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Jyl Hall
Jan 20, 2022   9:03 PM

We expect fair districting in Montgomery County for our State and Federal representation. Please do the right thing and respect the will of the people.

Michael Kortas
Jan 20, 2022   9:02 PM

Looks like manipulation to me. Looking in Hamilton County those little surgically drawn areas in 24 and 27, for example, do not look appropriate for fair and impartial elections. They look manipulative to foster a desired objective.

Cynthia Chambers
Jan 20, 2022   9:02 PM

We are all Americans, contrary to what Mitch McConnell thinks! We deserve to be able to vote in fairly mapped districts! It is a shame that to win resorting to cheating and changing the districts is the only way you feel you can do it!
I guess this makes you sleep good at night, and makes you feel proud to be an American! It is racist, dishonest, lowdown, and not what America stands for!

Patty Ridenour
Jan 20, 2022   9:00 PM

We, the citizens of Ohio, are watching and we expect FAIR MAPS. Please do not choose to discount a selection of our votes in an effort to massage your narrow-minded and corrupt ideas that only wealthy, white Republican votes should count and no one other citizen's votes matter. The citizens of Ohio have spoken and FAIR MAPS are what we have demanded and what our constitution requires. Please do not betray the citizens of Ohio. Thank you.

Jan 20, 2022   9:00 PM

As Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. would have said, "Now is the time!" Finally - the time to honor the request of a majority of Ohio voters to be able to participate in a fair electoral process in Ohio that is not prejudged by politically distorted, i.e. gerrymandered, electoral districts.

Jill Wettersten
Jan 20, 2022   9:00 PM

Dear Commissioners,

Please demonstrate to us, your constituents, that your plan for redrawing legal redistricting maps is both constitutional and representative of what citizens of Ohio want and need to have to govern democratically in the state of Ohio.

Thomas Mosier
Jan 20, 2022   8:59 PM

Ohioans have on two occasions passed amendments to our Constitution asking for fair and equitable voting maps which represent the actual makeup of the two parties in Ohio,. Please do what was the will of your fellow citizens and produce the types of maps we the citizens have voted for!!!

Janice Cox
Jan 20, 2022   8:59 PM

Lorain County = Jim Jordan
This is crazy! His district is mind boggling.
I want fair districting in Ohio. Time to turn Ohio Blue.

Harold and Melanie Oyster
Jan 20, 2022   8:55 PM

TWICE the people of Ohio OVERWHELMINGLY voted for fair districts. Your commission is tasked with drawing fair districts. You need to do your job. The Ohio Supreme Court ruled you didn't do your job on the district maps you submitted. Please do the right thing, make districts fair. If you're worried that fair districts will cost you your job, the solution is not ignoring the will of the people and drawing unfair districts. The solution is listening to the people, drawing fair districts, and showing the people you are a leader they can trust.

Amy Scarfpin
Jan 20, 2022   8:52 PM

Ohio voters voted TWICE, in 2015 and in 2018, to have all votes in the state of Ohio carry the same weight. This is now part of the Ohio Constitution. Redrawing maps can be done. Stop the subterfuge.

Diane Citrino
Jan 20, 2022   8:51 PM

Fairness matters. The law matters. Please do your job and create fair maps for Ohio.

Amy Brown
Jan 20, 2022   8:50 PM

Make the redistricting maps fair and competitive. We're watching! Every vote needs to actually count.

Jennifer Loughrey
Jan 20, 2022   8:49 PM

This current Ohio government has made decisions for 100% of Ohioans WITHOUT fair representation for 40 plus percentage of Ohioans! Overwhelmingly the same Ohio population voted to amend the state constitution so VOTERS have a chance to select their elected representatives without the politicians doing it for them. We were violated by a decade of corrupt representatives who did not feel the need to respond to 40+ percent of constituents because of safe gerrymandered districts nor would they work across the aisle because they felt no need to compromise because of a super majority. Now this commission needs to do what Ohioans voted for"fair redistricting by the Constitutional amendment by the people and for the people. The attempted map drawing power grab that was struck down by our court was vile and disgusting. We want honor, decency, fairness and respect from our elected officials for the voters' decisions and to each other- regardless of party affiliation. Jennifer Loughrey

John Jones
Jan 20, 2022   8:48 PM

Partisan gerrymandering by either party poses a threat to democracy. Please generate maps that reflect the will of the voters and the position of OSC.

Jan Underwood
Jan 20, 2022   8:48 PM

I expect the Ohio Redistricting Commission to follow our state constitution as directed by the Ohio Supreme Court and to respect the wishes of Ohio voters who passed two redistricting reforms aimed at stopping the practice of drawing legislative districts to favor one party over the other. The will of the people and the people's court is clear. Do your job and draw maps that allow Ohioans genuine representation of their interests. We have lost precious time. Please just do your job!

Jay Zenitsky
Jan 20, 2022   8:37 PM

It's time for you to take your thumb off the political scales and let the citizens of Ohio have a fair shot at choosing our legislators. Let's make this process more transparent and fair. We're watching. So, is the Ohio Supreme Court.

Lisa Ross
Jan 20, 2022   8:23 PM

Voters want fair maps. Please follow our intent and direction no matter what party you belong too.

Shela Blanchard
Jan 20, 2022   8:17 PM

It is clear the citizens of Ohio deserve fair representation. The Ohio Supreme Court agrees. Now it's time to get it done. Fair maps, fair representation. End gerrymandering.

Joe Kelleher
Jan 20, 2022   8:17 PM

Follow the law.

Peter Petto
Jan 20, 2022   8:06 PM

The region-by-region compromising-along-the-way approach to mapmaking that you are following may not be the quickest or best way to construct a constitutional map.

This process appears to be another tactical subterfuge by the majority to claim that a constitutional map is impossible.

Whole-state maps exist that are constitutionally compliant, or very close. These should be considered, compared, and modified appropriately.

Patricia Kellner
Jan 20, 2022   8:05 PM

The public supports democracy. The right to vote and to have that vote count - and to have that vote matter are fundamental to democracy. Ohioans spoke out when they voted to end gerrymandering and have districting redrawn in a fair way. The members of the Ohio legislature must represent the will of the people of Ohio and create fair maps. Unfair districts corrupt democracy. None of us wants to live in a country where decisions only reflect the profit motives of the wealthiest among us, and that's what it seems is happening. We want the interests of voters REPRESENTED.

Nanette Folsom
Jan 20, 2022   7:59 PM

No District map should allow either party to pick their voters. Voters need to be able select their candidates. The last presidential election showed this state has about 50/50 split and District maps should reflect that. Additionally, rural areas are not a mirror of bigger cities. Please keep that in mind.

Steven Burns
Jan 20, 2022   7:32 PM

In a Democracy, We the People are supposed to have a voice. Districts need to be drawn fairly so that the voices of all Ohioans can be heard. Neither party should be allowed to draw district lines that favor their party over the others.

Bailey Pfohl
Jan 20, 2022   7:28 PM

As you'll see amongst all of these comments, all the citizens are asking for is fairness. Fair and balanced representation. In these comments are hundreds of people moved by their overwhelming fear of being pushed aside and silenced. Our state citizenry has already spoken and demanded fair representation. This country was founded on every person having the right to a voice. Do not silence us. As you redraw, look to the maps drawn by citizens, the true experts of their neighborhoods. Everyone deserves to have a streamlined process for representation - ONE General Assembly member to whom they appeal. The messy maps we have now require many citizens to appeal to a group at the cost of great effort. Do what is right and draw proportional maps; the result will be good politics and meritocratic leadership.

Bob Johnson
Jan 20, 2022   7:17 PM

It is ridiculous that I live in Lorain County and Gym Jordan is my representative. It's time to make districts fair for the people not the party.

Mark Glorius
Jan 20, 2022   7:11 PM

I have lived in a heavily Gerrymandered district for at least 10 years. I can only assume that it was drawn this way to make sure that all non-Republican voters lack a voice in their government. I expect that our maps will be redrawn to allow equal and fair representation.

Jodi Ransom
Jan 20, 2022   7:08 PM

On May 8, 2018, the majority of Ohio voters voted overwhelmingly 74.89% to 25.11% to change the Ohio constitution and require fairly drawn districts to allow for accountable representation. This is a huge majority of citizens from across the state. The Ohio Supreme Court recognizes this fact, and has directed the Ohio Redistricting Commission to make fair maps happen. This can be accomplished because we have seen examples of fairly drawn districts that keep communities whole. Voters are supposed to choose candidates. But when lawmakers draw district lines to entrench one party's political power, some votes count more than others. I am a voter, a poll worker, and a non-partisan volunteer who registers new voters, and encourages all people to participate in our shared experience by voting. When we have fairly drawn districts that keep the needs of communities together, we will all be better for it. Extreme candidates and opinions on either side will get less attention.

Dana Miller
Jan 20, 2022   7:07 PM

The voice of the Ohio voters has been amplified by the State of Ohio Supreme Court and that voice is telling the Ohio Redistricting Commission to draw fair state house and senate maps.

I have also submitted state house and senate maps that I drew which I believe accurately reflects my community in Oxford, Butler County. The current maps submitted by the commission dissect my community in a pattern that repeats across the state which has made Ohio a national embarrassment of partisan gerrymandering.

The past behavior of the commission has made it clear that partisan map drawing is a wasteful activity which the court has also taken notice of and suggests the idea of creating a non-partisan commission. With the limited time and the commission we have, I ask you to rise above your allegiance to your political party and draw fair maps.

Thank you.

Ann Fischer
Jan 20, 2022   7:02 PM

It is against the principles of democracy to carve and slice communities to one's liking for political gain. Upholding a true, functioning democracy is more important than any individual's or party's quest for temporary power.

Steve Talley
Jan 20, 2022   6:55 PM

When districts do not represent similar constituents in similar SES backgrounds and identities, occupations and interests, no one ends up with a voice because party apparatchiks can do what they want knowing they are secure from competition, which ends in tyranny, and attempts, as in January 6th. Ohio has voted for 2 Democrats and two Republicans since 2008, and has had the most reasonable and moderate of Republican Governors. Particular districts have particular needs that won't overwhelm the majority by being in a single district; this only makes sure they are heard. Then it is up to the many others to weight their pleas and arguments in the service of the common good. Ohio doesn't have or need a supermajority if any Party. It is critical that the Redistricting Maps you draw accurately reflect the percentage of Ohioans who typically vote Republican & Independent & Democrat, while keeping communities together.
Thank You

Linda Myers
Jan 20, 2022   6:46 PM

There have been people put into office that the people didn't want because of the gerrymandering that has been done for years. It is time for the people to get who they want in office and not who someone they don't want. I have never in my lifetime seen all the cheating and laws put into place to make sure that Republicans remain and others are elected. The people have a right to vote for who they want. STOP THE CHEATING!

Debra Shankland
Jan 20, 2022   6:43 PM

It is good that the Redistricting Commission has another chance to come up with fair and competitive district maps for the state legislature. Please take this second opportunity to work in a bi-partisan fashion by starting with the maps submitted by the Democratic members of the Redistricting Commission, or the excellent maps submitted by citizens Geoff Wise, Pranav Padmanabhan or Paul Nieves.
The final maps must protect and keep whole Black, AAPI, and Hispanic communities to ensure that their votes have the same impact as White voters. Specifically, keep Summit and Lucas Counties whole; the Cleveland-centered district must be wholly within Cuyahoga Co.; the Cincinnati-centered district should include the Black communities in the eastern half of the county; and the Columbus-centered district should include as much of the urban core as possible, while the second Franklin Co. district should keep whole the AAPI and new American communities in the northwestern part of the county.

Eric Morris
Jan 20, 2022   6:43 PM

(1) In the Ohio Senate, 18 districts should lean Republican and 15 districts should lean Democrat.
(2) In the Ohio House, 53 districts should lean Republican and 46 districts should lean Democrat.
(3) The proportion of districts that lean strongly or weakly should not advantage either party.
Maps that do not fulfill all three are not compliant with the Ohio Constitution.
Ohio Supreme Court holds the enacted map violates the proportional representation requirement of Article XI Section 6 of the Ohio Constitution
The Court explicitly said a compliant map needs to closely adhere to Ohio's 54% to 46% partisan vote share
Districts should keep communities together, and not crack certain communities to weaken their vote
Districts cannot pack certain communities together to waste their votes
The Ohio Supreme Court held the congressional map unduly favored the Republican Party, unduly disfavored the Democratic Party, and unduly split governmental units in violation of Article XIX Section

eric miller
Jan 20, 2022   6:42 PM

Justice O'Conner has shown her fellow Republicans that they must obey the law. Good for her. No more partisan gerrymandering!

john gray
Jan 20, 2022   6:36 PM

In today's meeting, the questioning indicated that not all staff working on maps are working to meet all the criteria defined by the Constitution as remanded by the OSC. The entire commission should adopt a statement to direct all staff to work to that criteria.

As the map drawer indicated, by focusing only on predominately D areas and making concessions there will limit the ability to fully comply with all the criteria. That will necessitate redoing the predominately D areas later.

Paul Helbling
Jan 20, 2022   6:35 PM

Listen to the Ohio Supreme Court, begin with with the voting record of 54/46 as a guide and end your work with district maps very close to 54/46. In fact, you know that this type of map already exist for each Ohio House so why continue the charades of trying to adjust the district maps presented to the Ohio Supreme Court?? Peace, Paul.

Jan Seymour
Jan 20, 2022   6:33 PM

The people have spoken. People from both sides want fair elections. Please do the work before you and create fair districts.

Marcia Levine
Jan 20, 2022   6:28 PM

It is critical that the Redistricting Maps you draw accurately reflect the Per Centage of Ohioans who typically vote Republican & those who vote Democratic. Of course, keeping communities together matters also.
Thank You

Richard Topper
Jan 20, 2022   6:28 PM

Mr. Glassburn who testified this afternoon about the Democratic drawn maps which fairly set forth four Democratic Senate seats in Franklin County and two in Hamilton stated maps can be drawn to meet all requirements of Article XI including proportionality and those which do not unduly favor/disfavor a political party. He testified the snag is in direction given to the his Republican counterparts.
The direction needs to come from the five Rep. Commission members to their map drawers to comply with the Supreme Court ruling that all Article XI requirements can be met and to work with the Dem map drawers to accomplish this. Governor DeWine, step up and tell your map drawers to do just that!

William Davis
Jan 20, 2022   6:23 PM

For over a decade, I have worked with other volunteers across Ohio advocating for universal, comprehensive healthcare. An economic impact study commissioned in 2019 stated that Ohio would save $25 Billion/year w/a single payer system. Despite years of effort to share demonstrated benefits, it wasn't until 2019 that we were granted a hearing w/a committee to present our economic study.

With thousands of signatures gathered over the years, we know there is building support in the state, yet gerrymandered districts being secure for the representatives, there is little progress in the Statehouse. We the people are ignored despite public support.

We have a weak democracy from unequal representation offered by skewed districts. People do not feel represented when neighborhoods are carved out & put in another district connected w/another county. This discourages voting and is not how to foster a strong democracy. DO YOUR JOB & DRAW FAIR DISTRICTS.

Sandra LoPorto
Jan 20, 2022   6:22 PM

It is hard for me to understand how you can ignore the will of the people to have fair maps drawn. Please redraw the maps fairly.

Kelley Wagner
Jan 20, 2022   6:21 PM

The only people trying to steal elections are Republicans, including the ones on this committee. Stop cheating. Stop copying the other racist states. Do what the people in this state voted for. Hopefully we'll be able to vote you out and turn this state blue again.

joe wolf
Jan 20, 2022   6:14 PM

Ohio residents deserve fair maps.we need free and fair elections, without impediments.

Andrew Wallis
Jan 20, 2022   6:13 PM

If we could just progress the elections system by getting rid of the electoral college then the districts would not be needed therefore no gerrymandering.

Jed Amurao
Jan 20, 2022   6:13 PM

Not only do maps need to be fair and representative of the make up of Ohio, but the process by which they are made should be fair, as well. Party members of both sides must be adequately prepare for Commission meetings beforehand. No one wants unfair maps sprung on them.

Jackie Smith
Jan 20, 2022   6:12 PM

We need to make voting fair to save our democracy!
We the People!

Karen Shell
Jan 20, 2022   5:57 PM

District and congressional maps should be drawn to produce an outcome that reflects proportional representation.
If 60% of Ohio is Republican, then the districts should be drawn to the probability of 40% of the districts voting for Democrats. If a high enough percentage is Independent, that should be reflected as well.
Voters, of course, change their minds. When candidates are geared more towards solving problems and less towards partisan ideals, there is more likelihood that voters will vote for the person over the party.
Fairly drawn districts encourage good politics and good leadership.

Ruth Hardy
Jan 20, 2022   5:47 PM

Ohio District 27 House and Senate District 7 have been again been extremely gerrymandered on the maps proposed on this morning's commission meeting (1/20/22) post. They are out of compliance with regard to representational fairness, proportionality, and compactness. Please try again. Compliant maps have been proven to be possible.

Thomas Kildren
Jan 20, 2022   5:45 PM

Fair maps mean people running for election will need to have actual ideas and engage with the public, not just skating by on gerrymandered districts.

Tessa Xuan
Jan 20, 2022   5:42 PM

The maps struck down by the Supreme Court do not reflect a proportional increase in political power for the growing Asian American and Pacific Islander population. The AAPI community is one of the fastest growing racial and ethnic demographic groups in Ohio and the country. Based on 2020 Census data, in Ohio, the Asian population grew by 58.3% and the Pacific Islander population grew by 44.2% between 2010 and 2020. Central Ohio, and specifically Reynoldsburg, is home to the largest Bhutanese-Nepali community in the world outside of Asia, with approximately 27,000+ resettled refugees. In the approved state district maps struck down by the Supreme Court, AAPI communities where the largest concentration of Bhutanese-Nepali residents live are split into multiple districts: a) The State House map proposal splits AAPIs around Reynoldsburg into 5 districts - districts 2, 4, 68, 69, 5. b) The State Senate map proposal splits AAPIs around Reynoldsburg into 3 districts - districts 3, 15, 31.

Debbie Johns
Jan 20, 2022   5:41 PM

Every vote should count. Altering maps to unfairly benefit one party flies in the face of the values this country was founded on. The corruption must end.

Lillian Lopeman
Jan 20, 2022   5:38 PM

Ohio has a wide diversity of population. We are made up of different races, ages, economic status, educational level, religion, ethnic origins, among other measures. We have diversity of thought also - since 2008, Ohio has voted twice for a Democrat for President and twice for a Republican. To divide Ohio into districts that do not give all of us fair representation is wrong and unjust. We deserve to be represented who are responsible to us, not the Republican or Democratic parties.

Elizabeth Stoehr
Jan 20, 2022   5:38 PM

Fair redistricting maps now!!!! This means reflecting communities as a whole and not dividing them up!! Thank you Ohio Supreme Court for standing up for the people of Ohio and truth!!!

Gertrude Kelso
Jan 20, 2022   5:36 PM

Please follow the law when you redraw the maps. You will be held accountable.

Tessa Xuan
Jan 20, 2022   5:32 PM

The maps struck down by the Supreme Court do not reflect a proportional increase in political power for the growing Asian American and Pacific Islander population. The AAPI community is one of the fastest growing racial and ethnic demographic groups in Ohio and the country. Based on 2020 Census data, in Ohio, the Asian population grew by 58.3% and the Pacific Islander population grew by 44.2% between 2010 and 2020. Central Ohio, and specifically Reynoldsburg, is home to the largest Bhutanese-Nepali community in the world outside of Asia, with approximately 27,000+ resettled refugees. In the approved state district maps struck down by the Supreme Court, AAPI communities where the largest concentration of Bhutanese-Nepali residents live are split into multiple districts: a) The State House map proposal splits AAPIs around Reynoldsburg into 5 districts - districts 2, 4, 68, 69, 5. b) The State Senate map proposal splits AAPIs around Reynoldsburg into 3 districts - districts 3, 15, 31.

Shane Hoffman
Jan 20, 2022   5:32 PM

Ohioans deserve fair maps. Ohioans deserve the MOST competitive districts possible. Our maps should neither be drawn to create safe districts for Republicans nor for Democrats. Our maps should be the most competitive that can be found. We voted for that. We deserve that.

Michael Klein
Jan 20, 2022   5:21 PM

I am weary of not having our votes counted, our wishes, represented fairly throughout all the levels of Ohio government! It has encouraged outrageous corruption, for one! Time for fair competition!

George DiSabato
Jan 20, 2022   5:21 PM

Every citizen should have a fair opportunity to vote and have their vote counted.

Robin Shabazz
Jan 20, 2022   5:16 PM

When lawmakers are allowed unfettered discretion in drawing their own district maps, we are looking at the opposite of "fair maps." Fair maps mean lawmakers listen to their constituents and take into account the information provided to draw maps that reflect the communities. Blatant partisanship should not be permitted! Maps should never be drawn to protect incumbents at the expense of voters. Period!

Debra Saunders
Jan 20, 2022   5:16 PM

The GOP is not dealing in good faith within this Commission. They sprung maps to the public at this hearing without first submitting maps to the minority party for review, which is the usual procedure when negotiating. They never informed the minority party that they were going to present maps to the public today. This is unfair, and it demonstrates the character of the GOP members of this commission and their lack of honor and respect. The GOP members make their own rules, just as they ignored the voter mandate to end gerrymandering.

Peter Petto
Jan 20, 2022   5:13 PM

This comment reiterates already sent as a comment by email to all the members of the commission (before commenting hear was available) bears repeating now, especially the third element:

(1) In the Ohio Senate, 18 districts should lean Republican and 15 districts should lean Democrat.
(2) In the Ohio House, 53 districts should lean Republican and 46 districts should lean Democrat.
(3) The proportion of districts that lean strongly or weakly should not advantage either party.

Maps that do not fulfill all three are not compliant with the Ohio Constitution.

As I've observed the past few meetings of the ORC, what you are doing is unclear to me. Worse than that, it appears that prior to each meeting the Republicans have determined what will happen during the meeting; and the Democrats appear to have been advised what will happen during the meeting only moments beforehand.

This is not the bipartisan, fair, transparent process that should be occurring now.

Phyllis Bottoms
Jan 20, 2022   5:13 PM

Fair maps now! Save our democracy!!

john faber
Jan 20, 2022   5:12 PM

GERRYMANDERING has been done by both parties and should not happen, but always will. Looking at both of the current maps shows that this is true.

David Carlson
Jan 20, 2022   5:09 PM

What is at stake is democracy - plain and simple. Every one of you know this. Democracy or despotism, dictatorship, monarchy, monocracy, totalitarianism, tyranny. Where will you stand? For yourself, for your children's future, for our country.

Patricia Ashpaw
Jan 20, 2022   5:07 PM

As a lifetime Republican, I could no longer stand the cheating and bold defiance of the Truth during Trump's so called Presidency. I am now ashamed of despicable actions of this "so called" party!!! Is cheating the only way you can win?
So you will rob the American people of any semblance of "doing the right thing. I pray each of you will lose any race you run!!!!!

jeffrey hahn
Jan 20, 2022   5:04 PM

we need to make voting fair to save our democracy!

Kristin Vaughn
Jan 20, 2022   5:01 PM

It's all about equity. Do the districting maps promote equity across racial and ethnic groups? Are the maps representative of the communities that they supposedly represent? To do this you must include the community. I want fair districting maps that promote equity for Ohioans!!

Mary Hufford
Jan 20, 2022   5:00 PM

We voted for Fair Maps, the Supreme Court said you must follow the Ohio Constitution and create fair maps, and the expectation is that you will STOP GERRYMANDERING and create FAIR MAPS. Stop trying to cheat and start acting like adults!

Elaine Grubb
Jan 20, 2022   4:52 PM


Julie Apley-Kanable
Jan 20, 2022   4:52 PM

It is time that Ohioans have fair districts. In 2015 and 2018, the voters said they wanted fairly drawn districts. The Ohio Supreme Court has also reiterated this. Respectfully, I'm asking that the commission deliver what Ohio voters have asked for. Thank you.

Anthony Fannin
Jan 20, 2022   4:50 PM

I want fair maps in Ohio ,and I want this moron Republican to be stop falling that idiot and lying trump stay out of Ohio !!!

Eva Howard
Jan 20, 2022   4:50 PM

We need fair and impartial district maps. Rigging maps so one group wins is wrong and unethical.
Fix the maps and make them truly representative of all Ohioans .

Barty Soetoro
Jan 20, 2022   4:48 PM

The Dems again are trying to solve a problem with voting rights that DOES NOT EXIST. First the Feds have no business usurping state rights concerning elections. Showing a vax ID as is mandatory in DC,but Dems say showing ID is discriminatory,you make me sick with your double standards,for if Dems didnt have Dbl standards,they wouldnt have any standards at all! Quit your stupid Schiff,it wont fly!

Nancy Kosewick
Jan 20, 2022   4:48 PM

I want the Ohio Redistricting Commission to choose an unbiased and ethical map for the voting districts of Ohio. Follow the letter and spirit of the law of our recently passed redistricting laws.

Amy Amy
Jan 20, 2022   4:47 PM

When you redraw the more fairly made map, please do not split city and towns up. Keep them whole.

Joseph DeMay
Jan 20, 2022   4:45 PM

The Republicans did a fantastic job with the redistricting. I'm not sure why the biased courts had to get involved and create issues. We would have all been better served had the courts done the proper thing and taken no action!

Steven Abelt
Jan 20, 2022   4:45 PM

I want fair and honest government and that starts with fixing the redistribution of fair voting districts! No more Cheating! Fix this Now! The Same should apply to the Supreme Court!

Kenny Durbin
Jan 20, 2022   4:43 PM

Stand Tall and do whats RIGHT for ALL! not party! NO gerrymandering!!!

Carolyn Litteral
Jan 20, 2022   4:43 PM

Do it fairly this time. Gerrymandering is a cowardly way to win. Cheating is the only way Republicans think they can win. They need to start doing what the people want not what personal power and greed want. Enough is enough !

Robert Morgan
Jan 20, 2022   4:41 PM

The maps of districting in Ohio should reflect its demographic make up any thing else should be considered illegal unlawful and unpatriotic.

Lorelei Easley
Jan 20, 2022   4:36 PM

Please be fair. You are appointed to serve the public not power grab. You should not have to be told that.

Richard Boyce
Jan 20, 2022   4:34 PM

Get it right this time! Stop the gerrymandering nonsense and make fair and compact districts.

Margo Wilhelm
Jan 20, 2022   4:34 PM

I voted with fellow Ohioans for a Ohio Amendment outlining a transparent and honest process to follow for redistributing. Ohio Republicans ignored it and humiliated voters with an unconstitutional proces and map. I am grateful our Courts invalidated the map. I kindly request the legislators and our Governor FOLLOW the Constitutional Process this time. I deserve to live a district, not one created to intentionally mute my vote. I put my faith in all of you. Please don't fail us again. Draw FAIR Logical maps that enable a functional democracy.

Christine Renaud
Jan 20, 2022   4:33 PM

Wow ... talk about "Stop the Steal" ... stop trying to take our votes away with your gerrymandered districts. We asked for fairly drawn districts overwhelmingly in 2018. Either you have a platform that appeals to voters, or you don't ... Rigging the districting to over-ride the will of Ohioans is another way to steal an election.

Kathleen Gaige
Jan 20, 2022   4:26 PM

You have a short period of time to produce an Ohio Constitution compliant map, so why not review the many maps already submitted by citizen mapmakers, and those produced by non-partisan good government entities - identify those with close to the 54 R/ 46 D requirement - then pick the map that meets this requirement along with other criteria for "fair maps" - keeping communities together, compactness, etc.? Respectfully, Kathleen Gaige

Walter Hixson
Jan 20, 2022   4:26 PM

If you believe in democracy in America you will support legitimate districting unlike that which was drawn. If you believe in authoritarian rule in a one-party state, keep things the way they are.

Nancy Jones
Jan 20, 2022   4:25 PM

It is past time for the voters in Ohio to get the fair districts. In 2015 and 2018, the voters told you clearly what they wanted - fairly drawn districts. Now the Ohio Supreme Court has reiterated that standard. I urge the Commission to do its job and develop the fair maps that the voters have requested and deserve.

Kate Davey
Jan 20, 2022   4:14 PM

Ohio voters are some of the most hard-working, genuine people in the United States. To draw maps divided by political preference is not only cheating for your personal gain, but it is cheating these good American people out of fair and balanced representation. We the People of the State of Ohio deserve to have our voices heard and we deserve a state government that is unafraid to hear those voices. Give us fairly-drawn districts, not strategic scribbles favoring a political agenda.

Sharon Stickell
Jan 20, 2022   4:10 PM

Stop the gerrymandering. Ohio voters voted for fair districts and we expect you abide by that wish.

Sandra Robitz
Jan 20, 2022   4:09 PM

Swiftly hold meaningful public hearings to hear from experts as well as Ohio voters;
Draw maps through a transparent and bipartisan process;
Keep communities together and prioritize the needs of voters over short-sighted, partisan political concerns; and
Create districts that are fair and proportional to how Ohioans vote, adhering to the 54 percent R, 46 percent D proportional

Donald Lockhart
Jan 20, 2022   4:03 PM

Ohio voters voted 75pct. in 2018 for fair districts, that should have been adequate enough information to show that Ohioans believed in freedom of everyone's choice, not one parties choice. Stop using state voter information to select district maps to favor one party,

Victoria Eckhart
Jan 20, 2022   4:01 PM

Thank you for this opportunity to submit my comment electronically versus coming in person during the pandemic. I have spent almost my entire life as an Ohio resident and grew up in a family that followed and cared about politics. We were so excited to turn 18 and vote in our first elections and every election since then. We believe that every vote counts and makes a difference! The voters in Ohio passed a constitutional amendment to diminish partisan politics involved in creating redistricting maps by creating this commission. As elected officials you take an oath to uphold the Ohio Constitution. You are required to create fair maps that reflect the voters in this state. In the past decade voters have favored Republicans about 54% to 46%. Your newly created maps should be more about these numbers instead of disregarding what Ohio voters mandated. Voters are listening and watching now more than ever, and you need to also. We want representative and fairly drawn maps!

Jan Bell
Jan 20, 2022   3:52 PM

The people of Ohio deserve fairly drawn voting districts! A total district should include neighborhoods and communities in close proximity to each other. It's really sad when one party has to resort to gerrymandering because it's the only way they think they can win an election.

Patti Lusher
Jan 20, 2022   3:52 PM

Votes are being suppressed in many areas of our country, through various means. Don't do that to Ohioans by drawing unfair districts that do not represent Ohio voters. Honor your oaths of office and draw fair districts for everyone.

Deborah Bednar
Jan 20, 2022   3:50 PM

As a proud Ohio resident all my life it saddens me to see Ohio's name in the national news all for bad reasons. Most corrupt state in the country, one of the highest Covid cases and one of the most gerrymandered states in the union. We all want fair maps that represent who we really are, why since it is our law did you not do come up with a map that supports us? Thank goodness our Supreme Court put state over party. Do the jobs our taxpayers pay you to do in an honorable way.

Joan Spoerl
Jan 20, 2022   3:45 PM

I was so dismayed by the commission's disregard of the will of the large majority of voters who supported an amendment to end partisan gerrymandering in Ohio. We all deserve fair maps and the improved governance that will come from them. Please fulfill your obligations as outlined by the Ohio Supreme Court and the voters with a fair, transparent and bipartisan process. Many organizations and individuals have done much to assist you by providing so many examples of fair maps that meet the guidelines. I believe in our founders' vision for a democratic republic and expect our legislators to show that commitment as well - no matter if it means letting go of some power. A healthy democracy should be a priority for you too. In fact, it should be a foundational value. Please demonstrate your commitment to it.

Joy Dudley
Jan 20, 2022   3:42 PM

I have been a faithful voter here in Pickerington for 43 years, always a thoughtful and informed voter, and I take this honor and privilege seriously. It breaks my heart to know that my vote counts for nothing in this strangely convoluted, gerrymandered district. Nevertheless, I still strive to be an actively participating citizen. Is it right that I should be so disenfranchised? What would the Founders say? I know - they would agree this is dangerous to our Democracy.

Bill Snavely
Jan 20, 2022   3:39 PM

I respectfully request the Board follow the constitution as voted on by the citizens. Avoid consideration of party affiliation at all. As mayor of a city in this state, I would always follow our charter and the Ohio constitution. You should too. I am severely disappointed in your actions to date. Trust the people. Trust Democracy.

Angie Seiller
Jan 20, 2022   3:34 PM

Be honest, that's all I ask. This should not be a partisan process! What happened to doing the right thing?

Matina Bliss
Jan 20, 2022   3:27 PM

Ohioans have made it clear time and time again that we NEED fair maps. This commission completely ignored that last fall and chose party over the people. Partisan gerrymandering serves only self interest and degrades our democratic institution. Ohioans deserve honestly and integrity from the people we elect. I urge you to act in good faith and adopt fair maps.