Jan 21, 2022   8:47 AM

Competitive districts are vital to our democracy. Please end partisan gerrymandering