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Kate Elliott
Jan 20, 2022   3:22 PM

Please acknowledge that Ohio has a nearly evenly divided citizenry and draw maps that allow it to be the toss-up state it is. People worked too hard to get this issue on the ballot, people turned out and voted for this change, the Courts have spoken"do your job. Draw fair maps. If you are so sure that your party deserves to win, then do it by making your case on the campaign trail, not in backrooms with unfair districting. Let the voice of the people be heard through their vote.

Ellen Frank
Jan 20, 2022   3:18 PM

Creating an autocracy by gerrymandering and keeping one party in power is not what we as voters worked hard to avoid. The blatant disregard for the law, the process, and dismissal of millions of Ohio voters has to stop. Please work fast to create maps that truly reflect what voters want in this state. We will continue to lose population as people move out of this state with all the regressive actions happening in Columbus. I register voters and knock on doors and the number one reason for people NOT voting is that they feel their vote means nothing. Please prove this statement wrong. Listen to us.

Nancy Agacinski
Jan 20, 2022   3:17 PM

Gerrymandering is disgraceful. The republicans should be ashamed of themselves. Enough with the sleepy political moves and efforts to make voting difficult and unfair. You're supposed to be the citizens representatives. Not in government for your own purpose and power. Support all your citizens. Not just the wealthy.

Aimie Earle
Jan 20, 2022   3:10 PM

Please leave the gerrymandering at the door and draw fair maps. The people of Ohio deserve to have our voices heard in who represents us. Anything less is unconstitutional. Do your jobs as you swore that you would do

Ann Isaacs
Jan 20, 2022   3:06 PM

Ohioans voted for fair maps, created through a bipartisan effort, in a transparent process. As a result, the Ohio Constitution was amended to include safeguards to insure fairness. The Ohio Supreme Court's ruling on the first set of maps reinforces the fact that those maps fell far short of the desires of Ohioans for fair maps. It is my hope that members of the redistricting commission will now work together in an open process to produce maps which adhere to constitutional requirements and are fair to all Ohioans.

Nadina Ferguson
Jan 20, 2022   2:58 PM

Fair districts now. No more gerrymandering.

John Winnenberg
Jan 20, 2022   2:57 PM

Nowhere has this issue been more evident than in rural Appalachian Ohio. I live in the former coal region in southern Perry County with very low wealth communities represented in Congress by wealthy suburban Columbus politicians. Neighboring Athens County is split into multiple districts, as are our cities, attempting to keep Democrats out of office and assuring power is centralized with a one party government. This is not democracy, and this threatens the future of our country. Fairness must be first, followed by creating districts that are created by logical regional boundaries...urban, suburban, farm country, hill country, river valleys, school athletic conferences, etc.

Michaela Little
Jan 20, 2022   2:55 PM

Please draw our district lines in a fair, unbiased, and common sense way. Please make sure this is done for and by the people, not for or by the politicians!

Lauren Garbacz
Jan 20, 2022   2:54 PM

Gerrymandering undermines fair elections. Districting needs to be equitable so all voices are heard and officials elected who can represent their constituents' needs.

Sandra Vogel
Jan 20, 2022   2:52 PM

We need fair districts drawn. No gerrymandering. Thank you.

Melisse May
Jan 20, 2022   2:48 PM

Elected officials must represent their constituents wants and needs. They must not gerrymander their constituents into representing their personal point of view. Create fair and just districts.

Anne Ondrey
Jan 20, 2022   2:47 PM

If you played Monopoly with your children and cheated by rigging the board, what lesson would that teach them? In this same way, gerrymandering teaches that integrity is unimportant and it is unethical on every level. We are better than that. We in Ohio are home to some of the most egregiously gerrymandered districts in the US creating outlandishly-shaped districts. Voters overwhelming support reforms in Ohio's redistricting process to make sure our state lives up to achieving fair maps. Please do the right thing for Ohio and for Democracy.

Lis Regula
Jan 20, 2022   2:45 PM

After the debacle of 2011, Ohioans spent millions of dollars and a similar number of hours in 2015 and 2018 passing constitutional amendments to have more fair maps that better represent our great state. The maps that were rejected by the Supreme Court were a travesty that never should have happened, when there were literally hundreds of maps submitted, including those consensus maps from Ohio Citizens Redistricting Commission. Use these maps from the OCRC or a similar entity to draw actually fair maps as set forth by the Ohio Supreme Court. This is what Ohioans want, what we deserve, and what we worked to ensure.

Nancy McDowell
Jan 20, 2022   2:45 PM

I believe every district should be composed of your neighbors in your city and county if possible. There is too much gerrymandering in summit and cuyahoga counties in the proposed maps. s Please put forth maps that will allow people to vote for a person that represents them and their values. Representative should not be choosing their voters as has happened in the past. Ohio citizens overwhelmingly voted for fair and representative districts and that's what we expect to see!

Marshall Lochridge
Jan 20, 2022   2:42 PM

I urge you to devise a fair map as mandated by the voters. I am upset by the gerrymandering to win the elections. Make the districts fair and let the candidates win on their merits m, not win because the districts have been warped to play to the base. Thank you

April Bleakney
Jan 20, 2022   2:41 PM

Ohioans voted overwhelmingly in support of fairly districted maps. Remember that your role in public office is to serve the citizens of this state, not skewing and distorting power plays for your party. Follow your mandate and do your job.

Dean Barbo
Jan 20, 2022   2:41 PM

I testified when the committee had a public hearing in Columbus at the statehouse. Every person that testified urged you to create fair districts and you didn't. Since time is running out with the 10 day window, I urge you adopt the maps put forth by Fair Districts Ohio, League of Women Voters, or Ohio Citizens Redistricting Commission. I have reviewed them and they comply with the constitutional amendment. Make life fair and easy and just use those since they were compiled by non-partisan experts. Do it or we will vote you out. Thank you.

Cindy Banks
Jan 20, 2022   2:40 PM

Fair maps. Now.

Brittany Hayes
Jan 20, 2022   2:36 PM

We want fair maps and we want them now! It is time for the Redistricting Commission, specifically the GOP members of the redistricting commission, to stop messing around and draw fair maps that meet ALL of the constitutional requirements. Political geography is not an excuse to gerrymander and tear apart communities. Fair maps should reflect how Ohioans vote meaning in the state legislative maps there should be no less than 45 Democratic House seats and no less than 15 Democratic Senate seats. Get to work and draw a map that shows respect for the voters wishes, not special interests.

Oliver Brown
Jan 20, 2022   2:34 PM

Is this America or do we live in Russia!!!!! Free and Fair!!!!!!!!

Steve Deak
Jan 20, 2022   2:34 PM

The voters of Ohio voted overwhelming in support of changes to the redistricting process. Follow the Ohio constitution and provide fair maps. The first attempt was blatantly partisan and disrespectful to the process and voters.

Holly Clemens
Jan 20, 2022   2:32 PM

More than 70% of Ohioans voted to end gerrymandering and the Ohio Supreme Court listened to them by striking down the unconstitutional GOP redistricting map. It is time to listen to the voices of Ohioans and develop and support fair, constitutional maps for all Ohioans!

Sharon Kuhlke
Jan 20, 2022   2:29 PM

We voted for fair districts at the state and federal level. Without them we are looking at one-party rule. Please get back to votes counting no matter what district you cast your in. Please bring democracy back to Ohio. No more extreme gerrymandering.

Mary Douglas
Jan 20, 2022   2:27 PM

Please see that district lines are drawn by a truly bipartisan committee and that communities are represented fairly. Be just and be fair. Our democracy is depending on you.

Kristin Peterson
Jan 20, 2022   2:25 PM

In my 50th year as a registered voter in the same community, I am currently in my 4th Congressional district, which is by far the most gerrymandered district I have ever been in. I have no current Rep in Congress that actually represents me due to the gerrymandering. Please do your Constitutional duty and draw fair maps, at every level, so that the majority of Ohioans who have voted to have balanced districts will have their voices heard. If you didn't hear the voters, then listen to the Ohio Supreme Court!

Mike Baker
Jan 20, 2022   2:23 PM

Our democracy is dependent upon fair redistricting, respect for the public initiative, & Ohio's Constitutional requirements!

Pat Sommer
Jan 20, 2022   2:22 PM

Voting is a corner stone of our representative Democracy. Gerrymandering is a cynical partisan approach to disrupt and corrupt this critical voice of the people. Those who take part in these sleazy practices are committing crimes as sure as a robber stealing one's money.It is FAR beyond time for the Commission to find some character, principles, and moral values and draw fair maps, keeping communities together and sticking to the 54-46 percent distribution.

Shannon Dreger
Jan 20, 2022   2:22 PM

I voted for Ohio to redraw its maps and for it to be done fairly, however once again Republicans have gerrymandered the map to so that they have an unfair advantage over Democrats. If your party is so bad that the only way to win is too give your self an advantage over your opponent by rigging a map then maybe your party needs to re- access what it stands for! Currently the Republican party of Ohio doesn't care about the people of Ohio, they only care about money and power which has been proven true by the Ohio Edison scandal.
Much to my horror Jim Jordan represents my district and I find him, his beliefs and his everyday lies for the ex-president reprehensible.

Lawrence Koosed
Jan 20, 2022   2:19 PM

Democracy or power. Your legacy will outlive you.

Deborah Brooks
Jan 20, 2022   2:16 PM

It is imperative that we have nonpartisan redistricting and fair representation. Our democracy is dependent on this. Please do the right thing.

Roger Barker
Jan 20, 2022   2:12 PM

The idea of a democracy depends on one person, one vote.

In a state the size of Ohio (and a nation the size of the United States of America) we can't be present to take part in every vote so we elect our neighbors - with whom we can discuss topics at hand - to gather and vote on our behalf. And in theory we make it possible for each person to be fairly represented by his neighbors.

I find it hard to believe a person on one end of the state can represent "neighbors" from the other end of the state.

Sara Balderston
Jan 20, 2022   2:10 PM

I urge you to listen to Ohio voters by drawing state legislative districts that are compliant with the Ohio Constitution. It is vitally important that the districts reflect the will of the people, and the Ohio Supreme Court made it crystal clear that the proposed redistricting maps violated the Constitution.

Patricia Parker
Jan 20, 2022   2:03 PM

Our democracy is being threatened by the continued effort of Ohio's legislature to gerrymander voting districts. As a result, elections are unfair and Ohio continues to be governed by a legislature and a governor who do not work for Ohioans. The blatantly illegal attempt to again gerrymander districts after the people voted for a nonpartisan commission of everyday citizens to determine a fair map is a direct threat to our rights. Without a fair map big business and partisan politics rule.

Kathleen Lyons
Jan 20, 2022   2:00 PM

If Republicans really wanted fair elections, they would spend the time on fair districts instead of making it harder for people to vote, and power grabbing Supreme Court appointments. Mitch is the worst!

Beccy Krenelka
Jan 20, 2022   1:58 PM

I've lived in District 15 for over 30 years - one of the most gerrymandered districts in the State. The sole purpose of this district is to dilute the Democrats in Columbus with suburban and rural Republican voters. It's worked like a charm. The boundaries kept shifting with demographics, so that ONLY 1 Democrat has represented the district since 1966. It's time for fair maps Ohio! All districts need to be competitive! We'll get better candidates for both parties.

Cathy Stegman
Jan 20, 2022   1:55 PM

My vote has been unfairly affected by gerrymandering! Imagine my horror upon seeing Steve Chabot on my ballot! He is a westside of Cincinnati Republican who had never represented my eastside neighborhood- until a convoluted map extending snake-like all the way east was introduced probably 10 years ago(?). This was so obviously done for political
gain. Laws against ANY political gerrymandering must be established if the will of voters in a Democracy is to be respected. The divide between Americans continues and our very system of Democracy is imperiled by this willful deceit and negligence. Ohio lawmakers are morphing into a mafia-like collection of criminals defrauding their base and exerting their selfish desires upon the electorate. Stop it please!

Marguerite Thomison
Jan 20, 2022   1:53 PM

Please respond to the 70+ percent of Ohioans who voted for fair districts at the state and federal level. Without them we are looking at one-party rule. Technology has enabled either party to prevent actionable input or compromise on any issue if they draw district maps. This has been a problem historically but this technologically driven trend is turning Ohio into one-party rule. Please get back to votes counting no matter what district you cast your in. Please bring democracy back to Ohio.

Debbie Krantz
Jan 20, 2022   1:48 PM

To the Ohio Redistricting Commission,

It is long past time to stop the charade that the majority party is creating anything other than grossly lopsided voting districts, heavily favoring the current party in power.

Ohio voters have made it abundantly clear that we want fair voting districts that are properly representative of the political makeup of our state. Yet, you failed miserably in this task, despite plenty of examples of citizen produced maps that were created in the spirit of the law.

The Ohio Supreme made it abundantly clear that the creation of fair voting maps is neither "aspirational" nor ending with only a "best effort". Get it done.

Debbie Krantz
Columbus, Ohio

Emeric Bennett
Jan 20, 2022   1:46 PM

I am tired of politicians trying to fix things so they can keep their jobs. The people need to find a way to stop that. I propose taking the ability to set the district maps away from politicians. While I don't know of a foolproof way to do that so some clever person(s) cannot manipulate the result, I am open to suggestions. I have a starting suggestion: have the maps approved by a random sample of voters. Select 30 or so voters randomly from all Ohio registered voters, and have them serve on a sort of jury to decide if submitted district maps are fair. Either a 51% or 66% majority would be needed for a map to be approved. We can discuss if that number is 51%, or some number greater than 51%.

Claudia Ioanes
Jan 20, 2022   1:44 PM

We &Ave already voted and OH voters weighed in with our ballet.
Stop this cheating and do your job. Fair maps no gerrymandering

Andrea Dannenberg
Jan 20, 2022   1:42 PM

Dear Redistricting Commission,
When you are redrawing the maps, remember that you are in government by and for the people. Please leave the partisanship out this time and draw maps that keep communities together and that are fair and follow the 54% R-46%D proportion specified by our Supreme Court. Please respect the will of the voters and follow our constitution. I want our elected representatives to run on their ideas and actions and not to have an automatic victory because of extreme gerrymandering.
Thank you

Chris Brown
Jan 20, 2022   1:42 PM

The house district maps must be a fair reflection of Ohio's demographics and NOT an opportunistic play by a political party, funded by billionaires, to fix our democracy to suit big business and the super wealthy.

Patricia Jennings
Jan 20, 2022   1:41 PM

As an Ohio resident and US citizen, I don't just want my vote counted. I want my vote to count. I have the right for my vote to count. Gerrymandering denies me the full execution of that right.
Government organized around manipulation of voting is not productive, legitimate or sustainable in the long run. Gerrymandering is based on fear of competition at the ballot box. We need legitimate leaders who are elected by their constituents, not those who choose their constituents and then spend their time in office focusing on reelection.
For too long, Ohio has been victim to a system that disallows full representation of specific districts. It's time for fair representation that could be achieved through fair districting.

David Gannon
Jan 20, 2022   1:41 PM

Ohio voters do not want any more racial or partisan gerrymandering. We voted to have a bipartisan or independent commision to redistrict the state in order to end the imbalance of Repubs getting more seats in Congress than Democrats even when Democrats have a majority. Get it out of the hands of Republicans

Lisa Graham
Jan 20, 2022   1:40 PM

Ohio republicans have been gerrymandering for years. The maps should represent us all, not just the power hungry republicans. We voted about this same issue twice! Do something to make us want to vote for you instead of stealing our votes!

Jeffery Paynowski
Jan 20, 2022   1:39 PM

It's time we have a real map that represents the real population 55% to 45% divide. We've already suffered from the 2010 steal.

Why isn't it a crime for elected offices to blatantly dismiss or Ohio constitution and a law that the voters passed with a large majority? The committee that did this should be jailed!

I'm fed up with republican cheating at all levels.

Nancy Russell
Jan 20, 2022   1:37 PM

In 2020 I moved to Ohio to retire. I expected the right to vote under fair conditions, such as voting for my elected officials, and not to have a gerrymandered district that elected officials are choosing their voters! In our democracy, voters get to choose who holds office to represent them. But gerrymandering flips that on its head -- letting politicians manipulate their legislative districts so they can pick and choose their own voters.
Elected officials, candidates for office, advocates, public figures, and ordinary Americans should stand together to end gerrymandering -- to show their unified support for our right to fair representation and a meaningful choice when we go to the polls.
I am so disappointed that the Commission wasted tax payer dollars and TIME with their stupid maps when they could have just listened to public comment in the first place.

Nancy Russell
Toledo, Ohio

Julia Catchpole
Jan 20, 2022   1:35 PM

The citizens of Ohio voted overwhelmingly to change the Ohio constitution and require the redistricting maps to be fair and equitable to all voters. The first map presented to the voters and the courts did not fill the expected requirements. Please respect the wishes of the voters and create a non-gerrymandered map.

Julia Catchpole

Arlene Sheak
Jan 20, 2022   1:34 PM

Ohioans have voted twice for Fair Maps. We are counting on this Committee to create the maps that reflect close to real 55% to 45% divide. You can do this!!
Citizen map resources are available to you!

Mark Hirschfeld
Jan 20, 2022   1:32 PM

The redistricting process needs the reflect the will of the voters and not the will of the electors. The disregard for our voter-approved constitutional directives is a disregard for our democracy as a whole.

My state and federal district needs to be drawn so that our voices can be accurately represented in the government and not so that GOP control can strangle our communities with more corruption like their partnership with first energy corp and HB 6

Laurel Peters
Jan 20, 2022   1:30 PM

I'm not surprised by the cheating attitude represented in the Ohio legislature, which is primarily republican. Fir several decades they've manipulated And aggressively stolen vites that should have represented the Democrats in our state. I'm so please that the Supreme Court has voted the way they dud. Too many unravelling things are being done to Ohioans by the GOP. Even our governor's son chose not to recuse himself from this case! How poorly executed and thought out was that? We need fair representation. It's just that simple. If need be a commission of non politicians should determine the make up of our districts for voting . I am not fairly represented by the screwy thinking's of people like Huffman, Householder, Cupp, DeWine , LaRose or Yost. Their thinking's are heavily weighted towards the GOP and God forbid, the evil and twisted thinking's of Trump.

Janet Ladrach
Jan 20, 2022   1:30 PM

I have lived my entire life in Ohio. I would like to feel that my vote counts. I rarely feel that way. Please draw the district maps to fairly represent the people of Ohio. We must do all that we can to protect the voting rights of our citizens.

Benjamin Kindle
Jan 20, 2022   1:30 PM

The maps should be more balanced to more closely represent the views of Ohio. It also should be a priority to have more competitive districts. The percentage of ohioans represented by each party matched the percentage of ohioans voting for that party. But, arguably more importantly, more districts should be split in a way that will ensure elections are competitive to encourage more moderate candidates

Chris Hughes
Jan 20, 2022   1:30 PM

Fair Redistricting causes less division and allows more work to get done. Plus, its fair. Isn't that reason enough?

Mark Graham
Jan 20, 2022   1:28 PM

I had a few issues with uploading my corrected maps, so I submitted some accidental ones, sorry! My fixed proposals should have 'MG Proposal #, Final' in the 'Organization' tab. There wasn't any way for me to indicate them besides the 'Organization' tab, so hopefully it's alright that I used it in that way!

Tanyce Addison
Jan 20, 2022   1:27 PM

gerrymandering has controlled our elections in the area in which I live. We need fair redistricting minds that are not suppressing voter rights. I live in a TownshipWe are the lines are so strategically drawn for the republican party favor, it makes it difficult for people to know who is our representatives. Democracy needs fair and balanced and easy to understand boundary lines and follow

Dwayne Dawson
Jan 20, 2022   1:27 PM

Please stop gerrymandering and make the voting experience fair to all eligible voters.

Mindy Stoltz
Jan 20, 2022   1:26 PM

The voters voted overwhelmingly twice to change how redistricting maps are drawn in OH. We want fair representation which for the last ten years has been 54% Republican and 46% Democrat. We can see that when gerrymandering occurs then extreme candidates get elected and extreme laws get passed. We need to stop the exodus from the state or we will never settle back into any kind of normalcy.

Marcie Dingler
Jan 20, 2022   1:26 PM

Ohioans voted for fair maps. It's your responsibility to represent the will of Ohio voters. Do your job and draw maps that represent all voters fairly. The voters should choose their representatives, not the other way around.

Carmen Bailey
Jan 20, 2022   1:25 PM

Voters are supposed to be the ones who choose candidates! Gerrymandering in Ohio, allows Republicans to choose their voters. That is UNAMERICAN!

Bazia Zebrowski
Jan 20, 2022   1:25 PM

Gerrymandering is cheating!
We voted to rectify this cheating.
The people have spoken!
Fix the maps so they are fair!
Gerrymandering is aimed at disempowerment of the voters!
Allow the true voice of voters to be heard & those leaders allowed to govern.

Those in power continue to be immoral & unconstitutional to try & maintain power.
I'm disabled & wish I had a more eloquent comment.
Do the right thing!
Stop the cheating!

David Goins
Jan 20, 2022   1:24 PM

It is way past time to restore (small-d) democratic governance to Ohio. Please respect the voters and the Ohio Constitution.

Linda Hansen
Jan 20, 2022   1:24 PM

Gerrymandering is effectively suppressing voices of those people who do not agree with a certain political party's agenda. This is NOT what a democracy looks like. Your parents, grandparents, great grandparents all dreamed about each and every single person having their voices heard in the sacred halls of both state and federal government. From where I sit, I'm not seeing it. My voice is being ignored. Willfully ignored by those who are supposed to listen to everyone and follow the majority of their constituents' wishes.
I respectfully request that fair play be kept in mind when drawing the maps, so that districts are of fairly equal numbers of political parties, and also proportionate in size, i.e. 15 square miles (as an example) per district. This is the only way to stop either party from having complete control over the entire state.

Susan Korte
Jan 20, 2022   1:21 PM

You know we Ohioans voted for fair maps and representation, yet you tried to slip unconstitutional maps past the courts. There are good maps out there both parties should be able to agree on. It's not hard. Do your job. Do what the voters of Ohio demanded.
Thank you.

George Zadigian
Jan 20, 2022   1:20 PM

I've been a conservative and a Republican for over 40 years. If the redistricting in Ohio is not made fair to both parties, or if it disenfranchises either party, I will be voting against all my fellow Republicans. Highly gerrymandered districts, as were proposed by my fellow Republicans, are not acceptable, and only demonstrated Republican focus on winning by any means necessary. I expect my fellow Republicans to find your integrity and win by the quality of your proposals that will benefit all people.

Jacqueline Curl
Jan 20, 2022   1:19 PM

Gerrymandered districts prevent Ohioans from receiving the democratic representation they deserve. The Ohio Supreme Court has given Republicans the ability to right this wrong and to lead with the strength of their ideas, not through oppression. Please seize this moment. Otherwise, as America moves toward a more pluralistic society, your efforts to exert control will eventually wane and history will harshly judge your party for its efforts at suppression.

Thank you.

William Forester
Jan 20, 2022   1:19 PM

If you need to cheat by gerrymandering maybe you need to change your stance about everything. I don't care about party affiliations be noble being a public servants

Joel Greenberg
Jan 20, 2022   1:18 PM

Districts need to be done with more or less equal populations regardless of the political affiliation. That is the fairest way to do it. Also equal geographical for the same reason. That keeps the idea of one man/woman one vote alive. It makes it more fair for all the people. No party has an advantage.

David Weida
Jan 20, 2022   1:17 PM

Gerrymandering is about manipulation for power and control while democracy is about one person one vote equally governing by the people for the people.

Glen Miller
Jan 20, 2022   1:17 PM

Create equal districts. Let the people decide who wins, not the map makers.

James Schuster
Jan 20, 2022   1:17 PM

I recognize the Ohio Supreme non-partisan Judges for their ethics and integrity in this process. What the Republicans did when they ignored the will and desires of the People for fair districts and against gerrymandering was not just unconstitutional. What the Republicans did and try to do is ethically abhorrent, dishonest, non-democratic, pretentious, ignorance, and arrogant. It is sad that Ohio has lost so much because of those people. The rights of Ohioans should be respected and regarded, not ignored and treated with disdain.

Mary Jo Toll
Jan 20, 2022   1:17 PM

To continue, as were so well expressed by the congressional black caucus on the day we celebrated with Martin Luther king Junior his life and his legacy it's important that each one of us value our power to vote and not try to snatch away from other people eating while you're waiting in line it's not a crime there's nothing wrong with it we need to look at what's really necessary one thing I'd like people to consider is this have you ever worked in the polls people like to charge that oh it's all corrupt it is not one house to check those routes three different ways before they can take them to the county seat I've done it also when you take them to the county seat you have to have a person from each major party in the car to make sure there's no tampering there all kinds of checks that people don't know about in most states either checks in Ohio so please let's look to the good of the people who live around us not just ourselves thank you very much

Rama K Paruchuri
Jan 20, 2022   1:17 PM

Fair Maps Fair Elections..! Every Vote Should Count..!! Our Vote Our Voice End Gerrymandering..!!

Kristina Armbruster
Jan 20, 2022   1:16 PM

Everyone should be represented fairly. Everyone deserves fair elections and this includes FAIR maps. Thank you.

Susan Miller
Jan 20, 2022   1:15 PM

I campaigned tirelessly for Allison Russo. Countless hours and as I learned more about gerrymandering, I became more discouraged and defeated. Without a level playing field, people lose hope. I now understand why people don't get involved and don't vote and where the attitude what's the point comes from. Please fix this. Our democratic system cannot work without participation. Give us back our hope.

Sharon Gambill
Jan 20, 2022   1:15 PM

As a retired public servant of Ohio, may I say I've never been more ashamed of my state than I am today.
Could we at least conduct a fair election in this extremist and failing state?

Gail Fonda
Jan 20, 2022   1:15 PM

Joe Manchin mentioned Ohio. He is a total jerk and extremely selfish, like most Republicans. We have a lot more work to mainly turning Ohio blue, finally!

Christine Kraus
Jan 20, 2022   1:13 PM

It's time for fair district maps. If you can only win by gerrymandering that's your problem, not the voters'

Christine Ferens
Jan 20, 2022   1:13 PM

All citizens deserve and expect to be represented fairly and equally. It is the job of the politician to present their position with decorum and grace in order to gain votes, and it speaks poorly of those politicians who insist on manipulating this. End gerrymandering and respect the will and the voice of ALL Ohioans. Do the right thing. Thank You.

Mary Kelsey
Jan 20, 2022   1:13 PM

Time is short for new statehouse maps, but there are already a number of good maps that have been previously submitted to the commission last fall. Maps could also be chosen from the three that got top billing from Dave's Redistricting App.

There is no excuse not to come up with better district maps.

Linda Allen
Jan 20, 2022   1:11 PM

I have been voting for 50 years now, and in all that time I always felt that my vote counted, whether my preferred candidate or issue won or lost. That was my feeling until the Ohio legislature drew up the current redistricting maps. That's when I realized I had been disenfranchised, along with the large majority of Ohioans who voted for fair maps. When our votes no longer count, we have lost our democracy. The majority of the legislature chose to serve special interests over the will of the people. I'm thankful for our courts stepping in to right this wrong.

Bob Steinbach
Jan 20, 2022   1:11 PM

The final map should represent the true political make up of Ohio and not unfairly give an advantage to Republicans. Large urban counties should not be artificially divided.

Teresa Acosta
Jan 20, 2022   1:11 PM

Fair elections! Every vote should count. Republicans should stop cheating to win.

Amanda Lehmann
Jan 20, 2022   1:10 PM

Dear Redistricting Commission:
I am paying attention. Ohio voters TWICE sent you a mandate to create fair districts that do not allow politicians to chose their voters. You've been provided with ample time and ample carefully-considered and researched maps that more fairly represent Ohioans across the state, and yet you went with Gerrymandered maps worse than what was already in place. Well, the Ohio Supreme Court -in addition to the voters of Ohio- have now ALSO bid you go back and make these districts more fair and representative of Ohio's populace. If you need help, look at the multitude of wonderful studies and maps provided by academics, data scientists, and the public at large. Do the right thing for Ohio and preserve democracy through fair representation. Maybe second time is a charm? Thank you.

Nancy Ratermann
Jan 20, 2022   1:10 PM

How is the world can Warren County voting district come ALL THE WAY down to the Riverside Rd area in Cincinnati? Do the Republiklans not care how criminal that looks/is? For Gods Sake, can you not run a legitimate vote? We see what you are doing and will do anything possible to stop the voting restrictions you are trying to impose.

Jane Vietmeier
Jan 20, 2022   1:10 PM

Our vote is our voice.
OHIO trying to make it one sided. Already replaced our voting machines when not necessary. They won last electon why would they do this.. need to ask secretary why. Thank for all you do and standing up for us

Mary Jo TOLL
Jan 20, 2022   1:10 PM

Is critical for us to begin thinking about what's best for the country not how we can push other people and their ideas out of the way.

Jane Vietmeier
Jan 20, 2022   1:09 PM

Our vote is our voice.
OHIO trying to make it one sided. Already replaced our voting machines when not necessary. They won last electon why would they do this.. need to ask secretary why. Thank for all you do and standing up for us

Mega Cutler
Jan 20, 2022   1:09 PM

I'm a lifelong voter in the 15th district, which has been gerrymandered to the extent that no Democrat has been elected to Congress in the last 50 years. When voters feel that their votes don't count, it depresses turnout, and erodes confidence in elected officials and governmental institutions. I applaud the decision by the Ohio Supreme Court to allow voters another chance to be fairly represented.

Michael Steere
Jan 20, 2022   1:08 PM

Please eliminate legislative districts and institute proportional representation through ranked choice voting. Alternatively, use an algorithm to create voting districts that optimize compactness and avoid splitting counties and municipalities.

Thank you.

Carrie Resnick
Jan 20, 2022   1:08 PM

Ohioans overwhelmingly requested and petitioned for fair districts. Our representatives have not only ignored the will of their constituents, but have chosen to put party over Democracy, and the right for each voter to be represented and counted equally. We have the technology and wisdom to draw fair maps. Let's draw fair maps and stop interjecting power grabs and party over the right to representation! The maps SHOULD represent Ohioans, not power grabs, by desperate parties. If you can't win a seat by fair vote, you don't have the right to be a representative. Fair maps now!!

Margaret Jorgensen
Jan 20, 2022   1:08 PM

I hope that the commission will follow the overwhelming decision of voters to draw maps that reflect the political makeup of the state. This is the job you were appointed to do. Please do it.

Cherie Fausnaugh
Jan 20, 2022   1:07 PM

There are many redistricting maps that have been submitted. Please pick one that is fair to ALL of the citizens

Timothy Salvador
Jan 20, 2022   1:06 PM

I ask that the Commission utilize the General Election data and conform our Redistricting Maps to reflect the Ohio electorate. We need to effectively represent the people. Prior maps are unconstitutional and do not meet the resolution that Ohio voters passed to address gerrymandering. Do what is right for Ohioans.

Susan Huffman
Jan 20, 2022   1:06 PM

I voted for fair maps but it seems you don't care what we voted for. I am very disappointed in the behavior going on in this state and our country. The representative should represent the people not themselves and power. We need people to work together. Not a minority control the majority.

Jill Grubb
Jan 20, 2022   1:06 PM

Non-competitive districts disenfranchise voters and foster mediocrity.

Darlene Carr
Jan 20, 2022   1:06 PM

To the commission I totally resent republicans in the state legislature who combined my district the city of Cincinnati with Butler county in order to stop my voice and every other person's voice from being heard when it comes to our district. Return it to how it was before all the gerrymandering I thought we fought for representation without taxation in the revolutionary war. All so republicans can maintain power stop it!

Katie Bruno
Jan 20, 2022   1:05 PM

I am proud to live in a representative democracy. However, excessive gerrymandering is just cheating, plain and simple. If you can't win fairly, you do not belong in office. I am particularly disturbed that one party is using unfair districting to push an agenda that is different from what a majority of Ohioans want. This process must be pulled out of the political and into a sphere of voting technology and rights.

Sarah Twitchell
Jan 20, 2022   1:03 PM

It's is truly sad that I am having to send a comment at all. Common decency and fairness would dictate that our legislators would set up districts that are not gerrymandered, then the Ohio voters outright mandated that you fix the system and you still didn't listen. But I here I sit writing yet another note to legislators who seem to think that party control is the most important piece to consider when drawing the districts, asking that they follow the will of the people and not their own desires. I guess this is another example why redistricting shouldn't be solely left to legislators or the states.

Steven Meyer
Jan 20, 2022   1:02 PM

I grew up in Cincinnati Ohio I am 61 years old my whole younger life there was a democratic Congressman in our region. And then gerrymandering started. And we got stuck with the wonderful Steve Chabot. In my opinion he has done nothing in his career for Greater Cincinnati it's a shame he's still not in the Peace Corps. Thank you very much